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Glazed Porcelain Tile

The glazed porcelain tile is usually made of natural materials such as clay, quartz, and feldspar. After molding, drying, and firing, the basic tile is made, and then sprayed or coated with glaze on the surface. Finally, it is fired at a high temperature. The glazed surface of glazed tiles can present various colors and textures, while also having the advantages of waterproof, antifouling, and easy to clean. Therefore, they are widely used in architectural decoration, such as floors, walls, kitchens, and bathrooms.


Rustic Tile

Rustic tiles belong to ordinary ceramic tiles, basically the same as ceramic tiles. The only difference is that rustic tiles imitate the classical styles and are actually glazed ceramic tiles. They attract people's attention with a unique classical charm. In order to reflect the vicissitudes of time and the depth of history, rustic tiles create a nostalgic atmosphere through styles, colors, and patterns.


Wood Like Tile

Wood like tiles are ceramic or porcelain tiles that are designed to mimic the appearance of real wood. There are many advantages over natural wood, such as durability, water resistance, stain resistance, fire resistance, and low maintenance. It can be used for indoor and outdoor flooring, as well as for walls and other surfaces.

We also have culture stone, wall tile, skirting tile, mosaic, paving tile and other tiles for you to choose

what we can do for you?
1. We can provide free samples to confirm product quality, style and other details according to the product needs of different customers.
2. We can provide production supervision, quality inspection, packaging, etc. for customer orders throughout the process to ensure product quality is qualified.
3. We can provide customers with integrated services of container loading, port shipping, and door-to-door.
Our advantage
production lines
We have 3 complete production lines, not only have sufficient stock products, but also provide you with customized style production, which can meet the various orders of customers.
We are not only a factory, but also a product designer, who can recommend more suitable styles and products for you.
experience in export trade
We have 10 years of experience in export trade. Our professional teams connect with customers in different regional markets around the world, understand the needs of different markets, constantly update product styles according to the market, and give customers more style choices.


GEORGE Co, Ltd was established in 2006, which is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. We take design and quality as the core, we

Uganda Tiles Project Case

Location: Uganda Customer: Mr. Simpson Material: Tile Project story : Mr.Simpson is an engineer who doing many projects in Uganda , he builds this shopping

Sintered Stone-cover picture

Sintered Stone, What is it?

Sintered stone is a tough, long-lasting material suitable for slabs, kitchen countertops, and tile floors. Spills are no match for