Sintered Stone, What is it?

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Sintered stone is a tough, long-lasting material suitable for slabs, kitchen countertops, and tile floors. Spills are no match for these surfaces because they are easy to clean and have an ultra-low porosity rate. Table of Contents ●What is a Sintered Stone? ●Various Color Options ●Maintenance of Sintered Stone ●Sintered Stone VS. Quartz Stone Ⅰ. […]

Knowledge: Origin and Development of Ceramic Tiles

Origin and Development of Ceramic Tiles 1

Ⅰ. Origin of Ceramic Tile 1.The usage of ceramic tile dates back many years. Europe, especially Italy, Spain, and Germany, is where tiles first appeared. Ceramic tile usage is becoming more and more commonplace worldwide. The mosaic of Spain and Portugal, the floor tiles of the Italian Renaissance, the glazed tiles of Antwerp, the growth […]

Six Steps — Judge the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hospital Tile

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Nowadays, there is tremendous market competition across all industries, and the quality is inconsistent. It can be challenging to tell the real from the fake, particularly in the tile market. George Ceramic editor today focuses on how to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of tiles when decorating hospitals: ● Water Pouring Test ● Observe the […]

Hospital Flooring Tile — All You Need to Know

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Hospital floor decorative materials should be environmentally friendly, durable, wear-resistant, non-slip, acid and alkali corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and come in various types. Hospitals face numerous daily demands, ranging from cleanliness and accessibility to heavy wear and promoting a healing environment. Your flooring is no exception and is an important part of creating a safe […]

Five Questions about Tile Water Absorption, Do You Know?

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The water absorption rate of a tile refers to the ratio of the weight of the tile itself to the weight of the water after the suction, which reflects the adsorption and penetration ability of the tile. The water absorption rate is closely related to the strength of the tiles, and the water absorption rate […]

How to Remove Scratches on Glazed Porcelain Tiles?

Remove scratches from glazed porcelain tile

Nobody loves a scratch in a floor, especially one that is brand-new and shining with gold. But other tiles—like glazed porcelain tiles—are prone to or frequently become scratched. Glazed tiles have several benefits, such as a bright surface, moisture resistance, simplicity in cleaning, and low cost, but they also have some drawbacks, such as a […]

Porcelain Tiles VS Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain Tile VS Ceramic Tile

When you purchase tiles for your house, you must distinguish between ceramic and porcelain tiles. Both are made from a compound of clay and other materials fired in a kiln to produce finished products. Porcelain and ceramic tiles belong to the type of “ceramic tiles.” Ceramic tiles are divided into ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. […]

What Kind of Tiles are Used in Different Areas?

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The initial decision when decorating a house is the type of material to choose, followed by the matching decision, such as the matching of tables and stools or the TV and TV walls. How about the tile matching? Although there is a wide variety of ceramic tiles used, for instance, the matching of ceramic tiles […]

How to do Ceramic Tile Acceptance?

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★ The acceptance of ceramic tiles is our inspection of the quality of tile paving works. The quality of ceramic tile paving is directly related to the professional level of construction personnel. Generally, after the ceramic tiles are paved, we can directly see whether the ceramic tiles are neatly paved and whether there are scratches. […]

Will Dirty Floor Tiles Affect the Appearance: Cleaning Guidance

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★ As we all know, most people will pave tiles on the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and other public areas when they decorate their houses. Some people even choose to pave tiles on the whole house, because in many people’s eyes, it will be more convenient to pave tiles on the house, do not need […]