Skirting Tiles: What They Are and How to Use Them

cover skirting tiles

Skirting tiles offer an outstanding replacement for conventional wooden skirting boards due to their enhanced durability and diverse range of shapes and colors tailored for every home. Often, there’s no need to retouch skirting boards, especially in high-traffic zones like hallways or moisture-prone spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. With superior water resistance and resilience, tiles […]

Ceramitec 2024 Munich: A Powerful Return!


The globally renowned “International Trade Fair for Ceramics, Powder Metallurgy, and Casting Technologies (Ceramitec)” will be grandly inaugurated at the Trade Fair Center Messe Munich in Germany from April 9 to 12, 2024. This exhibition will run concurrently with the “International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, and Biotechnology (analytica),” promising fresh inspirations and business opportunities […]

Tehran’s Ceramic Echo: Insights from Iran


Iran’s ceramics market has shown an upward trend in recent years. In Tehran, the capital of Iran, you can find construction material streets reminiscent of those in China six or seven years ago, selling various building materials such as tiles, sanitary ware, fireplaces, carpets, etc. The variety and designs of tiles are vast, ranging from […]

CERAMICS CHINA 2024: June 25-28

CERAMICS CHINA 2024 Scheduled for June 25-28

CERAMICS CHINA is back for its 38th edition, taking place from June 25 to 28, 2024, in Guangzhou, China. This seminal event gathers industry-leading companies and pioneers from around the world. The event sets the stage for future collaborations and offers abundant business opportunities. As a cornerstone for technology exchange and commercial partnerships within the […]

Wall Tiles vs. Floor Tiles

wall tiles vs. floor tiles

While many assume that the main difference between wall tiles & floor tiles lies in their appearance and shape, the reality is far more complex. Understanding the nuanced differences between these two types of tiles is crucial. Each type of tile is engineered to meet specific challenges over its lifespan. Wall tiles are generally lighter, […]

A Guide to the World’s Most Expensive Tiles

red tile kitchen

Sturdy materials like ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or glass are commonly used in the production of tiles. They come in various shapes, often square or rectangular, and vary in thickness depending on their size. Tiles are typically arranged in a pattern to cover roofs, floors, walls, borders, and even surfaces like tabletops.Undoubtedly, tiles are […]

Top 10 Tile Companies Globally in 2023


The tile business has grown fast in the last few years, just like many other industries. This growth is mainly due to the rapid development of society. Many tile companies start every year, equipped with ample funding, good market plans, and hard-working teams. However, this only ensures that some of them will find success. Some […]

Who Are the Best Brands of Wood-Like Tile?


Over the past few years, a big shift in home décor is the popularity of porcelain and ceramic tiles that look like wood. Before you continue: Even with its rising fame, there’s a lot to understand about these wood-style tiles to figure out if they’re a match for your home. Wood-styled tiles have always been […]

Rectified Tiles vs. Non-Rectified Tiles

rectified tiles

When choosing tiles for a home or business, there are many options to think about. Two popular choices are rectified and non-rectified tiles. Rectified tiles are cut carefully to have straight, sharp edges. On the other hand, non-rectified tiles have edges that are a bit rough or uneven. The kind of tile you pick can […]

Which Country Tops the List for the Best Ceramics?

ceramic tile samples

The evolution across multiple industries has elevated ceramic tiles to the premier choice for surface covering, both residentially and in public spaces. This booming popularity has led to various companies entering the production arena. Our upcoming article will examine the nations vying for market dominance in this decorative yet utilitarian sector. If you’re deeply engaged […]

Top Countries in Ceramic Tile Exports

global tile exports

In today’s society, where tasteful and visually appealing interiors are highly prized, the creation and global distribution of ceramics and tiles have gained prominence. Initially founded in various countries, including China, this industry swiftly ascended to international prominence. China has secured its position as the undisputed leader in this domain. Given its global recognition, particularly […]

Top Countries in Global Ceramic Tile Manufacturing

Leading Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers Across The Globe

Due to industry advancements, numerous products have taken a forefront role in the contemporary market, securing the top position in exports. A fundamental question arises: which nation will stand as the predominant global ceramic tile manufacturer in 2023? Today, we’re poised to address this question, delving into the subsequent sections where we’ll explore countries listed in […]

New China Trade Rules in Sept. & H1 Tile Exports

New China Trade Rules in Sept. & H1 Tile Exports

China is ushering in regulatory updates that impact everything from travel protocols to trade rules. These changes are vital for investors, business owners, and travelers to understand. Separately, this article also highlights China’s ceramic tile exports for the first half of 2023. The data is key for industry stakeholders. Both segments of the article aim […]

How to Choose Commercial Kitchen Flooring?

what makes a commercial kitchen

In commercial kitchens, the hustle and bustle can create challenges, including slippery floors and the quick wear and tear of surfaces due to heavy appliances. To enhance safety, government agencies issue flooring guidelines tailored to high-traffic kitchen areas. These regulations can differ depending on the region, so it’s advisable to check the manufacturer’s guidelines to […]

Choosing Hotel Tiles: a Comprehensive Guide

Choosing Hotel Tiles a Comprehensive Guide

Picking the right stuff for your hotel’s floors and walls is about making sure they’re both strong and good-looking. Your hotel is a busy place. You’ve got people and their bags coming and going all the time. So, you need floors and walls that can handle that without getting damaged. Plus, you need to keep […]

Can You Tile over Tile? How?

seal your tile

Thinking about re-tiling your floor but dreading the thought of removing the old tiles first? The big question: Is it feasible to simply layer new tiles over the old ones? Whenever renovations come into play, this query often pops up. After all, if there’s already a sea of tiles laid out, is it imperative to […]

Grout vs. Caulk: Which Is Bettet for Your Project?

caulking tool

When planning for a home improvement project, you may encounter two materials that often confuse new DIYers: grout and caulk. Distinguishing between these two substances may prove challenging, as their uses often intersect. Let’s delve into their characteristics and applications to unfold the truth. Table of Contents Grout Overview Grout is similar to concrete, designed specifically […]

Choosing Ceramic Tiles in China: A Buyer’s Guide

shipment process

China, with centers like Foshan in Guangdong, is a hub for ceramic tile manufacturing, blending innovation and sustainability. The industry extends beyond mere production, encompassing fairs, extensive facilities, and strategic partnerships. This guide highlights a journey through China’s dynamic ceramics landscape, covering selection to international shipping. Table of Contents Which Regions in China Lead the […]

Revolutionizing Ceramics: The Journey of Digital Inkjet Printing


Digital inkjet printing technology has evolved from its infancy as a specialized tool in the ceramic tile industry to become a mainstream manufacturing method. This transformation was no simple feat, as it necessitated overcoming significant technological hurdles. Today, this technology represents a nexus of creativity, precision, efficiency, and sustainability within manufacturing. Its rise paints a […]

Why Do Tiles Fall? How To Fix Them?


Falling tiles not only present an unsightly appearance, but their neglect can further culminate in complicated issues. Mainly, the detachment of tiles from the wall can be attributed to an inadequate installation process. Following closely, the influence of hot water – particularly in scenarios involving hot showers or baths – emerges as a subsequent factor. […]

All You Need To Know About Coastal Design

cover coastal design

If the term “coastal design” immediately brings to mind images of anchors, blue and white in abundance, and a collection of seashells, your association is understood. However, though you might assume this is precisely what coastal design is about, that imagery is more emblematic of nautical décor. Surprisingly, coastal design is a distinct category, sharing […]