Exploring the Best Tile Materials: From Ceramic to Natural Stone


In today’s world, tile has become a household name, and has continued to retain its popularity. They are not only strong and durable, but they also add a stylish finishing touch. Either floor tiles or wall tiles, come in a range of colors, textures, and shapes, and they require little upkeep. If you don’t know […]

Regrouting Tiles: A Detailed Guide to How to Regrout Tiles


introduce We all know that renovating old tiles, whether interior or Exterior Wall Tile, can make a big difference in the overall look of a kitchen or bathroom, or any space where tiles are used. Maybe your tiles are already looking tired, worn and dirty, and a common response might be to consider replacing the […]

What Tile Is Best For The Kitchen Floor?


Introduction Choosing the ideal tile for your kitchen floor is a decision that holds significant weight in the overall design and functionality of your culinary space. The kitchen, often considered the heart of the home, is a bustling hub where style meets substance. It’s where you whip up delicious meals, share memorable moments, and, undoubtedly, […]

Which tile backer board is the best?


Introduction In the intricate world of tile installations, the foundation is everything. The choice of a tile backer board may not be as glamorous as selecting the perfect tile pattern or color, but it is undeniably the backbone upon which your project’s success hinges. The quest for the best tile backer board is a journey […]

What does it mean to have a textured tile?


When it comes to designing interiors, every element plays an important role in creating the desired ambiance. From colors and patterns to furniture and lighting, each choice contributes to the overall aesthetic.Ceramic tiles also include many different types of tiles such as Glazed Porcelain Tiles, mosaic tiles and textured tiles which we are focusing on […]

Why Tiles Explode


Introduction Tiles are a ubiquitous feature in our homes, adorning our kitchens, bathrooms, and even outdoor spaces. Their durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appeal have made them a go-to choice for flooring and wall coverings. Yet, beneath their seemingly unassuming surface lies a little-known danger: the unexpected and potentially hazardous phenomenon of tiles exploding.Imagine […]

What Is The Best Homemade Grout Cleaner


Tile can transform both the look and feel of your home. It’s one of those easy add-ons that make that big difference. However, it’s anything but maintenance-free. Tile work—whether it’s a basic backsplash or a retro honeycomb pattern—won’t last without proper grout maintenance. Over time, grout tends to show wear. Once-white grout can turn dark […]

Can Old Tile Be Removed And Reuse


Sometimes, a situation arises where there is a need to reuse ceramic tiles, or any tiles for that matter. Ceramic tiles create beautiful designs on walls, floors, and counters. And they offer low-maintenance options for these locations. You may find it hard to bid goodbye to the familiar tile patterns when it comes time to […]

Are Tile Kttchen Countertops In Style


Tile countertops were quite popular up until the ’90s; a unique and cost-saving alternative to a marble or granite slab, plus a tile countertop is somewhat straightforward to homeowner who is self installing. However, what tile countertop may offer in style, they lack in practicality. Let’s walk you through as we take a deeper look into […]

What Are Drain Tiles

Drain Tiles

When you hear drain tile the first time, judging by the face meaning, you perhaps feel it is misleading, thinking it is a type of tile. For clarity purposes, Drain tile is far from being a tile. What then is drain tile? What is the origin of drain tile? How does drain tile work and […]

Why Tiles Are Soaked In Water?


As you must have read from the George ceramic blog series, Tiles are construction materials made from the natural occurrence of the earth which is united with fire as in the case of ceramic tiles. Their surfaces are usually very hard and resistant to abrasion. It has a glossy characteristic that aids easy cleaning and […]

What Tiles Are Available


The influence of the History of Tiles in the field of interior design cannot be ignored. It can be used to add a colorful backsplash to your kitchen, create an Art Deco-style wall in your living room, provide durable waterproof flooring in your bathroom, and even enhance your appearance. But not all types of tiles […]

What Is The Size Of The Subway Tile


Among all the varieties of tiles, the Subway tile is one of which you can’t resist its adorable beauty. Of course, you would have heard of or come across Subway in the application, and when you did, you admired it, but little did you realize the beauty you just admired is the Subway tile. You […]

How Do I Maintain My Tile


Tile has become a household name right from the day of its humble beginning till the present century owing to its reputation for being durable and easy to maintain. It is not surprising that tile still tops the list of go-to flooring and wall choices for homes, business, and corporate outfit. Beyond endless colors, shapes and […]

Choosing the Perfect tiles for shower wall: A Comprehensive Guide


Introduction The shower walls are not only a functional element in the bathroom but it also expresses your style of beauty. When it comes to selecting the perfect tiles for your shower wall, the choices can be overwhelming. From different types of materials, colors, sizes, and patterns, it is important to make knowledgeable choices to […]

Exploring the variety of tile shapes: From classic to contemporary


Introduction Tiles have been an imperative part of architectural and interior layout for hundreds of years. One of the important factors that can affect the whole look and feel of tiled spaces is the form of the tiles. From classic geometric styles to modern modern-day designs, the style of tile shapes to be had these […]

Choosing The Perfect Tile To Tomplement Your Oak Floors


Introduction When it comes to interior design, one of the most crucial factors is the selection of floor materials. Oak flooring has long been a popular choice because of its sturdiness, herbal splendor, and timeless attraction. However, alongside oak, Glazed Porcelain Tile has been gaining traction in interior designs due to its versatile appearance and […]

Exploring The Charm Of Rustic Porcelain Tiles: A Comprehensive Guide


Introduction In the area of interior design, Rustic Porcelain Tiles have been making a big effect. These versatile tiles have captured the hearts of house owners, architects, and architects alike, attributable to their undying allure and sturdiness. A rustic porcelain tile is a form of ceramic tile that is designed to have the advent of […]

Are Porcelain Tiles Harmful to Your Health? Unveiling the Truth


Introduction In today’s modern world, home design trends are constantly evolving, and one material that has gained immense popularity is porcelain tiles. Among them, Glazed Porcelain Tiles stand out for their unique finish and aesthetic. These elegant and versatile tiles have found their way into countless households, adorning floors, walls, and even countertops. Porcelain tiles […]

Why Tiles Are Heat Resistant


Introduction In construction and interior design, tiles are beloved for their beauty and versatility. Whether used in a kitchen, bathroom or on a building’s exterior, these small, flat pieces of ceramic or stone have a remarkable ability to transform spaces. But there’s more to them than just looks; they’re also incredibly good at handling heat.You […]

A Guide To Choose The Right Tile Size


Tiles have become an extremely popular choice of décor. Manufacturers have risen to the increase in demand and hunger for varied designs with a myriad of different sizes and styles. Choosing the right size tile for a project can be a very daunting and personal decision. However, there are some basics that should be considered […]