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scoring wheel for glass tile

How To Cut Glass Tile Professionally?

Glass tile, like many hard tile materials, becomes durable after installation. However, before installation, it can chip and break easily. Cutting glass tile without causing chips or cracks needs special glass-cutting tools and practice. If

broken pieces

Broken Tile Mosaic Inspirations and How-tos

When you take on a tiling task, inevitably, you’ll have some broken tiles or tile pieces left over. Instead of discarding them, we have excellent ways to use these broken tiles for practical projects in

brown cultured stone

What Is Cultured Stone: a Complete Guide

You might have noticed some houses in your area or new ones being built look different because they have stone details. This is because of a new type of affordable stone product called cultured stone.

dark color porcelain slab

Modern Porcelain Slabs: Elegant Renovation Options

Porcelain slabs, attractive and easy to clean, suit both indoor and outdoor settings well, becoming a preferred choice for home renovations. Factories in Spain, Italy, and Tennessee often produce them. The main material, kaolinite clay, gets a coat of

clean-tile-grout with a brush

How to Remove Dried Grout from Tile?

After selecting the color, size, and material of the tile you intend to use for improving your space, laying the tile, making sure it sticks, and cleaning the surface to bring out its best shine

clean your floor tile

How to Polish Different Types of Tile?

Tiles stand out as a top option for flooring because they last long, have a great appearance, and can endure for many years. As with any area in your home, tiles that once shone brightly

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