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Vinegar cleaning ceramic floor

Tile Floor Cleaners That Should Be Avoided

Tiles, regardless of whether they are made from porcelain, ceramic, or stone, are very resistant to damage that could mar their surface appearance. However, they can become stained in certain conditions, and thus, regular cleaning

Floating Tile Floors 06

Floating Tile Floors: Intro & Installation

Floating ceramic tile floors have some great benefits. They keep what’s good about the tile and get rid of many hard parts of the installation. These floors are based on the idea of a floating

resurfacing floor tiles

Can You Resurface Your Floor Tiles?

Yes, resurfacing tile floors is a good idea. It makes your old tiles look new without a full replacement. It’s less costly than new flooring. But keep some points in mind before resurfacing. Some floor


White Marble Tile Ideas: Your Guide to Elegant Home

White marble homes are having a renaissance – given their popularity since ancient Greece and Rome, you can argue that they’ve never gone out of style! These days, airy white interiors are still taking center


Rubber Floor Tile: A Complete Guide

If you’re considering new rubber flooring, you must decide between rubber floor tile and rubber roll. Both rubber tiles and rolls are popular for homes and businesses. They share many qualities, but they also have


How to Cut Ceiling Tiles?

Cutting tiles has several steps, including measuring, marking, and using tools like a tile saw and grinder. This post will guide you through cutting ceiling tiles for your home. First, measure where you need a

How to Lay Herringbone Tiles

How to Lay Herringbone Tile & Paving Patterns

Herringbone paving, also known as the herringbone pattern or herringbone brickwork, presents a classic method for laying rectangular bricks that offers a visually attractive look. This technique has a rich history dating back to ancient

Prepare a Wood Subfloor for Tile

How to Prepare Subfloor for Tile?

Beneath the visible flooring of hardwood, laminate, tile, or carpet lies the often-overlooked subfloor. It’s a critical structural element typically hidden from view. It only comes to attention during major renovations or when serious problems


How to Repair Tile Roof?

Learning to fix a tile roof can help you save time and money. People like tile roofs for their strong build and good looks. However, even these roofs can get damaged by bad weather or


How to Install Peel-And-Stick Tile Backsplash?

Peel-and-stick backsplash tiles or panels easily adhere to walls. They do not require traditional installation methods such as grout or mortar. Often made from vinyl or other lightweight materials, these backsplashes are self-adhesive. Installing them

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