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8 Unique Wall Tile Designs for Living Room

A blank canvas of four walls can quickly become monotonous, and even wallpaper has limitations. Wall tiles, however, are the new chic trend that infuses personality into your home interiors. They provide a stylish touch to any room in the modern Indian household. A clever combination of color, texture, material, and design allows you to tailor your living room walls to mirror your personal energy and preferences. 

After you explore these ten thoughtfully selected living room wall tile designs, we are confident you’ll see their transformative power.

Table of contents

Stone Tile Walls
Monochrome White
Organic Ceramic Tiles
Stone-Felt Wall Tiles
Brown and Grey Wall Tiles
Brick Accent Walls
Marble and Wood Match
Basic Shapes and Lines
cover for living room wall tiles design

Ⅰ. Stone Tile Walls - The Epitome of Rustic Elegance

Construct a visually impactful accent wall using a textured surface. These stunning sand-hued natural stone wall tiles give this contemporary living room a distinct character and harmonize wonderfully with the wooden tile flooring. Stone tile walls form a compelling juxtaposition with modern decor.

Stone Tile Walls The Epitome of Rustic Elegance

Ⅱ. Innovative White - Monochrome Elevated

A careful arrangement of simple white tiles gives a 3D effect, transforming a wall into a playful design landscape and adding interest to the minimalist family room. A cleverly integrated contrasting storage unit adds to the style and modernity. The imaginative layout of basic white tiles can generate a sense of depth.

Innovative White Monochrome Elevated

(Source: Johnson Tiles)

Ⅲ. Organic Ceramic Tiles - The Essence of Warmth

The ingenious arrangement of textural tiles in shades of sand, ash, and charcoal offers variety and color to this inviting living room. This excellent accent wall succeeds in attracting attention and integrating the subtle patterns and textures employed throughout the space. A wall of this beauty negates the need for additional wall art.


IV. Stone-Felt Wall Tiles - A Textural Charm for the Living Room

The stone wall offers an organic element to an otherwise ultra-modern and sophisticated drawing room. It melds seamlessly with the color scheme without being overpowering and creates a textured focal point for the room. Combine this bold wall with a textured surface, and the magnificent sand-hued stone tiles will bring personality to your living room.

Pair these tiles with elegant wooden flooring. These tiles are adaptable and suitable for use throughout the house, not just in the living room.


V. Reimagining the Mundane - The Power of Brown and Grey

Who suggested that grey and brown are bland? A blend of grey and brown ceramic tiles can give your living room a fresh, sophisticated look. These textured grey tiles, paired with drapes, carpets, or a sofa, can rejuvenate your home. The shades combine chicly through the furnishings, floorings, and overall décor.

brown and gray wall tiles

Ⅵ. Brick Accent Walls - An Instant Eye-Catcher

Red brick-look tiles can establish an unmistakably entertaining accent wall for your living room. Their raw and rustic allure might appeal to you if you appreciate the outdoors.


Ⅶ. Marble and Wood - A Match Made for Elegance

Consider this ultra-sophisticated look for your designer living room if your home boasts high ceilings. Beautiful white marble tiles accentuated with lights and interspersed with a vertical panel of wood tiles radiate exclusivity and elegance. The effect is simply breathtaking.

marble and wood wall tiles for living room

Ⅷ. Experimenting with Basic Shapes and Lines

Geometry is the star of this sharp modern living space. Triangular ceramic tiles, carefully arranged to form a simple yet effective accent wall, combine with the vertical and horizontal lines of the television panel and bookshelf to create a unique and stunning visual.

wall tiles with Shapes and Lines

Creating a designer living room look is easier than it seems. By judiciously mixing and matching the textures, colors, and designs of wall tiles, you can effortlessly infuse life into your family space. Whether as a bold, striking wall or a subtle, subdued canvas, tiles can bring an aura of sophistication and elegance to your contemporary home.

After learning about the 8 unique living room wall tile designs, you can also learn how to choose tiles for the living room.


1. What type of tile is most suitable for walls?

Ceramic Tiles are the optimal choice for walls. They are easy to clean and durable and can be used anywhere in the house – your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or drawing room.

2. What is the function of wall tiles?

Wall tiles serve to cover your walls and augment the overall aesthetic of your house. They are available in a variety of sizes, shades, and textures.

3. What is the primary distinction between floor tiles and wall tiles?

Wall tiles are generally thinner than floor tiles, as the latter needs to be robust enough to bear the weight of furniture and appliances. In contrast, wall tiles are more smooth and more delicate.

4. What tiles should I select for my Living room?

You could opt for any of the abovementioned tiles or explore further options. Regardless, it would help if you chose a tile that has a smooth surface and texture. Such tiles can be used anywhere in your house – kitchen, drawing room, bedroom, etc.

5. Are wall tiles a good choice?

Wall tiles should undoubtedly be considered for your living room. They are durable, easy to clean, and have low maintenance costs. One of the most significant benefits of wall tiles is their ability to elevate the style and aesthetics of your room.

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