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All about Mosaic Tile

Nowadays, many people have very different requirements and designs for decoration. Some people like the decoration color of solid color, and many people like the decoration color of decorative color. The mosaic decoration is a very good way to meet the needs of consumers who like color decoration. Mosaic decoration refers to the splicing of many mosaic tiles according to certain design requirements to form various patterns.

I.What is mosaic tile?

Mosaic tiles are the materials for paving bathroom walls and floors. It has been in use since the early 1980s. Mosaic tiles have made a comeback and become the darling of decorative materials in colorful forms, and are favored by avant-garde and fashionable families.

Mosaic, one of the oldest known decorative arts, is a pattern created using small tiles or pottery pieces. In modern times, mosaic is more of a kind of ceramic tile. It is a kind of tile with a special way of existence. Generally, it consists of dozens of small tiles to form a relatively large tile.

It is widely used in indoor small area floors, walls and outdoor large and small walls and floors due to its small size and colorful features. Because of the small size of the mosaic, some puzzles can be made to produce a gradient effect.

Mosaic Tile Specifications

The mosaic tile specifications we usually see in the market are of different sizes, but the most worthy of affirmation is that when the small mosaic tiles are stacked together, it is definitely the most brilliant time.

1. The most popular sizes are 9.5*9.5mm, 10mm*10mm, 15*15mm, 20*20mm, 25*25mm, 30*30mm, etc. The specific size, consumers need to choose according to the actual area of their own houses.

2. The thickness of mosaic tiles are 1mm, 2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc. These sizes are common in the market and commonly used by consumers, and can meet the general home improvement needs. Mosaic tiles of different materials have different sizes due to the production process.

For example, the most common sizes for glass or crystal mosaic tiles are 4mm and 8mm, while the most common sizes for ceramic mosaic tiles are 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.

Ⅱ. What are the characteristics of mosaic tile?

1. Mosaic tile is environmentally friendly

Shell mosaics, marble mosaics, jade mosaics, etc. are all made of pure natural raw materials, and no harmful substances are added during the processing.

In today’s era of pursuing environmental protection and pursuing nature, mosaics made of these natural materials are the most suitable for people’s environmental protection concept.

2. Mosaic tile is highly decorative

Mosaic tile uses the form of puzzles to enhance its decoration. The mosaic materials are very rich and have many color changes. It has gradually evolved from traditional small stones to shells, ceramics, metal, glass and other materials as raw materials.

Mosaic can fully interpret the temperament and sentiment of the material itself. Mosaic tiles with their rich patterns give people impact and beauty, and give a new feeling to the home space.

3. Mosaic tile has a long service life

Because the main raw material of mosaic is mostly natural stone, its wear resistance is unmatched by decorative materials such as ceramic tile and wooden floor.

Because there are many gaps between each small particle of the mosaic tile, its stress resistance is more advantageous than other decorative materials, which is also the mosaic can be unchanged for thousands of years, from the ancient Roman era into our modern life.

4. Mosaic tile is scarce

The scarcity is reflected in the fact that its raw materials are natural and non-renewable resources, such as marble mosaic. The formation of marble is the result of structural deterioration caused by long-term extrusion, high temperature, buried calcium carbonate or calcium and magnesium carbonate.

As natural mineral deposits continue to be mined, resources will gradually be depleted, and their value will continue to increase.

5. Mosaic tile is safe

It has good slip resistance and wear resistance, which makes mosaic tiles widely used in bath centers, swimming pools, kitchen and bathroom spaces and other places with high slip resistance requirements. Compared with other traditional materials, it is practical and beautiful.

6. Mosaic tile is personalized

Mosaic allows some fashionistas who like DIY to have more space to show their creativity. In addition, a stainless steel mosaic is no longer limited to the kitchen and bathroom space.

Using it as the TV background wall, the living room background wall, and the decoration of the bedroom or porch will also have extraordinary effects. The personality and natural beauty reflected in mosaic art exudes an intoxicating fragrance.

Ⅲ. What are the differences between glass mosaic tile and crystal mosaic tile?

You can lightly tap the surface of the mosaic with your hand. The sound of the crystal mosaic is crisp, like a metal collision, with a feeling of reverberation; the sound of the glass mosaic is dull and has no echo.

Generally speaking, for two mosaics of the same size and thickness, the crystal mosaic is heavier and feels heavier.

Under the same light, the refractive index of crystal mosaic is much higher than that of glass products. At the same time, crystal mosaic can transmit colorful light, and glass products do not have this feature.

There is no doubt that crystal mosaic is harder than glass mosaic. If you use crystal mosaic to scratch the surface of glass mosaic, it will leave a trace, but when you use glass to scratch crystal, there will be no traces.

The main features of crystal mosaic are that it has a large specific gravity and a heavy hand feel; a large refractive index, which can transmit colorful spectra under the sun, which is very charming; high hardness, long-term wear resistance and compression resistance.

Ⅳ. What are the precautions for paving mosaic tile?

1. Brushing glue is an important step in paving

Beforehand, we should prepare to mix the glue in a certain proportion. During use, we can use a plastering knife to apply tile adhesive on the wall, and pay attention not to apply too much. Note that the glue is applied to the wall, and then use a smooth trowel to spread the glue evenly. Generally, the thickness of glue is about 20mm.

In addition, it should be noted that the mixed mosaic adhesive mortar should be used up within 2-3 hours according to the weather conditions.

2. After we have applied the glue

We can align these mosaic tiles according to the pattern, color and gap, and then pave them. Afterwards, you can use tools such as plastering knives, putty shovels, etc. to stick the mosaic tightly. Since each small piece of mosaic is fixed with a mesh, after it is attached to the wall, the glue penetrates into each small mesh to achieve a fixed effect.

3. After we have paved a certain range

We must go back in time to check the situation of its paving. If a gap must be left between tiles, its width should preferably be uniform. In this way, we have to use a small ash shovel to adjust the ash seam. This is a process that requires patience in the process of paving mosaic tiles, but it is an important part in the work process of paving and pasting.

In addition, the paved mosaics are checked and filled, and the fallen mosaics are filled.

4. After we are done paving it, wait for a while

Once the moisture inside is dry and has a certain strength, it is time to start spotting. We can first prepare the grout and pour the grout into the mosaic tile gap with a plastering knife. Note that the area of each scraping does not exceed 2 square meters. When pointing, please use a damp cloth to gently dry the caulk on the mosaic tile surface within 20-25 minutes after caulking.

Ⅴ. What is the decoration effect of mosaic tile?

*  Mosaic tile decoration has its own unique advantages.

For places that are difficult to decorate such as the curved surfaces and corners of a room, the use of mosaic tiles can perfectly decorate the places that are difficult to decorate with other materials.

Mosaic tiles can be said to be one of the smallest tiles, so mosaic tiles can be arbitrarily combined by designers and owners to assemble the desired style and picture.

Mosaic tile decoration can be applied in many places. It can be decorated on the wall, on the ground, near the mirror frame, etc. It can not only form a wall with mosaic tile decoration, but also can embellish the furniture with characteristics.

The final effect of mosaic tile decoration can be adapted according to the color and combination of mosaic tiles. Even if you temporarily want to change the style or picture you want, compared with other large tiles or wallpapers, simple modifications to mosaic tiles can achieve replacement style effect.

Ⅵ. How to maintain mosaic tile?

The maintenance of mosaic tiles can be divided into two parts, namely the maintenance when the decoration is completed and the maintenance in daily use.

1. When the renovation is completed

There will definitely be many stains on the surface of the newly-paved mosaic tiles. You can soak a wet rag with water containing detergent, then wipe the tile surface, and finally wipe off the water stains with a dry rag. After the preliminary treatment is completed, it is necessary to carry out jointing to make the mosaic tile paving more firmly, and finally air-dry.

It should be noted that the mosaic tiles that have just been paved should avoid direct sunlight and maintain good ventilation conditions so as not to affect the paving effect.

2. In daily use

It is relatively simple maintain mosaic tiles in daily life, just wipe the surface with clean water. Some stains are relatively firm, and even in the gaps of the paving, you can also brush with detergent, and finally dry the water with a rag.

Be sure to prevent heavy objects from hitting the tile when in use, so as not to break or fall off; it should also be cleaned regularly to ensure its decorative effect.


Mosaic tile is the earliest inlay art, an art expressed by the painted patterns of small stones, shells, tiles, glass and other colored inserts applied to the wall or floor. The above is the relevant situation of mosaic tile. If you want to know more about mosaic tile, please continue to pay attention to the George Ceramic,  we will provide you with better service and better price. You can contact us any time, our professional team can answer your questions patiently.

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