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Broken Tile Mosaic Inspirations and How-tos

When you take on a tiling task, inevitably, you’ll have some broken tiles or tile pieces left over. Instead of discarding them, we have excellent ways to use these broken tiles for practical projects in and around the home.

Tiles can be costly, and any leftover broken tiles or cut-offs from a project can be effectively used in various ways. All the tiling and mosaic projects presented below are completed with broken tile fragments, but broken crockery can also be considered.

Honestly, some of the project ideas below are so beautiful that I feel the urge to buy tiles just to break them and try them out!

broken tile mosaic

Table of Contents

Great Ways to Use Broken Tiles Creatively

Steps & Stairs


Decorate steps or stairs indoors or outdoors using broken tiles. My personal favorite, this idea offers flexibility in tile color. You can easily swap the main white color for any tile hue you have. To replicate this concept, consider purchasing affordable colored tiles for added detailing.

You can also make a bold statement by crafting an eye-catching entrance with broken tiles. For example, arrange broken tiles in two contrasting colors like blue and white to guide visitors to a glossy blue front door.

Patio & Stoep Flooring

How about making a vibrant patio or stoep flooring with a special pave style? It’s surprising how broken tiles can be repurposed to craft a unique and wonderful flooring feature.

For a project of this scale, consider finding tile suppliers to inquire if they have any broken tiles available. Or keep an eye out for neighbors undergoing renovations or tiling projects; they might be willing to share their broken tiles.

Use broken floor tiles to refresh an unsightly or concrete courtyard to transform it into a pleasant space. The revamped area can become a cozy seating spot that’s both visually appealing from indoors and functional for outdoor use.

Broken Tiles Patio & Stoep Flooring

Garden Paths & Walkways

Why settle for plain concrete paths and walkways when you can have fantastic crazy pave made from broken tiles? It’s simple to add color and intrigue to any garden while giving purpose to something that might otherwise be discarded.

Even if your tiles are primarily neutral in color, you can still lay them to form intriguing patterns and combine them with stones and pebbles for extra impact.

Also, scattering broken tiles among whole ones helps reduce the overall cost of tiling a patio floor.

Garden Paths & Walkways

Floor Decoration

If you’re considering installing new flooring in your home, this is a fun way to add some interesting character to a plain floor, whether it’s tile or concrete. Or you can use this method to remove broken tiles and replace them with broken tiles to create an attractive design. If you need to reduce the cost of a tile project in any room of your home, it is a practical way.

How to Make Mosaics with Broken Tiles

Next, we’ll talk about how to make a mosaic out of broken tiles. Get ready to unleash your creativity with broken tiles instead of throwing them away!

Making a mosaic out of broken tiles may seem simple, but without careful planning, you may not be happy with your work. Here are some tips for making beautiful mosaic designs.

Step 1: Get an Idea

Conceptualize in your mind what kind of mosaic you want to make. Make a basic sketch of what it will look like when it’s finished. It can be as detailed as you want it to be, but it just needs to give you a guide.

broken pieces

Step 2: Choose Your Preferable Tiles

Visit your nearby hardware or flooring store to browse and buy the tiles you want to use. You need to consider the color, texture or any other preference of the tiles. Alternatively, you can go to the dumpster and look for discarded tiles. Make sure they are ceramic. If your mosaic will be exposed to the cold, choose porcelain tiles that are freeze-resistant.

If you want to create an organized mosaic with square tiles, consider a tile cutter. Also, buy some tile adhesive and cement.

Step 3: Break the Tiles

Put on your safety glasses and protective gloves, then toss your tiles against a hard surface or simply drop them. To prevent significant scratches, lay a thin comforter over the ground. Or, use a tile cutter to cut the tiles. This can be a great stress reliever and won’t hurt anyone.

Then, sort and organize the pieces according to color and size to make it easier for you to choose the right pieces for specific locations on your model.

Break the Tiles

Step 4: Lay the Tiles

Lay the broken tiles exactly on the surface to be decorated. The finished pattern depends on your imagination. This is where you get to be creative. You can change the settings as many times as you like until you make the perfect pattern to your satisfaction.

Step 5: Glue the Pieces to the Surface

Use tile adhesive to adhere the individual pieces to the decorative surface. You should be careful to avoid fixing the pieces in the wrong place. The best thing to do is to make sure that each tile is in its preferred position before using tile adhesive.

Step 6: Cement the Tiles

After the tiles have set, mix the cement with water until it reaches the consistency stated on the cement bag (liquid but not runny). Now apply the cement/water mixture to all the tiles.

Wipe off any excess cement covering the tiles with a soft cloth.

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