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The 133 rd Session of China Import and Export Fair

The 133rd China Import and Export Fair, also known as Canton Fair, has officially begun. Due to pandemic control measures, the majority of the sessions for the past three years were conducted online. This year, offline activities have all resumed, with the exhibition area even larger scale than before.

The Canton Fair is an international trade event with the longest history, largest scale, widest variety of goods, and the highest number of visitors and merchants in China. More than 25,000 exhibitors from around the world have participated in this twice a year market held in Guangzhou since 1957.

The Canton Fair has become a leading global B2B trading platform with an annual turnover of up to 60 billion US dollars.

Expected floor size: 1,500,000 sq.m.

Official Website:

Ⅰ. 133rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

City/ Country: Guangzhou/ China/ Asia
Venue: The Canton Fair Complex
Items to be exhibited: Electronic and home appliances, Lighting, Vehicles and parts, Machinery, Hardware and tools, Construction materials, Chemical industry products, and Energy.
Organizer: China Foreign Trade Center
Address : No. 382, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou 510335, China
Tel : +86-20-28-888-999
E-mail :

🔺 133rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) (Phase 1)

Date: April 15, 2023- April 19, 2023
Fundamental Industries/Mining, Energy.
Fundamental Industries/Chemistry, Rubber, Plastics, Materials.
Building, Construction/Building &Construction, Real Estate.
Building, Construction/Sanitation, Air-conditioning, Plumbing, Lighting.
Machinery, Industrial Technology/Metals, Metal Products, Hardware, Tools.
Machinery, Industrial Technology/Electric & Electronics (Products, Machinery).

🔺133rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) (Phase 2)

Date: April 23, 2023- April 27, 2023
Consumer Goods and Home Decorations.
Kitchen Utensils, craft Ceramics and Glass Handicrafts.
Furniture, Garden Products, Iron and Stone Products (outdoor).
Household Products, Personal Care Equipment and Bathroom Supplies.
Watch Glasses, Toys, Gifts, Daily necessities and Native Products.

🔺133rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) (Phase 3)

Date: May 1, 2023- May 5, 2023
Men's and Women's Clothing, Children's Clothing.
Underwear, Sportswear and Leisure Wear.
Fur and Leather Down and Products.
Clothing Accessories and Accessories.
Household Textiles, Textile Raw Materials and Fabrics.
Carpets and Tapestries, Food, Medicine and Health products.
Medical Equipment, Consumables and Dressings.
Sports and Tourism Leisure Products, Office Stationery and Shoes.

Ⅱ. Exhibition Hall Distribution and Surrounding Transportation Guidelines for the Canton Fair

🔺Offline Exhibition Precautions for Purchasers at the Canton Fair:

1. Process for obtaining offline exhibition documents:

Application → Review → Payment → Certificate Processing → Certificate Sending/On-site Collection

2. Fee standards for certificate processing:

Domestic groups and VIP buyers can apply for free with invitation codes. The fee standard for domestic purchasers who apply for it on their own is 100 CNY/certificate/period.
The fee standard for accompanying personnel (translators, etc.) of overseas buyers is 300 CNY/person/day (invitation codes cannot be used).
If you choose to send it by mail, it will be sent free of charge via EMS express delivery.
All domestic and foreign attendees are required to apply for real name certification. Within the same validity period (including cross validity period), they can only apply for one Canton Fair certificate and enter the museum.
If you choose to collect evidence by mail, please ensure the authenticity of the mailing address you filled in the mini program and bring it to the site after receiving the certificate. To reissue a lost certificate, an application must be submitted within the system, awaiting review, and corresponding fees must be paid.

3. The personnel who can apply for a purchaser's certificate at the Canton Fair include:

- Employees of Chinese and foreign-funded enterprises
- Chinese personnel from overseas industrial and commercial institutions/enterprise representative offices in China and foreign chambers of commerce in China
- Accompanying personnel of overseas purchasers (translators, etc.)

4. Materials required for obtaining the purchaser's certificate at the Canton Fair:

- Clear images on the front and back of ID card
- Recent ID photo of yourself without a hat (white or blue background)
- Invitation code (if you have)
- Other materials
Employees of Chinese and foreign-funded enterprises are required to provide their business licenses;
Overseas enterprises/institutions' representative offices in China and foreign chambers of commerce in China are required to provide chamber of commerce or institution registration certificates;
Accompanying personnel (translators, etc.) of overseas purchasers are required to provide proof of identity of the overseas purchaser (such as overseas passport, Hong Kong and Macao return certificate, Taiwan compatriot certificate, etc., or Canton Fair purchaser certificate), as well as a letter of authorization signed by the overseas purchaser.

Ⅲ. The Significance of Attending the Canton Fair

1. Canton Fair is an international foreigner-friendly trade show

The Canton Fair is quite welcoming to guests from other countries and is focused on exports. Because there are many foreign buyers attending the Canton Fair, the hosts take care to make things simple for the guests from other countries. Foreign visitors are guided by English-speaking staff and signposts throughout the event complex.

The majority of booth staff members at the event speak English, removing any barriers to customer and provider contact. Additionally, you can employ an interpreter at the event to help guests from other countries interact effectively with local vendors.

2. Build Positive Relationships with Suppliers

Many businesses that buy goods from other countries frequently believe digital communication is enough to build relationships with digital communication is enough to build relationships with their Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

Building a personal connection is essential for negotiating prices, guaranteeing on-time delivery, and upholding product quality. Positive outcomes for both parties can be achieved through effective communication, which is facilitated by strong connections.

Participating in occasions like the Canton Fair can be a great opportunity for companies to establish or strengthen their relationships with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers.

3. Provide a diverse environment for foreigners

The Canton Fair offers a range of settings for foreign tourists to discover Chinese culture, cuisine, and hospitality.

One of the largest in the world, the Canton Fair attracts visitors worldwide and is a unique opportunity for cross-cultural learning and engagement.

The fair’s extensive range of support services, such as its cultural exchange programs and translation services, fosters communication and understanding across cultural boundaries.


The Canton Fair serves as a crucial conduit for Chinese businesses to expand their global market share. It is a premier venue for international trade and a significant window for China’s opening up. The past Canton Fair sessions attracted a lot of interest from people from all walks of life and the international business sector.

If you want to import goods from China, please don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the Canton Fair.

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