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Cersaie 2023: 40 Years of Design and Architectural Progress


Celebrating its 40th anniversary, the Bologna Cersaie 2023 in Italy is a significant milestone, especially considering the importance of “10” in Chinese tradition. The event, from September 25 to 29, promises to be a landmark occasion.

Based on the invitations from various brands in Cersaie 2023, it appears that 2023 marks the beginning of the “real stone” era. Making such a bold statement requires not just courage but also sound judgment and a solid foundation for the claim. This year’s exhibition is anticipated to set the tone for the industry’s future, making it a must-attend event for those in the field.

The Cersaie 2023 continues to be viewed as a significant global event for ceramics. Despite a less-than-optimistic global market environment, Italians are focusing more on innovative thinking. Unlike the grand efforts made before 2019, this year’s exhibition feels more practical.

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How Is the Cersaie 2023 Data?

  1. This year’s exhibition attracted 100,000 visitors, nearly half of whom are international and mostly industry experts. The total number increased by 8.8% from last year.
  1. The event had 15 halls with 633 exhibitors, including brands in ceramics and bathroom furniture, from 27 countries.
  1. Marketing efforts through social media target 10 key countries, including Italy, France, and the United States.
  1. The ceramic tile industry had a turnover of over 7 billion euros in 2022, but sales dropped by 14.5% in the first quarter of 2023.

How Did This Year's New Products Perform in Design?

Texture Trends:

Travertine has always been a classic material in Europe, and this year it has been given more applications.

At the same time, we’ve noticed that MIXSTONE-type products are being chosen as mainstream products by almost all manufacturers. The quality of jade stone products is also exceptional.

For the texture in sintered stone categories, innovative marble designs are increasingly on display, especially in showrooms of brands that did not participate in exhibitions. Natural-themed patterns combined with gold are featured in decorative products.

Texture Trends

Three-Dimensional Tiles:

This feature can be seen in new products at the exhibition, from surface patterns that vary to different sizes and shapes. Some 3D textures are very subtle and can only be felt up close, yet they make the overall effect more vivid and realistic.

Three-Dimensional Tiles

Use of Multiple Colors:

This remains a widely popular design element in bathroom spaces this year. Compared to last year, where blue and green were the mainstream colors, this year’s palette is more diverse, influenced by the Salone del Mobile Milan.

There is a greater focus on natural, warm, and comfortable earth tones, as well as hues that incorporate green. A common approach is to pair soft natural tones with metallic-effect black.

Use of Multiple Colors

Thin and Large-Sized Tiles:

In floor decoration systems, these large, ultra-thin tiles can conduct heat more quickly and be aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and lightweight, thus attracting more attention.

The range of product sizes and thicknesses displayed at this year’s exhibition is also quite comprehensive. The mainstream sizes we see are 120×278, 120×120, 100×100, 60×120, 60×60, and 30×60. In Italy, 120×120 is generally considered the main new product size being promoted this year.

Thin and Large-Sized Tiles

Innovative Material Applications:

Through extensive exchanges with various sectors in Italy (equipment, materials, design, R&D, market, display), the products don’t feature many new technological processes. Instead, there’s more innovation in the overall thinking behind the products. Of particular interest is the use of adhesive dry granules and digital texture products.

Besides, the new equipment from SYSTEM Company for producing 30mm-thick sintered stones is worth the expectation.

Innovative Material Applications

Where Is Bathroom Design Headed?

  1. The industry is moving towards creating a bathroom space that is relaxing, comfortable, and nurturing for the body. The functionality of the space will become more integrated, diverse, and intelligent.
  1. The focus is on the development and use of next-generation materials. For example, treated wood materials that are resistant to humidity and unaffected by cleaning products.
  1. Better water usage methods to save water are being developed. Faucets are evolving to be highly functional while minimizing their presence.
  1. In terms of lighting, the trend is moving away from diffuse light sources to more targeted ones.

Brand Highlights at CERSAIE 2023


In the tile industry, Porcelanosa Group is considered a luxury brand. Their sintered stone brand, X-stone, has introduced a new series called “real stone.” This new line closely mimics the texture and surface of natural stone, offering a high-quality alternative to actual stone materials.


IRIS Ceramica Group

The IRIS Group is presenting their “Classic Art” series. This series is designed to showcase the surface of the tiles in a detailed manner, a technique they refer to as “Real Layer“, achieving a high level of craftsmanship on the tile surface. 

IRIS Ceramica

Atlas Concorde

The theme for Atlas Concorde at this year’s CERSAIE Bologna is “New Tomorrow“. They are unveiling tiles that offer a more natural surface appearance. These tiles are part of their Sintered Stone collection, designed to look more natural than ever before.

Atlas Concorde


LAMINAM is participating with the theme “Symphony of Nature“. Their new series of tiles is designed to closely resemble natural stone – comes from stone, better than stone. 


Esmalglass-Itaca Group

Esmalglass-Itaca is known for providing the coatings or glazes used in the tile and stone industry. At Cersaie 2023, they are introducing more eco-friendly and carbon-neutral options. This move aims to make their coatings both environmentally responsible and true to the natural look of the materials they coat.


Comprehensive Analysis

Product Types: Travertine, stone tiles, wood-grain tiles, handmade tiles, decorative tiles

Product Sizes: 120×278, 120×120, 100×100, 60×120, 60×60, 30×60, with 120×120 being the main new size

Product Techniques: Surface (application of adhesive dry granules), body (full-thickness raw material), digital texture surface

Product Colors: Earth tones, ocean tones, macaron tones

Product Patterns: Artistic marble, Travertine, faux antique stone, jade stone, metal, colorful concrete, wood-like, with multi-colored and multi-faced designs being the main focus

Exhibition Atmosphere: The exterior of the exhibition halls tends to be minimalist, while the interior product displays lean towards mixed elements

Innovative Thinking: The concept of ‘project‘ is popular among designers and artists collaboration from major brands, becoming a standard for high-end series.

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