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Choosing Balcony Tiles

With the improvement of living quality, people not only pursue comfort, safety and practicality for indoor balconies. Moreover, it has also become a new generation of balconies with various functions, such as observation decks, sun rooms, gymnasiums, storage rooms, and sunshine study rooms. 

The balcony design is refreshing and has a different flavor in terms of building facade, balcony shape, and use function. While pursuing a modern balcony, the choice of tiles is indispensable. Different types of tiles show different decoration styles. We have some ideas on how to choose balcony tiles, and we hope to help you.

Ⅰ. What material is good for the balcony floor?

1. Tile

Tile has a grand and magnificent effect, which can replace marble to a certain extent. Therefore, large-scale tiles can be paved in rooms with large balcony space, and its traditional small size makes it have an elegant effect. When necessary, tiles of different sizes can be freely combined to show different effects, which is more flexible. 

However, these types of tiles are easy to scratch and should not be spread, unless they are used in decorative areas. Some consumers will want to use natural stone to decorate the balcony, but in fact, the stone is prone to radiation, and the color difference is serious, and it is very difficult to maintain. Good quality vitrified tiles have consistent color, high hardness, and are easy to maintain and clean.

2. Cobblestone

Cobblestones for home improvement generally choose stones with small particles and a smooth surface, which have the functions of massage and health care. Although the surface of the cobblestone is very smooth, the crevices are easy to accumulate oil stains. You can choose a single primary color, or use light tones as the main shade to reflect the change in color.

3. Vitrified tiles

If it is a packaged balcony, after connecting with the interior, you can choose the same vitrified tiles as the interior. The vitrified tile is bright and clean, looks generous and beautiful after paving, the price is moderate, and it is easy to clean.

But it also has the disadvantage that it is highly permeable, and when colored stains (such as ink) drip on, it must be wiped quickly, otherwise it will penetrate in and leave a mark. Over time, it will affect the overall aesthetic effect.

Ⅱ. What type of tile is suitable for balcony?

Balcony is the only space connecting indoors and outdoors. It can not only be used for drying clothes, but also a place for people to rest and entertain. Therefore, the owner also attaches great importance to the decoration of the balcony, especially the choice of wall and floor tiles.

(1) Commonly used balcony floor tiles recommended: Wood like tile

Flooring is afraid of moisture and easy to corrode, generally not recommended for balconies. As a high-quality substitute for flooring, wood like tile has both comfortable and natural wood-grain texture, waterproof, moth-resistant and anti-corrosion properties, and are also very convenient for daily care and maintenance.

Wood like tiles of different colors and styles make the outdoor balcony a simple and peaceful space.

▲Wood grain + green plants are the best combination, allowing you to feel the breath of nature.

(2) Commonly used balcony floor tiles recommended: Rustic tile

Whether it is a traditional small-scale rustic tile with a nostalgic retro style, or a modern rustic tile that breaks through larger in size and color, it greatly enriches the choice of balcony floor tiles.

The matte non-slip, darker tones, and smaller-sized traditional rustic tiles have a unique sense of heaviness and are suitable for creating an understated and calm balcony style.

▲Modern rustic tiles with light colors and more diverse specifications are more understated and elegant.

(3) Commonly used balcony floor tiles recommended: Pattern tile

The colorful tiles with changeable patterns are applied to the balcony with small space, and the space becomes colorful immediately. The high-chroma tile with great tension, with rich patterns and colors, create modern and gorgeous balcony.

▲Intricate lines and flexible patterns can break the visual monotony brought by a single texture and add a beautiful touch of color to the balcony.

(4) Commonly used balcony floor tiles recommended: Cement tile

Cement tiles have their own unique personality, cool tones, and look a little industrial style, maintaining the beauty of the space back to nature. The floor of the balcony is paved with cement tiles, with rattan chairs, and green plants embellish it, giving people a feeling of openness and adding beauty to the space.

▲The light-colored cement tiles are a little less cold and more warm.

Ⅲ. What are the benefits of floor tile on the balcony?

1. The balcony floor tiles are dirt-resistant and easy to clean

Many people make the balcony area directly into the laundry area, which makes the balcony often wet, the surface of the floor tiles is smooth, the stains are easy to be washed and cleaned, and it is easy to maintain the aesthetics.

2. Balcony floor tiles are highly decorative and aesthetically pleasing

Balcony floor tiles can choose different colors and shapes to create different patterns, and sometimes they can complement each other with wall tiles.

3. The floor tile area is more suitable for larger balcony

If the area of your balcony is relatively large and you want to pave it with a larger area of material, it is actually more convenient to use floor tiles. Generally, the area of flooring is relatively small, especially preservative wood.

In short, the balcony floor tiles not only beautify and decorate the balcony, but also more convenient to clean and take care of, so it is necessary to pave the balcony tiles. As for what kind of floor tiles look good on the balcony, the 4 kinds of balcony floor tiles recommended above are very good, everyone can choose what you like, but in order to maintain the consistency of the overall style, the balcony floor tiles should preferably be similar to the indoor floor tiles.

Ⅳ. How to choose balcony floor tile?

1. Depend on the orientation. The choice of tiles for balcony decoration should be based on the size of the home floor. Since balconies are more leisure places, it is best to use some brightly colored, energetic tiles that are close to the outdoor scenery.

Of course, it also depends on the orientation of the balcony. For example, for the balcony facing south, it is best to choose tiles with dark colors due to more sunlight. On the contrary, the north facing balcony is cold and shady. It is better to choose tiles with good wear resistance and weather resistance.

2. Depend on the function. If it is a sealed balcony, you can choose the same tiles as the interior after connecting with the interior. If the balcony is not sealed, you can use tiles with good waterproof performance.

If you need to dry clothes on the balcony, you should choose non-slip floor tiles as the first choice. The balcony is smaller than other indoor spaces, so it is best to choose some small and medium-sized tiles for the balcony tiles to make the visual space of the balcony larger.

3. The color of the balcony tiles. The color of the balcony tiles is also very important. The color of the balcony tiles will directly affect the decoration style of the whole balcony. The color of the balcony tiles should be consistent with the interior decoration style.

Moreover, it is best not to choose too bright colors for balcony tiles. The installation of balcony tiles is a very meticulous work. The installation must be very careful and cannot be done arbitrarily. The finished product will be better.


A good balcony will make the lighting and ventilation effect of the home very good, and also allow us to live in a comfortable and warm environment. If the balcony space is relatively large, it must be transformed to increase its practicability, otherwise it is easy to It will waste its own functionality. Arranging a casual balcony can give the home a place to relax.

When you give it a more personalized design, it will also make it a textured decoration, so that we can live in a more interesting space. Don’t use the ordinary way to design the balcony, it seems not stylish. Using these ways to design the balcony will create a different beauty, and also make our home decoration look more stylish and tasteful.

The above are some suggestions for the selection of balcony tiles. You can consider your own life demands and choose a scheme that suits your needs to make your balcony elegant and practical. If you want to know more about them, please continue to pay attention to the George Ceramic, we will provide you with better service and better price.

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