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Choosing Ceramic Tiles in China: A Buyer’s Guide

Choosing Ceramic Tiles in China A Buyer's Guide

China, with centers like Foshan in Guangdong, is a hub for ceramic tile manufacturing, blending innovation and sustainability. The industry extends beyond mere production, encompassing fairs, extensive facilities, and strategic partnerships. This guide highlights a journey through China’s dynamic ceramics landscape, covering selection to international shipping.

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Which Regions in China Lead the Way in Ceramic Tile Production?

China’s extensive ceramic tile industry is distributed across its vast landscape, each region offering unique features and contributions. Let’s delve into the heart of these production areas:


Renowned as China’s ceramics powerhouse, Guangdong reigns supreme, with Foshan at its epicenter. Over half of China’s annual tile production emanates from this region. Foshan Ceramics, globally esteemed, sets the gold standard in manufacturing, commercial support, technological prowess, and product scale.

Within this zone, you’re spoilt for choice with an array of elite flooring brands. Foshan, in particular, has carved a name for itself as the beacon of the market, especially in the ceramic and porcelain tile sectors.


Shandong’s multifaceted role in the ceramic tile industry should be considered. A kaleidoscope of patterns and designs are birthed here, not merely ceramic and porcelain tiles but architectural, industrial, art, garden, and sanitary ceramics as well.

This region’s expansive reach is another key to its sustained success. It serves as a haven for mid-range and economically priced tiles. Some of Shandong’s titans in building tile business are state-operated entities.

Where Can You Buy Your Ceramics Tiles in China


Fujian emerges as another linchpin in the tile creation field. The region has evolved once primarily known for brick walls and floor tiles.

Now, Fujian boasts production of unique stone bricks, wall tiles, and other singular items. Small factories proliferate here, but don’t be deceived; these establishments craft premier China tiles that hold their own on the global stage.


You can find a panoply of trailblazers in ceramic and decorative tile export in Hebei. The spectrum of products, from ceramic to polished, glazed, brick, mosaic, and wall tiles, adheres to European quality metrics.

Eco-conscious suppliers also leave their mark in Hebei by embracing environmentally friendly materials. Its beautiful, artisan-crafted, hand-painted ceramic art tiles attract a diverse clientele seeking one-of-a-kind pieces.


Once synonymous with glazed brick tiles, Jiangxi’s reputation has shifted. Recent investments from suppliers around various regions support emission reduction and energy conservation. Today, large-scale production plants flourish in places like Gao’an, Pingxiang, and Jiujiang.

Experts forecast a bold future, anticipating Jiangxi’s ascent to eclipse Foshan as the principal tile manufacturing hub.

Ultimately, your search for top-tier, serviceable products will invariably lead to success across these regions of China. Every territory carries a unique flavor, a testament to the richness and diversity of the country’s tile industry. Whether for the aesthetics of art or the pragmatism of architecture, China’s regions stand ready to meet the demand with unmatched quality and innovation.

Where Can You Buy Your Ceramics Tiles in China?

Settled on your tile choice yet? You may be pondering where to procure those exceptional ceramic tiles in China. The fairs of China are not merely commercial hubs; they are, in essence, vibrant canvases where creativity meets possibility. These bustling gatherings are not just about transactions but act as collaborators in your quest for perfection. 

Allow me to illuminate a journey filled with possibilities and innovations:

1. Take a Journey to Ceramic Tile Fairs

Tile fairs in China are your gateways to the future. Brimming with visionaries and artisans, these exhibits unfurl the latest trends, technological marvels, artistic styles, and much more.

  • Connect with distinguished brands and innovative creators, establishing valuable contacts for upcoming ventures.
  • Accumulate a collection of brochures, product leaflets, and imaginative magazines that serve as the cornerstone for your creative aspirations.

  • Fill your need for knowledge by interacting with experienced exhibitors; these individuals are the wise masters of their trade.

Here are some illustrious fairs to mark on your calendar:

Ceramic Tile Fairs canton fair

Canton Fair

Heralded under the grand title of the China Import and Export Fair, the Canton Fair has evolved into a marketplace of innovation and commerce. Dating back to 1957, it has been a confluence of various sectors – from electronics, lighting fixtures, and vehicular components to textiles, garments, and even gastronomic delights.

Hosted in the bustling city of Guangzhou, China, this extravaganza unveils itself every spring and autumn, presenting a vista of opportunities and exploration.

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

● Ceramics, Tile & Sanitary Ware China

Nestled in the metropolitan heart of Shanghai, this specific fair has etched a niche focusing on ceramics, tiles, and sanitary wares. It’s not just a market but a meeting ground for professionals ingrained in the world of ceramics. If you’re on the lookout for aesthetic inspirations for your kitchen and bathroom projects, this is a fair that should be marked on your calendar.


● Cerambath

Also hailed as the Foshan Ceramic and Bathroom Fair, it beckons from the heart of Foshan, the “first ceramics city in China.” Circle October 18-21 in your calendar this 2023. From ceramic wall and floor tiles to mosaic, sanitary ware, and bath accoutrements, it’s a festival of form and function.

2. Visit Ceramics Tile Manufacturing Bases and Markets in China


Location: Jihua 4th Rd, Chancheng District, Foshan

A destination for quality and elegance, Casa Ceramics and Sanitarywares Mall houses over 650 distinguished brands of ceramics and sanitary wares. Whether you are in search of building ceramics, sanitary pieces, leisure ceramics, or accessories for bathroom and water fixtures, this mall offers a plethora of choices within a medium to high price range.


Location: No. 2 Jiangwan 3rd Rd., Chancheng District, Foshan

Established in 2002, China Ceramics City stands tall as a five-story complex spanning 130,000 square meters. A place where tradition meets innovation, it features over 200 renowned Chinese and foreign brands of building ceramics and sanitary wares. Beyond the conventional, local artisans grace the space with unique ceramic decorations, infusing artistry into functionality.


Location: Nanzhuang Jihua West Road, Chancheng District, Foshan

Possibly the epitome of ceramic manufacturing bases, CCIH was inaugurated in 2008, sprawling over an area of 330,000 square meters. Home to more than 300 elite ceramic and bathroom brands, CCIH unveils a world where you can explore over 3000 diverse categories of ceramic and bathroom elegance.

With edifices like the China Ceramic Theater, Ceramic Mechanical Raw Material Supporting Center, Material Center, and the Conference Service Center, CCIH transcends mere retail and evolves into a hub of inspiration and innovation. 

How to Ship Ceramic Tiles from China?

Planning a journey to ship ceramic tiles from China for your next beautiful project? Securing these exquisite materials for your local venture can be a complex task. Let’s elucidate the critical steps and pearls of wisdom you’ll need to keep in mind:

1. Selecting Product and Supplier

For Smaller Projects: If your project is smaller, sites like are invaluable. They provide a panoramic view of numerous tile suppliers, ensuring quality and diversity.

For Bigger Projects: In cases involving entire buildings or complexes, consulting a sourcing agent within China’s borders is paramount. Assess the product’s price, quality, availability, and other pivotal factors to make an enlightened decision.

2. Place Your Order

Communication: The digital age enables you to place your order online with a supplier or through a sourcing agent. A quotation for a sample order with a clear price statement can be requested via email.

Payment Terms: Clarity between you and your supplier on payment methods is essential. Payment avenues may encompass:

  • Cash
  • Alibaba Escrow
  • PayPal
  • Telegraphic Transfer (a conventional method)
  • Letter of Credit

Typically, a 30% down payment is made at the time of order, with the balance due before delivery.

shipment process

3. Make Sure to Check All Additional Fees

Be cognizant of the fact that there are other costs besides shipping. Additional charges might encapsulate:

  • Transportation fees from the manufacturer to the loading port
  • Export clearance fees, as stipulated by Chinese Customs
  • Freight costs for transporting products from China
  • Customs Clearance charges in your country
  • Local transportation to your warehouse
  • Other documentary expenses (e.g., receipts, packing lists, etc.)

Typically, a 30% down payment is made at the time of order, with the balance due before delivery.

4. Shipping takes time

Transporting tiles from China is a process that takes time, especially when it involves international terrain. Inquire with your supplier or sourcing agent for a realistic estimate.

Patience will be recommended; for instance, it might take approximately 16 days from China to Australia, whereas 60 days to Slovakia. Understanding the shipping route will provide a preliminary glimpse of how the container will be delivered to its destination.

By adhering to these guidelines, your ceramic tiles will journey from China’s landscapes to your local project, bridging imagination and craftsmanship across continents.

Located in Foshan, George Ceramic is a renowned brand in the ceramics industry. Merging traditional craftsmanship with innovation, we offer quality tiles and decorative pieces. With a commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction, George Ceramic stands as a symbol of quality and creativity in China’s rich ceramic landscape.

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