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Choosing Hotel Tiles: a Comprehensive Guide

Choosing Hotel Tiles a Comprehensive Guide

Picking the right stuff for your hotel’s floors and walls is about making sure they’re both strong and good-looking.

Your hotel is a busy place. You’ve got people and their bags coming and going all the time. So, you need floors and walls that can handle that without getting damaged. Plus, you need to keep things clean and safe for everyone who comes through your doors. Easy-to-clean surfaces are also good because it means your staff can spend more time helping guests.

Top-notch hotels do even more. They aim to make guests feel like they’re “home away from home.” That means offering comfort, convenience, and a touch of style, all in one.

That’s where ceramic tile comes in. It’s got endless design options and is tough enough to handle the daily grind and all the cleaning that comes with it.

When you’re picking tiles, look for ones that are not just good-looking but also easy to clean and safe. Your guests will notice. Plus, floors that look bad or are dirty can cost you money in the long run.

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What to Think About When Picking Hotel Surfaces

In the hotel business, you’re always competing for guests. That’s why ceramic tile is such a good pick for hotel design.

Here are the main things you should look for:


Your hotel is always open and always busy. Your floors and walls have to be strong enough to handle that for a long time. If something needs fixing, that’s a problem. It means parts of your hotel have to close, which is bad for business and annoys guests.

Ceramic tile is super strong and can handle scratches, dents, and stains. Even after years of use, it still looks good. Plus, in the long run, ceramic tile is often cheaper than other options because it lasts so long.

Easy to Clean

Worried about mold or bad smells? Ceramic tiles are hard to the touch and waterproof, so they don’t trap moisture or let mold grow. They’re also eco-friendly, which is a nice bonus.


Easy Upkeep

Ceramic tiles are easy to clean. Most times, you can just sweep or mop them with water. For tougher stains, you can use a special cleaner. This makes day-to-day work easier for everyone, so your hotel runs smoothly.

Slip Resistant

Ceramic tiles can be rated for how slip-resistant they are. This is good for picking the right tiles for different areas, like a poolside that’s also used for outdoor dining.

The five product use categories are:

  1. Interior, Dry (ID)
  2. Interior, Wet (IW)
  3. Interior, Wet Plus (IW+)
  4. Exterior, Wet (EW)
  5. Oils/Greases (O/G)

Knowing about these ratings is important because different parts of a hotel are used for different things, and you can’t always predict what guests will do.

Fire Resistant

In case of a fire, ceramic tiles won’t catch flames. They can even help slow down the spread of a fire and won’t give off bad fumes. This is really important for keeping everyone safe.

Style Points

Last but not least, ceramic tiles come in all sorts of colors and shapes. This means you can design your hotel to not just be practical, but also look good. You can make it fit the local area, the hotel’s brand, or just make it look awesome in general. After all, a good-looking hotel makes for a happy guest.


The lobby is your guests’ initial glimpse into your hotel—a pivotal chance for a lasting impression. It sets your hotel’s tone and style, making ceramic tiles the perfect platform to display their potential. Picture a lobby with striking tiles that instantly embrace visitors. This impactful entrance fosters guest happiness and loyalty.

Your hotel’s character—classic or contemporary—comes alive through its flooring. But it’s not just about looks. The lobby handles constant activity, from luggage to spills. It demands durable, easy-to-maintain, and preferably waterproof flooring.

Enter porcelain tiles. Known for toughness and water resistance, they’re ideal for busy lobbies. Opt for natural stone porcelain for adaptability. Lobbies evolve, and a tile design that suits changing colors and styles is wise.

For a lasting first impression and intelligent investment, porcelain tiles excel. They mean durability, easy care, and style flexibility for an ever-fresh lobby, regardless of updates.

hotel lobby tile

Guest Rooms

Guest expectations can vary based on your hotel’s vibe. But one thing’s for sure: everyone expects a spotless, well-kept room. The days of carpeted hotel rooms are fading fast, as health-conscious travelers are wary of less-than-hygienic carpets.

Enter the porcelain tile floor, a true game-changer. These floors are a dream come true for your cleaning crew. They’re waterproof, stain-proof, and don’t require special treatments like sealing, waxing, or polishing. A simple sweep and mop, and they’re as good as new, ready to welcome the next guest. For example, luxurious designs like Eden Bardiglio offer both beauty and ease of maintenance.

And let’s not forget the design possibilities. From wood-like tiles to vibrant colors and patterns, porcelain tile allows you to tailor the room’s aesthetic to your guests’ tastes. With porcelain, you achieve a flawless blend of form and function, setting the stage for a memorable guest experience.

hotel guest room tile


Bathrooms can make or break a hotel experience. Guests demand spotless cleanliness; even a hint of dirt can lead to a bad review. But a chic bathroom? That’s how you earn those coveted five-star ratings and guest loyalty.

The key to an outstanding bathroom is selecting the right materials. Think textured walls, soothing colors, elegant fixtures, an attractive vanity, and an irresistible floor that beckons bare feet. Imagine achieving the opulence of marble without the upkeep and cost—enter porcelain tile. It captures marble’s elegance but with easier maintenance and a friendlier budget.

Yet, porcelain’s appeal isn’t just skin deep. It’s a practical choice, especially for bathrooms. With a range of styles, including moisture-resistant options, it’s perfect for the damp environment. You can even pick tiles based on their slip-resistance, vital for wet rooms.

This industry standard sets porcelain apart. So, if you’re aiming to awe guests with beautiful, functional bathrooms, porcelain tile delivers both luxury and utility. It’s the ultimate recipe for an unforgettable guest experience.

hotel bathroom tile

Gathering Spaces

Hotels often come with more than just rooms for sleeping; they’re also home to meeting spaces that can range from intimate nooks perfect for a few people, to grand halls that can accommodate a crowd. The flooring you pick for these areas is just as vital as any other design element.

A warm and welcoming atmosphere in these gathering spots sets the stage for productivity. Guests feel relaxed, helping them to focus better and really engage with the task at hand. This is where porcelain tiles with a wood look come into play. They’re incredibly versatile, offering a variety of shades to match any decor theme.

But beauty isn’t their only perk. These tiles are engineered to withstand the real-world demands of a meeting space. Think coffee spills during a morning conference or the constant scrape of chairs being moved in and out; these tiles can take it all and still look fabulous. With porcelain wood-look tile, you get the charm of wooden floors with the resilience porcelain is known for, making them a smart choice for any hotel’s meeting areas.

gathering spaces

Dining Spaces

Your hotel’s dining and drinking areas probably see the most spills and mishaps, making the choice of flooring critical. While basic tiles might do the job, why settle for less when you can dazzle your guests with stunning porcelain tiles? Go for a cozy ambiance with hardwood-style tiles, or tap into a rustic vibe with natural wood look tiles. If elegance is your goal, opt for porcelain tiles that mimic luxurious marble.

Your bar or lounge area is the ideal spot to let your creativity run wild. Spice it up with contemporary tiles that make a statement. And don’t just stop at the floor; consider adding porcelain wall tiles that either match or contrast with your flooring, bringing unique character to your space.

But style isn’t the only thing George’s porcelain tiles have going for them. They’re also robust, easy to clean, cost-effective, and let’s not forget—slip-resistant. This gives you peace of mind, knowing your guests and staff can move around safely, whether they’re in the lobby, restroom, or any other area of your hotel.

hotel restaurant tile

Exterior Areas

Hotel design goes beyond what’s behind the doors; it extends to those inviting outdoor spaces, from welcoming patios to luxurious pool areas, even to the eye-catching facade of the building itself. Ceramic tile offers a splendid solution to elevate these exteriors.

Want to make your hotel stand out? Consider ceramic tile facades that can be customized to fit your brand, making your building instantly recognizable and memorable.

And let’s talk about that pool area—why settle for ordinary when ceramic tile can turn it into a luxurious retreat that rivals the finest resorts? Plus, the same tiles can be used to craft a smooth, eye-pleasing transition from the poolside to the patio, and then right into the hotel’s interior.

But it all starts with that first step—literally. A well-designed walkway leads guests into your hotel, setting the stage for an exceptional stay. With ceramic tile, not only do you get style, but also the same easy upkeep you appreciate indoors.

So, don’t just focus on what’s happening inside the walls. Make your exterior spaces just as enchanting and functional with ceramic tile.

hotel with a swimming pool
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