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Full-body Marble Tile

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for interior decoration are also increasing. Many people pursue tiles that are close to nature, so they will choose marble as tile. However, due to the high cost of marble, people are discouraged. Fortunately, there is a tile that is similar to marble with lower price, and that is the full-body marble tile.

The full-body marble tile fully achieves the realistic effect of natural marble in texture, color, texture, feel and visual effect, and the decorative effect is even better than that of natural marble tile. It has developed into one of the mainstream products in the ceramic tile field. Next, let’s learn more about the full-body marble tile.

I.What is full-body marble tile?

Full-body marble tile refers to a type of tile product with realistic texture, color and texture of natural marble.

The full-body marble tile has the realistic decorative effect of natural marble and the superior performance of tiles, and abandons various natural defects of natural marble. It is an epoch-making innovator in the building ceramics industry and a masterpiece of modern top-level tile manufacturing technology.

Full-body marble tile is another new category of ceramic tile after polished tile and rustic tile. The full-body marble tile fully achieves the realistic effect of natural marble in texture, color, texture, feel and visual effect, and the decorative effect is even better than that of natural stone.

Full-body marble tile has won the favor of consumers with its realistic decorative effect and superior practical performance, and has developed into one of the mainstream products in the ceramic tile field.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages and disadvantages of full-body marble tile?

Advantage: No radiation and simple paving.

Full-body marble tile has no radiation, the paving of full-body marble tile is much simpler than the paving of natural marble, and the maintenance cost of full-body marble tile is low.

Advantage: Beautiful appearance.

The full-body marble tile has a natural texture and color, which just meets people’s requirements for a beautiful home, and there are many patterns for people to choose.

Advantage: The inside and the outside are the same.

The traditional marble tile craftsmanship is not perfect and only stays in the process of processing the surface of the tile, while the full-body marble tile is very different. The coloring technology is added during the processing, so that the bottom of the tile body and the surface of the tile form a uniform or roughly uniform color, so that the overall marble tile is sought after.

The so-called coloring technology refers to feeding the color materials of different colors directly into the feeder through independent channels to realize the matching combination of the base material and the color materials, so as to ensure the realistic color matching of the tile surface and the adobe.

On the other hand, multi-channel coloring, three-dimensional cloth technology and special glazed mesh technology make the surface effect more realistic and the body texture closer to natural stone.

Advantage: Wide application.

Although traditional marble tiles are very beautiful, if they are used to decorate walls, they require further processing, such as chamfer, edge, etc. Therefore, its application in space is greatly restricted. In addition, almost all glazed tiles in the past cannot be used as skirting boards, wavy lines or some special corner decorations.

Disadvantage: From a technical point of view, the technical level of different manufacturers is different, which also leads to uneven product quality. In fact, some are similar, and some are not as good as ordinary marble tiles. The cost of making a good full-body marble tile will be relatively high compared to other tiles. When buying, decorate according to your actual situation and choose the right price.

Disadvantage: Full-body marble tile is not easy to maintain during normal use. It should be cleaned regularly, and some special materials should be used during the cleaning process. At the same time, the full-body marble tile is more easily dirty than other tiles and need to be cleaned in time.

Ⅲ. What are the differences between full-body marble tile and marble tile?

1. Marble tile is tile made of pure natural marble, while full-body marble tile is not pure natural, but artificially processed.

2. The glazed surface of the full-body marble is the same as the embryo body, while the ordinary marble tile is just the embryo body of the primary color plus a layer of glaze, so the full-body marble tile has the same color after pulling the groove. Full-body marble tile is imitating the marble tile.

3. The texture, color, texture, feel and visual effects fully achieve the realistic effect of natural marble, and the decorative effect is even better than that of natural stone. Full-body marble tile has the realistic effect of natural marble and the superior performance of ceramic tile. The emergence of full-body marble tiles provides a new environmentally friendly choice for tile decoration users.

 Full-body marble tile
Marble tile

Ⅳ. What is the decoration effect of full-body marble tile?

1. Full-body marble tile is made of marble tile by mechanical high pressure molding and high temperature calcination. The colors are rich and natural, giving people a natural beauty. It fully achieves the realistic effect of natural marble in terms of texture, color, texture, touch, etc. With the support of strict installation and paving requirements and rich product accessories, the effect of large-scale paving and overall application of space is more realistic.

2. The full-body marble tile has excellent performance in terms of waterproof rate, flatness and other practical properties, completely abandoning the large color difference, many defects, easy water seepage and fouling, difficult to maintain, high price and supply of natural marble. Full-body marble tile provides consumers with a new choice in the field of high-end decorative materials.

3. Full-body marble tile allows more people to enjoy the realistic decorative effect of natural marble while reducing the demand for natural marble, avoiding the adverse impact of the latter’s mining and processing on the ecological environment. At the same time, the widespread application of cleaner production technology makes the production, processing and application of full-body marble tile more low-carbon and environmentally friendly. Effectively protect the natural environment and save natural resources.

Ⅴ. What are the big differences between full-body tile and porcelain tile?

The full-body marble tile is made by pressing rock debris under high pressure, the surface is not glazed, and the material and color of the front and back are the same. Full-body tile is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration. The full-body marble tile is wear-resistant and does not absorb water, which is economical and practical.

Porcelain floor tile is a kind of bright tile made by grinding the surface of the full-body tile body. Compared with the full-body tile, the surface of the porcelain floor tile is much smoother. Porcelain floor tile is hard and wear-resistant, suitable for use in indoor spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. Based on the use of infiltration technology, porcelain floor tile can make various imitation stone and wood imitation effects.

1. Different prices

The full-body marble tile has a high degree of simulation, which combines the advantages of rustic tiles and polished tiles. Based on the full-body tile, the surface of the tile is polished. The process is more complicated than that of the polished tiles. The appearance has the rich color of the full-body tile and the bright and clean of the polished tile, so the price is more expensive than that of the polished tile.

2. Different colors

The color of the polished tile is relatively single, and there is not much change, and the difference between the various colors of the porcelain tile surface is not too strong.

But the full-body marble tile is different, the full-body tile is richer than the polished tile. Full-body tiles are painted with patterns and then glazed. The colors should be brighter and completely unrestricted. Red, black, yellow, blue, cyan, and purple is no problem at all.

3. Different tile body

The tile body is the key to distinguishing the polished porcelain floor tile from the full-body tile. The polished porcelain floor tile penetrates the color into the tile body, so the color of the tile body 1-2mm below the surface is the same as the surface. The full-body tile is completely different, and it will not penetrate the tile body at all. Looking at the side of the tile, the layering of the full-body tile is more obvious, and the glazed surface can be seen. If the tile surface has only one layer of very pure color layer, it must be a full-body tile.

4. Different strain resistance

Porcelain tile is suitable for use in most indoor spaces except bathrooms and kitchens. The concave and convex pores left by the porcelain tiles during the production process, these pores will hold dirt and dirt, causing the surface to easily seep into the pollutants, and the anti-pollution effect of the full-body tiles is far more than that of porcelain tiles.

Ⅵ. What are the purchasing methods of the full-body marble tile?

1. Look

We need to see its color. Because the vivid and natural color of natural stone is the effect sought after by many ceramic enterprises in the industry, the judgment of this color determines whether the technical level of the product and the production process are up to standard. Look at the texture, one of the characteristics of natural stone is its vivid texture. Enterprises should imitate the texture of natural marble. In addition to restoring the natural texture of the stone, they should also consider continuity and integrity. Therefore, observing its texture and color is the basis for judging the pros and cons of whole-body marble tiles.

2. Look&Touch

After we learn to look, we must also know how to touch the product and distinguish the pros and cons. The combination of looking and touching here can determine the quality of the product’s sensitivity and texture. Generally, the full-body marble tiles of good quality must be transparent and thick, with distinct layers, they are crystalline and delicate to the touch, smooth but not slippery, and the reflectivity produces a mild and not dazzling diffuse reflection.

3. Listen

Watch with your eyes, listen with your ears. You can’t miss any of them. Be sure to check every layer. There are two ways to listen here. Method 1: We can tap the product with a hard object. The sound is crisp and not dull, which means the quality is good. Method 2: The index finger taps the middle and lower part of the tile, if the sound is clear and pleasant to the ear, it is the top grade, and if the sound is dull and stagnant, it is the low grade.

4. Test

Low water absorption can ensure the waterproof effect of the full-body marble tiles. We tried pouring some water on the back of the tile to see how fast the water soaks up after it spreads. The lower the water absorption, the more dense it is, the less likely it will absorb moisture and dirt, and it will be easier to clean.

5. Scrape

The scraping here is not just a light scrape on it with a fingernail, so of course it is no problem. When we buy full-body marble tiles, we should scratch each other with the edges and corners of the fragments to see whether the broken fragments are fine or loose, hard, brittle or soft, leaving scratches or scattered powder. If the former is the top grade, the latter is of poor quality.

Ⅶ. How to pave the full-body marble tile?

1. Clean the floor base. In order to prevent the full-body marble tiles from hollowing and not to affect the bonding degree of the full-body marble tiles, the dust and oil on the base layer should be cleaned up, and the uneven and rough surfaces should be leveled with mortar. Apply the tile adhesive evenly on the floor to form a semi-dry layer. When the thickness reaches 0.5 cm, the tile adhesive should be fully applied on the back of the tile, and attention should be paid to air exhaust.

2. Use tools to move the full-marble tile to the construction site, place it on the mortar, tap the tile lightly with a rubber hammer to discharge air bubbles, and make the back of the tile fully eat the slurry, so as to avoid hollowing out and causing the tile to be hollow.

3. After 1 hour of paving the full-body marble tiles, tap the tile surface with a rubber hammer to check whether there are empty drums. If there are empty drum tiles, it needs to be paved again.

Ⅷ. What are the precautions of paving the full-body marble tile?

1. Before using the product, look for various signs on the outer packaging, and do a good job in sorting (model, color number, working size, etc.) for stacking and use.

 2. For products of the same type and the same plane, the products of the same color number and working size should be used to ensure the uniformity of the product paving effect.

 3. Do a good job in the inspection and review of each process during the laying process. When paving a large area, the working surface should be divided into several small units to organize construction and inspection. Generally, 50㎡ is regarded as a paving and inspection unit.

4. When paving, it should be paved in the same direction according to the surface pattern characteristics of the product (if the surface pattern characteristics are not obvious, the trademark pattern on the back of the tile). In general, do not rotate the products 90° to each other for paving. Products with insignificant surface pattern features are rotated 180° to each other for paving. Generally, the effect will not be greatly affected.

5. According to different product categories and construction requirements, a uniform gap of 1-5mm should be left between the tiles and the joints should be processed within 24 hours to express different decorative styles and prevent bulging or peeling. The ash filling should be dense, flat and slightly lower than the glazed surface.

6. When using the caulking agent, the ratio of material and water should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the caulking agent. After 6-8 hours of brushing the caulking agent, it is recommended to carefully wipe the tile surface with a clean sponge dipped in water.


The full-body marble tile is on the tile body, the color, texture and function are infinitely close to the qualitative change effect of natural stone rock formation, and the texture is more transparent. The combination of full three-dimensional fabric and color mixing coloring process makes the full-body marble tile body from the bottom to the surface glaze to be the same.

The full-body marble tile is pressed and formed by high-tonnage press and fired at high temperature, and the finished tile is more delicate in color and higher in performance and quality. The appearance and inner blank of natural stone are consistent, and the full-body marble tile realistically restores natural precious stone, which brings closer the distance between ceramic tile products and natural marble products.

The above is the relevant situation of full-body marble tile. If you want to know more about full-body marble tile, please continue to pay attention to the George Ceramic, we will share you with more knowledge of different tiles.

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