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How do I Choose Tiles for My Bedroom?

In the layout of the whole room, each independent space has a role that cannot be replaced by other parts. It is precisely because of this, each independent space often takes these functions into account in the process of layout, and the bedroom is more important for many people. The tile plays an important role in the decoration of the whole bedroom, which needs careful selection. Next, we George Ceramic, as a porcelain tile manufacturer, will give you some suggestions, hoping to be useful to you.

I. How to choose bedroom tile?

What color is better for the floor tiles in the bedroom? The color of tile should be compatible with the main style of the bedroom. For example, if the decoration style of the room tends to be young and the bright series style is used, the color of the tiles used should not be dark and gloomy, it should be light and bright. This can form a better echo, reflecting a better effect.

Of course, if the original design style of the room tends to be deep and dark series of decoration materials are used, then the tiles used can be yellow and black. So, what color tiles should be used in the bedroom? It should depend on the specific situation.

Generally speaking, the bedroom floor will pave tiles, but the wall will not. Because if tiles are paved on the wall, the whole room will appear relatively cold and desolate, lacking a warm feeling. The floor can use tiles of warm color, which looks warm and suitable for children’s rooms.

What needs to be explained is that if it is a children’s bedroom, the tiles used should not be the kind of tiles with very hard texture. In this way, it is the safest for children, and parents can be relieved. Therefore, we should not only care about the color of the tiles used in the bedroom, but also the texture of the tiles used.

1. The bedroom is a place for people to rest. Most people with high work requirements tend to pay more attention to the quality of rest. Therefore, the effect of bedroom decoration is related to the quality of people’s rest, and the tile often plays a fundamental role.

Try to choose tile colors that are not stimulating to people, and try to choose some warm tile colors, for example, yellow, beige, and white tiles, as well as some retro style tiles, these are often suitable for bedroom decoration.

2. In terms of the environmental protection function of tiles, tiles used in the bedroom are often higher than those used in other areas.

The choice of environment-friendly tiles has a long service life and will not have any radiation problems. Therefore many middle-aged and elderly people often prefer this type of bedroom tiles.

3. The tiles selected for the bedroom should be some bright tiles. The purpose of using some bright tiles is to increase the brightness of the bedroom, and the brightness brought by the tiles should be much more natural than that brought by other lights. Many people know this truth very well, so they use it skillfully.

Ⅱ. What kind of tile is suitable for the bedroom?

1. Glazed tile

Glazed tile’s surface has been treated by firing glaze. Generally speaking, glazed tiles are richer in color and pattern than polished tiles, also play an important role in antifouling. They are applicable to bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, etc.

2. Wood like tile

The bedroom is paved with wood wood like tile, which is the consensus of many people when decorating, because the bedroom space is smaller than the living room.

The floor is paved with small wood like tile, which can increase the open design sense of the space.

In addition, the bedroom, as a private space for the master to rest, pave with wood like tile, which makes the overall texture more comfortable and natural.

3. Porcelain tile

Compared with the roughness of the flat surface of the full-body tile, the porcelain is much more smooth. This kind of tile is very hard and wear-resistant.

Porcelain tiles can also be used to produce various stone like and wood like effects. Applicable to most indoor spaces except living room and bedroom.

Ⅲ. Why is the the bedroom wall not suitable for paving tile?

It is not recommended to pave ceramic tiles on the bedroom wall. The cost of paving ceramic tiles is high and takes up a lot of space. The bedroom with a certain thickness of ceramic tiles will be more crowded. Bright tiles are easy to cause light pollution, affecting people’s rest.

Ceramic wall tiles for bedroom give people a cold feeling. There is a potential safety hazard when they are used in the bedroom because the tiles will suddenly fall off. The wall tiles in damp areas are prone to condensation of water vapor, and the whole bedroom is wet, which is too troublesome to clean.

1. Take up space

The tile itself has a certain thickness, and the thickness of the adhesive layer occupies at least 3cm of space. If the wall is not flat, it needs to be paved, which will take up more space.

2. Cold and humid

The tile material is relatively cold and hard. If the whole bedroom wall and floor are all paving tiles, it will look very cold. The tiles are prone to water droplets in a climate with heavy humidity. It is very troublesome to clean the bedroom wall like this.

To maintain the appropriate humidity in the space as much as possible, dehumidifiers and desiccants can be used to reduce the air humidity. If a fresh air system is installed at home, there is usually no need to worry about indoor humidity.

3. Light pollution

Ceramic tiles are divided into two categories: glossy surface and matte surface. The surface of glossy tiles has a certain reflective ability.

Although it can increase the brightness of the space, the reflections on the walls of the bedroom will make people uncomfortable, and some even look like mirrors, it’s vert strange.

Generally speaking, if there are no problems such as waterproofing and oil fume in the bedroom, it is really not necessary to pave the bedroom wall tile.

4. Safety hazard

Tiles are prone to empty drums and other dangerous situations such as falling off. If the tiles on the bedside wall of the bedroom fall off and hit a sleeping person, the consequences are very serious. Therefore, for safety, it is not recommended to pave wall tiles in the bedroom.

5. High cost

The cost of wall tile paving is definitely much higher than that of latex paint, tile cost & paving labor cost & accessories & jointing/beautiful seam.

The maintenance and renovation costs of the tiles in the later stage are also higher. If you choose inferior tiles, it will not only have a higher safety risk, but also be more prone to discoloration.

In addition to the kitchen, bathroom and balcony, other living spaces in the home are not recommended to pave wall tile. There are many types of wall decoration materials, and ceramic tiles are not necessarily the best choice. If you really like ceramic tiles for wall decoration and your budget is sufficient, then you must choose non-reflective tiles such as matte tiles or soft light tiles.

The quality of the tiles should be good, and the craftsmanship of the workers should be good enough. Tile adhesive and other products must be used on the floor tiles on the wall. When checking and accepting, it is necessary to carefully check whether each tile is empty, and deal with any problems in time.

Ⅳ. How to purchase bedroom tile?

1. Determine your favorite bedroom style.

When choosing ceramic tiles, you should first consider the overall style of your house, that is, the style of home decoration. Now there are many popular styles in the market, such as Chinese style, Mediterranean style, European style, simple style, etc. After the determination, you can determine the general color keynote of tiles.

At the same time, you should also pay attention to the elderly and children and other family members. Security should also be paid attention to. It is better to choose non slip tiles, which can prevent the elderly from falling down.

2. Determine house specifications

Determine the size of the bedroom before determining the specifications. Don’t blindly pursue large size floor tiles or large bathroom wall tiles. Generally speaking, small size tiles are recommended to be used below 20 square meters, and large size tiles are recommended to be used above 20 square meters.

3. Select the quality of the tiles

The quality of tiles is the key point in the decoration. If the quality is not up to the standard, it will not only bring trouble to the decoration, but also affect the owner’s life. Therefore, you must not be careless when selecting the quality of tiles.

Four or five tiles can be drawn from a box to see that there is no color difference, deformation, lack of edges and corners and other defects. Then listen to the sound and tap the tiles with hard objects. The clearer the sound, the higher the degree of porcelain and the better the quality.

If the sound is dull and stagnant, it is the tile with poor quality. Sometimes, you can also test the density of tiles by using the method of water drops. First, put the water drops on the back of the tiles, and see how fast the water will soak after it is dispersed.

Generally speaking, the slower the water absorption is, the greater the density of the tiles is. On the contrary, the faster the water absorption is, the denser it is, and its internal quality is better than the former. These methods can select good tiles with qualified quality.


The above are some suggestions for the selection of bedroom tiles. You can consider your own life demands and choose a scheme that suits your needs to make your bedroom elegant and practical.

If you want to know more about them, please continue to pay attention to the George Ceramic, we will provide you with better service and better price.

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