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How to Choose Living Room Tiles?

In the decoration of the living room, ceramic tile is a commonly used material. In addition to the frequent use of the floor, ceramic tiles are often used in the decoration of walls and background walls. Tile can play a certain role in protecting the wall and floor, and can also improve the aesthetics of the room.

The living room is the main place to treat guests. There must be a comfortable floor tile color, so that guests can stay comfortable when they come. The color is very important, and the quality of tiles must not be ignored.

This blog will introduce how to match the color of living room tiles and how to choose the best tiles for living room.

I. How to choose high-quality living room tile?

1. The appearance color should be uniform

The surface gloss and flatness should be good (except for special processes). Especially for polished floor tiles, pay more attention to their gloss.

The higher the gloss, the more exquisite the polishing process and the higher the relative hardness; low water absorption and higher wear resistance.

2. Strong anti-pollution ability

Drop one or two drops of ink or colored water on the surface of the tile, and wipe it off with a damp rag after half an hour.

If there are obvious traces, it means that it is easy to seep. If there is basically no trace, it proves that it has good anti-fouling ability.

3. The size deviation should not be too large

That is to say, the four tiles should be neatly put together, and there should be no obvious dislocation. Products with a size error greater than 0.5mm and a flatness greater than 0.1mm will not only increase the difficulty of construction, but also have poor decoration effects and cannot be used in engineering.

4. The water absorption rate should meet the requirements

The lower the water absorption rate, the higher the density of the product and the less easy it is to penetrate. Usually colored ceramic tiles shall not exceed 10%; unglazed ceramic tiles (including polished tiles) shall not exceed 0.5%; glazed ceramic tiles shall not exceed 1%.

5. Whether the quality of the tiles is qualified

The quality of floor tile decoration and inlay mainly depends on whether the height of the joint between the tiles is greater than 0.5 mm.

Whether the flatness of the overall surface is greater than 2 mm within a length of 2 meters, and whether the flatness of the seam exceeds 3 mm within a length of 5 meters. 

Anything that exceeds the above range is regarded as unqualified decoration quality.

6. Listen to the sound of the tiles

To distinguish the inner quality of the tiles, you can’t see it by looking, you can use the method of tapping to distinguish from the sound. If the sound is clear and loud, it means the tile works well; otherwise the tile quality is not good.

Ⅱ.How to match living room tiles of different colors?

We should pay attention to color selection and color matching, suitable color matching can enhance the aesthetic decoration of the living room, and can also give people a comfortable and bright feeling. If the living room area is small, the lighting is not good, and the living room area is not large.

Then we recommend that you can use light-colored tiles, which can make the living room look more spacious and bright; if the living room area is relatively large, and the lighting is also Yes, then the living room can be decorated with slightly darker tiles which can make the room appear calm and atmospheric.

1. Minimalism style living room tile collocation:

Don’t think that minimalism style is simple, there are also a lot of attention to minimalism style. Its layout is very detailed, and it is suitable to choose polished tiles as materials.

In the paving, the horizontal paving and vertical paving effect are good, and the paving is carried out in a parallel manner with the wall. Tile seams are aligned without leaving seams.

At the same time, it is treated with a grout close to the color of the tile, which looks refreshing and neat. Moreover, the rectangular tiles are laid horizontally or vertically, which can make the whole space appear spacious.

2. European-style living room tile collocation:

European style gives people a feeling of romance and elegance, which can bring people a sense of quality of life.

European-style materials generally choose polished tiles, stone and parquet waveguide materials. The paving method is also exquisite, and the combination paving method will show more temperament.

In terms of paving space, it is more inclined to use tiles on the floor of the whole house. From the entrance to the living room, from the dining room to the bedroom.

The use of atmospheric and tough tiles, different lines and tile combinations, highlight the delicateness and delicacy of European-style decoration.

3. Pastoral style living room tile collocation:

When selecting materials for pastoral style, be sure to choose building materials that are rich in pastoral flavor.

It is recommended to choose small-sized rustic tiles for materials. The paving method can be horizontal, combined and diamond paving, which can make the wall and floor look more distinctive.

In the paving space, it can be used for kitchen and bathroom decoration. Choose a small and fresh texture for the waistline, so that the space can focus on local lines and embellishments.

4. Mediterranean-style living room tile collocation:

The Mediterranean style usually features white plaster walls, continuous arcades and arches, terracotta tiles, sea blue roof tiles and doors and windows.

The material can be selected from various colors of rustic tiles, and choose the splicing of various colors such as beige, blue, white, and coffee.

The paving method can be horizontal paving or diamond oblique paving. In terms of space, we can consider the use of ceramic tiles on the floor of the whole house, and the use of walls in bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces.

Ⅲ.What are the options for living room tile?

1. Determine the style and consider individual needs:

When purchasing tiles, you must first consider your overall style, that is, the style of home decoration. Now the popular new Chinese style, Mediterranean sunshine style, European country style, oriental pastoral style, etc.

Home decoration involves ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, lamps, curtains, kitchen cabinets, doors and windows, paint and other eight major series of materials and accessories, the unity and coordination of styles is extremely important, and it is the main focus for measuring the grade and quality of decoration.

After the style is determined, it is necessary to determine the general color tone of the tiles, and also pay attention to consider some of your own individual needs, the structure of family members such as the elderly and children.

Floor tiles are now mainly divided into two categories: vitrified tiles and glazed tiles. Most of the commonly known rustic tiles now refer to glazed tiles. Don’t listen to the merchant’s chinaware or water absorption, as long as they meet the national standards In terms of usage, there is no difference.

2. Determine the specifications of the tiles:

When considering the specifications of tiles, pay attention to the following three aspects:

(1) For the price, I advocate more planning in the purchase of ceramic tiles. I think the wall and the floor like the skin in the home, and her quality and taste directly determine the level of home taste. When the skin of the home becomes artistic, the taste of the home is also improved accordingly. Tile is a durable product, and it is not easy to replace it if you want to.

This money should not be saved. For the same series of tiles, the smaller the size, the higher the price, but the installation loss is correspondingly smaller. Allows businesses to first publish a tile map to reduce installation losses.

(2) For the size of the living room, don’t blindly pursue large-scale floor tiles. Generally speaking, I personally recommend using 450*450mm specifications below 30 square meters, and if more than 30 square meters. I recommend using 600*600mm specifications.

When choosing, it is also necessary to consider the actual area that can be seen after the house is decorated and the furniture is placed. If the visible area of people is small, and the specifications of the tiles are too large, it will not be coordinated.

(3) Pay attention to the building modulus of the house, try not to cut tiles or cut tiles as little as possible. Most of the noise pollution during the construction of the community is not paid attention to this problem.


Modern people’s decoration is more and more trending towards modern minimalist decoration style, its charm lies in simplicity and fashion. The modern minimalist style pursues simplicity and not simple. It is not simply “stacked” and “placed” casually, but is made by the designer’s well-thought-out collocation and design.

It is deeply loved by modern young people, and it is also the most popular and decorated style at present. But of course there are other decoration styles, such as Nordic style, retro style and so on.

So, now you know how to select tiles for living room?

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