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Guide to Choose the Best Bathroom Tiles

Tile selection is always a tricky task because there are so many things that need attention. Hence, when it comes to choosing them, you have to ensure that you need to look at the surface and the surrounding followed by the characteristics of the tiles selected.Click to know : Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles.

Bathroom tiles require a lot of attention. When you are choosing them, you need to focus on the fact that the bathroom is a place that has a lot of moisture and soapy remains, and you need to be careful about slipping as well.

So, if you are looking forward to having your hands on suitable tiles for the bathroom, you must go through this guide. It will provide detailed insight into the types of tiles suitable for bathrooms and everything related to their installation and maintenance.

So, read below and familiarize yourselves with the vital information you must know about the process of bathroom tile selection and installation.

Bathroom Tiles

Why is the Right Title Important for bathrooms?

Bathrooms are one of the crucial places in every home, and when designing them, there is no room for ignoring their aesthetic beauty and functionality. Moreover, the concept of choosing tiles for the bathroom is also equipped with a sense of durability.

So, when choosing flooring for the bathroom, it is essential to consider the visual appeal so that the overall ambiance looks comfortable and safe. Moreover, factors like slipping hazards, damage due to water, and maintenance should also be considered.

Options of Tile Materials

When it comes to choosing the different tile materials, there are many options, and each option that is suitable for a bathroom has been discussed below with the characteristics.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are made with clay and some other minerals and are highly affordable in multiple color options. These tiles can be chosen in many designs and finished. Some of the possibilities of finishes in ceramic tiles consist of gloss and some matte. In case you want a textured base, you can have that too.

To keep these tiles in good shape in your bathroom, keep them clean and do not let any soapy textures stay behind. They are straightforward to clean and capable of withdrawing wear and tear in the long run, protecting them against cracking and chipping off.We also mentioned Dirty Floor Tiles Cleaning Guidance in the last article, hope it can help you.

Porcelain Tiles

The porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are strength printed tiles that are too dense and even can resist moisture. They are even stain resistant and last longer than other tiles.There are many options for porcelain tiles, and you can even have them look like real stones and even wooden finish because of their versatile design possibilities. Since porcelain tiles are resistant to water, they are ideal for the bathroom and can withstand moisture conditions in the long run.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles have many categories of stones, like marble, granite, limestone, and slate. These tiles have a lot of aesthetic beauty, ensuring that they look appealing and have a different pattern of veining and multiple colors.These tiles can even apply sealants as a protective layer, ensuring that no stains and water stays or penetrates the tiles. Such tiles are easy to care for and maintain and look natural.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles can resist damage against water and moisture and hence are ideal for bathrooms. These tiles are highly affordable, and if you are tight on a budget, you may find them much more perfect.

Different options are associated with these tiles, which can look like other stones and wooden patterns. The vinyl tiles are easy to maintain and resist stains; hence the cleaning process is very user-friendly.

Keeping the Bathroom Condition Aligned with Tile Selection

When choosing tiles for the bathroom, there are some things you must keep in mind about the condition of the bathroom. Some of these considerations are as follows:

Bathroom Tiles

Resistance Against Moisture

It is essential to choose tiles that comprise water-resistant properties. It is necessary for a place like a bathroom with a lot of humidity and moisture. Hence, choosing a tile that can withstand moisture is very important.

Resistance Against Slipping

Consider the tile’s surface for the bathroom because wet areas pose a high chance of slipping. Certain textures of tiles are such that they offer slip resistance, and hence it is better to choose such materials and textures as a safety measure.

The durability of the Tile

The tiles you choose for your bathrooms must be capable of withstanding high foot traffic and daily use. They should be hard and must resist abrasion. This way, they will be able to last longer because the bathroom is a very consistent place to be used now and then.

Humidity and Temperature of Surroundings

The expansion and contraction of tiles depend on temperature and humidity fluctuations. Since the bathroom is where such conditions keep changing, this factor needs attention.Therefore when choosing tiles for the bathroom, make sure to choose them, keeping the environment in mind and the consistent changes.

Aesthetics of the Bathroom

The tiles you choose for your bathroom must match the rest of the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Creating a Combination with the Decor

When you choose the tiles for your bathroom, make sure that the color palette of the existing decor matches the tiles. You need to consider the paint on the wall and the sanitary items installed or installed in your bathroom. Each thing needs to relate to one another, complementing each other.

Layout and Size of the Tiles

There are many sizes of tiles to choose from, and this decision highly depends on the size of your bathroom. The large tiles always make the area look spacious, so if you have a small bathroom, it is suggested to go for larger tiles and vice versa.You will also come across multiple sizes of tiles like rectangles, squares, and hexagons; each shape has a different way to add to the bathroom’s aesthetics.

Selecting the Grout

The grout that is filled between the gaps in tiles is also very important to be chosen; make sure to look for colors that are either the same or in contrast with the title being a light and dark tone of the same color.

Consideration of Cost

Cost is always a concern when you are investing in any project. So, when you choose tiles, consider their long-term durability. You might have to spend more initially when you put in a good-quality tile, but that will last much longer.

Also, keep in mind the additional costs you may have to incur, like the installation, adhesive cost, grout cost, and the expense of paying the labor for a professional installation. However, this entire cost could be justified with the outclass results you will have with your tiles and their appearance in your bathroom.

Professionally installed tiles are always seamless in appearance, and the way that enhances the look of the space is always commendable.

Installing Bathroom Tiles

Apart from choosing the tile, the process of installing the tile is also a very important one and needs attention.

Bathroom Tiles

Deciding Between Professional Installation or DIY

The decision of whether to choose a professional or install the tiles on your own depends on the complexity of the installation. Certain surfaces and tiles need a professional to install tiles because of their skills and even ensure a durable installation.We have an article here about DIY Guide to Glaze Ceramic Tile at Home, if you are interested, you can check it out here.

Preparation of the Surface

The preparation of the surface is also essential; it should be clean and evenly leveled so that a secure installation can be achieved when the tiles are placed. The surface should also be free from all kinds of moisture. Hence, when preparing the cover, ensure there is no moisture, as it could hinder the installation process and lead to mold growth.

Sealing and Grouting of Tiles

You must have installed tiles properly and after that, you have also applied grouting. Appropriate grouting would ensure that the water doesn’t seep under the roles and the longevity of the tiles is maintained.

Also, applying the sealant is very important as it helps prevent stains and water from penetrating the tiles; hence, the appearance is preserved.

Regular Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance is a very important aspect that counts in the tiles. Especially when they are bathroom tiles because the bathroom tends to accumulate a lot of moisture and soap lather. Hence you must keep the tiles clean and dry; also, never use abrasive cleaning agents, as those could damage the tiles.


Installation and selection of tiles is always a very important decision because this is a long-term investment which, when made once, would be repeated after many years. Hence, it is very important to ensure you make it correctly with the same decision-making.

Especially in areas like bathrooms, you have to assess the functionality as well as the aesthetics of the surroundings, and they should complement each other then only your purpose of tile installation will be achieved.

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