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How To Choose The Best Exterior Wall Tiles?

Are you planning to transform your outdoor space but are confused about how to choose the best exterior wall tiles? Don’t worry, we’re here to solve this confusion. 

In this article, you’ll find out how to choose the best exterior wall tiles as well as some important things to remember while choosing your exterior tiles. When you plan to install exterior tiles on your walls, it’s essential to consider various factors.

These factors will guide you in picking the best tiles for your exterior walls. So, read our comprehensive guide to not just know how to choose the best exterior wall tiles but also know some factors to consider while choosing.

Is Tiling Exterior Walls a Good Decision?

If you’re planning to revamp your space, you need to plan well before you start the process. The exterior of your house determines how your home will look to the people outside while the interior helps create an ambiance and comfort for your family and yourself.

Moreover, your mood will also depend on your exterior when coming home from outside. Mostly, the exterior is not given much attention as compared to the interior.

But, the exterior must be attractive, even when it should be able to withstand weather changes, dust, and grime.

So, it’s essential to choose some specific material for your exterior that not only makes it look natural and attractive but also protects it from damage.

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exterior wall tiles

Tiling is the best and the most effective way to protect your walls as well as to make them look great. So, tiling your exterior wall is going to be a decision you’ll always appreciate.

But, when choosing tiles for outdoors, you should be mindful of your decision. Consider the following factors while choosing the ideal tiles for your exterior walls.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Exterior Wall Tiles

If you’re looking forward to purchasing tiles for your exterior walls but want to know how to choose the best exterior wall tiles, you should consider the following factors before making the decision. These factors will prove to help choose the perfect exterior wall tiles according to your needs.

1. Select the Suitable Tile Type

When considering tiles for your outdoor walls, choosing the right kind of tile is essential. There are various kinds of wall tiles available, each of them having its benefits.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the most common choice for customers looking for a natural stony or woody look for their outdoor walls.

These tiles have very lightweight properties and are low maintenance. Moreover, there are various color and design options available in these tiles for your exterior walls. 

exterior wall tiles

On the other hand, other kinds of tiles like mosaic, vitrified, and glass are not used much for exterior walls. But, if you still want, you can install any of these types too. But, ensure they fulfill all the required factors according to the needs of exterior tiles.

2. Extreme Weather Conditions

The next thing you should consider while choosing the best exterior wall tiles for yourself are the different kinds of weather conditions. Just figure out what weather conditions your wall might experience and pick out the type of exterior tiles accordingly.

Pick out the one that can withstand harsh weather conditions too. While some tiles are not suitable for extreme weather conditions, others have the ability to tolerate extreme temperatures.

Consider buying tiles made of porcelain, travertine, ceramic, or marble, that are not just durable but can also absorb water. Low-porosity exterior tiles won’t experience issues with staining, algae, decay, or, lichen

3. Durability

Durability is the third main factor to consider in the guide on how to choose the best exterior wall tiles. Make sure to purchase the ones that are durable, low-maintenance, easy to clean, and weather-resistant.

So, if you’re looking for a durable tile option, consider getting porcelain tiles installed. Porcelain tiles are not just perfect for exterior walls but for outdoor pools, floors, parking areas, and stairs too.

Porcelain tiles are visually pleasing and functional for your exterior walls. They have a variety of colors, patterns, and design options and match the overall feel of your outdoor space.

4. Fading

Fading is also a crucial factor to consider during the process of choosing your exterior wall tiles. As your outdoor walls are exposed to different weather conditions.

especially the heat and wet conditions, you should ensure to get a tile that won’t fade. Also, you need to make sure your exterior tiles won’t get damaged in the rain and are water resistant.

5. Consider Your Budget

The last and the most important factor is the budget. Honestly, we don’t recommend purchasing cheaper outdoor tiles as they are exposed to different weather conditions.

So, consider getting good quality ones that are specifically created to function outdoors and can withstand extreme weather conditions. But, you can compromise a bit for your interior walls if you have a lower budget.

Don’t ever have a low budget for your exterior walls as cheaper tiles for your exterior walls will need to be replaced soon. So, set your budget accordingly and ensure your wall tiles are of great quality.

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Popular Types Of Outdoor Tile

Now that you have some tips for choosing the best exterior tiles for your home, let’s take a look at the most popular types of outdoor tiles. Here’s a quick list of some of the most popular options.

1. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles can withstand mild weather conditions and light outdoor use but are not that strong as compared to other exterior tiles. So, choose ceramic tiles only for covered patios or patios with stable weather. And remember, not all ceramic tiles are created the same way. 

exterior wall tiles

Some types of ceramic tiles are stronger or weaker, so make sure to pick a more durable type. Depending on what you’re buying, ceramic can be a cost-effective choice, but there’s a lot of flexibility in the price range.

2. Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are very strong and dense. So, they’re a really good choice for exterior use. However, you need to ensure you find porcelain tiles created only for exterior use. 

Indoor porcelain tiles have a glossy surface which is very slippery once it gets wet. So, make sure to get the textured porcelain tiles. 

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3. Quarry Tile

Quarry Tiles are not a great choice for people living in cold temperatures. They don’t hold up well to ice and freezing weather. Rain isn’t a big problem though. Quarry tiles are water resistant, and they don’t become slippery if they’re wet. 

But, be careful with other types of liquids, though, as these tiles can be stained easily. They can be one of the best exterior tile options for your home if you live in warmer areas.

4. Slate Tile

Slate tiles are a type of natural stone. They are durable and strong, and their surface texture is also natural. So, it will be slip-resistant. You can slate tiles in various colors, including black, gray, green, orange, and many others.

5. Granite Tile

Granite tiles are also a type of natural stone. They make your countertops beautiful, but they don’t hold up well outside. They’re not just slippery but porous too. They will absorb moisture, which will end up causing staining and more damage to your tiles if you don’t seal them every few years. 

6. Concrete Tile

Concrete tiles are a cheaper option if you want to get a natural stone look for your outdoors. They’re created in a way with the right texture and color to make them look like natural stone. 

These tiles give your home an expensive look for a more affordable rate. Concrete tiles are durable and can withstand different weather conditions too. However, like the granite ones, you’ll have to seal them after every few years. 

7. Travertine Tile

Travertine is a stone that creates naturally beautifully colored and textured tile. This tile is stiff but also has a pitted surface that gathers dirt with time. 

You can avoid this issue if you polish the surface which makes it smooth. But, it will then become slippery if it’s wet. 

Select The Best Wall Tiles for Outdoors

By taking the above-mentioned considerations into account, you can ensure that your exterior tile installation process is successful. Not only will your outdoor area look beautiful, but it will also be functional and will last for years to come.

George Ceramic has a wide range of wall tiles for exterior and interior usage. Our collection offers the most durable exterior tiling solution. We have tiles that will not just bring your imagination to life but will also be durable.

Choose from a variety of patterns, colors, and materials to create the perfect look for your home. Visit George Ceramic to find something suitable for your liking.

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