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How to Choose the Right Ceramic Wall Tiles for Your Space

Ceramic wall tiles have unique features and the right one can make all the difference in transforming your residential or commercial space. Whether the tiles are for the floor, countertops or walls, they can affect the feel, value and look of your home or space.

There are several wall tile options, and choosing the perfect ones for your space can be difficult. There are different factors that you can consider when selecting the right ceramic wall tiles for your space, including:

  1. Your needs
  2. Style
  3. Longevity or durability
  4. Tile and wall size
  5. Color
  6. Budget considerations
  7. Type of space
  8. Environmental sustainability


Understanding the factors helps in choosing the ideal ceramic wall tiles for your space. Also, selecting the ideal ceramic wall tiles ensures that you make your space a worthy investment for future generations.

The remaining part of this article explains the factors to consider in identifying the right ceramic wall tiles for your space in great detail.

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ceramic tile

Your Needs

Tiles have different features and you can choose a specific type to meet your needs and serve your intended purposes.

Your needs and the purported use of ceramic wall tiles can help you choose the right ones for your home.

It is best to assess your needs whether you are constructing or renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or exterior walls.

There are different types of ceramic wall tiles with unique features and purposes, such as;

  • Glazed ceramic tiles. These tiles have a layer of glaze on their surface. The protective layer functionally resists stains and moisture from the tile and improves its aesthetic appeal.
  • Unglazed ceramic tiles. These tiles have no glaze coat and as a result they are more slippery. They are more suitable for exterior spaces in your home.

For example, ceramic tiles in your bathroom can protect your walls and make them easy to maintain.

In this regard, it is best to identify ceramic wall tiles aligned to your priorities before making an informed decision. This is because as much as you are cladding your bathroom or kitchen wall to protect the wall, you are also making a bold style statement.


Ceramic wall tiles are crafted with precision, and you need to identify the style that meets your taste, preference, and overall look you want.Ceramic wall tile styles range from traditional classic to contemporary.

You can choose a ceramic tile with a simple pattern and neutral color to infuse class and timelessness in your space as shown below.Alternatively, you can make your space modern by choosing bold-colored ceramic tiles.

Longevity or Durability

The wall tile you choose for your space will be in your home for many years. Therefore, it is important to select a ceramic wall tile that can withstand wear and tear.

You can evaluate the durability of ceramic wall tiles through PEI ratings and level of water resistance.You need to pay attention to the longevity based on where you are installing the ceramic wall tile.

For example, wall tiles in your bathroom will not have standing water, but they should be able to withstand the moisture from the shower and regular cleaning processes.

On this basis, you need to choose the ceramic wall tile that is most water-resistant and easy to clean for your bathroom space.A ceramic wall tile with those features is an effective water barrier and ensures the walls remain watertight and stainless.

Besides the ceramic material of your wall tiles, the installation process and finish can also affect its performance in the long term.

Matte finishes make your ceramic wall tiles non-glossy and naturally appealing, while textured finishes give your ceramic walls an element of roughness that provides extra grip to you and your guests.

On the other hand, polished finishes on your ceramic wall tiles as shown below gives your space a sophisticated appearance, even though they can be prone to scratches.

Ceramic wall tiles in the bathroom

As much as you can clean them easily, you may have to polish them to keep them looking excellent.

Tile and Wall Size

Ceramic wall tiles are available in different shapes and sizes, and you need to consider the size of your walls, your room, and your favorite design.

This is because the size of ceramic wall tiles can impact the flow of your room and its overall feel and look.You can choose large ceramic tiles for your wall to give it a clean and contemporary look.

Alternatively, you can choose ceramic tiles of small sizes if you want your space to have a traditional feel. Such tiles are the right ones for a focal wall in your space because they can add intricate details.

Large-sized wall tiles are seamless and are ideal for use in places that require easier care.In this regard, large ceramic tiles require less grout to keep them clean and can be the right ones for use in bathrooms.

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The color scheme of your ceramic wall tiles affects the ambiance of your space and the overall décor of your room.In this regard, you can choose light-colored ceramic tiles to open your space and give it a brighter feel.

Alternatively, you can select ceramic wall tiles of darker tones to infuse warmth and a cozy feel to your rooms or space.Also, you can use neutral colors if you want your wall tiles to complement your house’s décor style.

It is best to consider your room’s color theme before choosing a ceramic wall tile of a specific color to complement or contrast the colors accordingly.

Also, you need to choose patterns that align with the theme of your interior design. For example, you can use wall tiles of neutral color tones if you want your room to have a feel of openness and versatility.

Alternatively, you can choose ceramic wall tiles of bold colors if you want to add a statement-making effect to your space and create a focal point in your room or house.

Budget Considerations

When undertaking a new construction or renovation project, it is important to have a budget.Tiles have different prices per square foot, and estimating how much you are ready to spend is important.

When you understand your tile budget, you narrow your ceramic wall tile options and find an ideal one that meets your budget and aligns with your style.Several factors affect the price of ceramic wall tiles, including size and desired type of finish.

For example, large-sized ceramic wall tiles are more expensive than small-sized ones.Also, a polished finish can increase the cost of installing your ceramic wall tiles.

On this basis, it is best to have a budget and identify a specific ceramic wall tile option that fits your budget without compromising other on quality and desired type of finish.

Given that cladding your walls with tiles is a long-term investment, it is best to choose ceramic wall tiles that balance aspects of durability and cost.

It is best to resist the temptation of buying cheap ceramic wall tiles because opting for high-quality tiles can save you money over the long haul.

Type of Space

Consider whether your space is within your house or outdoor while choosing the ideal ceramic wall tile.Exterior spaces need ceramic wall tiles that can withstand the harsh weather elements.

On the other hand, interior spaces require wall tiles that are easy to clean and allow you to explore different decorative options that will enhance your space’s aesthetic appeal.

When you choose the right ceramic wall tile for your interior or exterior space, you transform the home’s interior or exterior into a masterpiece that symbolizes your style, personality and serves as a setting for your creativity.

Environmental Sustainability

If you are conscious about environmental sustainability, the right ceramic wall tile for you is one that is manufactured from eco-friendly materials.

You can find an environmentally sustainable ceramic tile by evaluating its material, how it is made, its lifecycle, and the conditions under which it is manufactured.

Alternatively, you can look for certifications that confirm that the tile meets particular environmental sustainability standards.For example, you can choose a ceramic wall tile series with a LEED certification.

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Careful consideration of the different factors can help you choose the right ceramic wall tile that improves the beauty of your space and ensures long-term functionality.

Your choice of ceramic wall tiles is an investment that contributes to the ambiance of your interior or exterior space, and it is best to take time and explore the different options.

Take your time to explore the beauty of the tiles and the blend of its features.After exploring the available options and researching, choose the wall tile that aligns with your vision and balances aspects of quality and budget.

Also, you can seek the services of a professional to help you choose the right ceramic wall tile that meets your functional needs and complements your home’s design and décor.

If you have any questions can we George ceramics, we have a professional staff to answer your doubts.

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