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Exploring Techniques to Keep Your Tiles Clean and Maintained

Maintaining a neat and clean surroundings is always one of the most important aspects that one should look into. Similarly, when it comes to cleaning tiles, it is also a very significant concern because leaving them dirty would only pile up moisture, stains, and debris, leaving the aesthetics of your space to look worse.

Hence, tiles should be cleaned regularly, and proper maintenance must be carried out always to have sparkling clean surroundings that look visually appealing.

However, one of the most important things is that people may look into the different ways to clean tiles. If you also need to know about the techniques that could be opted for keeping tiles clean, you are at the right place.

This guide below has a detailed insight into where you can explore different tile cleaning methods and apply them to your tiles.I also mentioned a little bit about How to Beautify Tile Caulking?Hope it helps you.


Significance of Tile Cleaning

Tile cleaning is essential; if you do not keep them clean, they will only wear out and look worse; many other reasons make tile cleaning one of the significant considerations, and some of these are discussed below:

  • When tiles are clean, they enhance the appearance of any space in no time; they make the surroundings visually appealing and give a welcoming feel to anyone who comes over and looks at them.
  • In areas that are moisture-equipped, like kitchens and bathrooms, the tiles of such areas are susceptible to catching mold and bacteria, which could be a major health concern. Hence, when it comes to ensuring that these harmful microorganisms are kept away from you and your surroundings, you must keep your tiles clean and tidy.
  • When dirt and debris stay on the tiles for a longer period of time, the tiles may get prone to scratching, or the surface may erode. Hence, by ensuring timely cleaning, the wear and tear of the tiles could be prevented.
  • Clean tiles have no soap remains and residues that make them slippery and hence help in preventing accidents like falling and slipping.
  • By cleaning the tiles regularly, the stains could be prevented from appearing. Therefore, the tiles remain maintained with no need for re-polishing or replacement, which is an expensive investment.

Understanding Different Kinds of Tiles and Their Characteristics

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles use natural stones like marble, slate, and granite. These are a little porous and are susceptible to stains if not kept cleaned or harsh chemicals used for cleaning.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are clay-based tiles made after being subjected to a very high temperature. They are known for their durability and are available in multiple colors and layouts. These tiles, such as Glazed Porcelain Tile, are easy to clean and can be cleaned with basic cleaners; however, abrasive chemicals must be avoided.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are similar to ceramic ones; it is just that they are less porous and denser. However, they resist water, and cleaning them is also very easy; harsh, harsh chemicals must be avoided.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are known for their excellent look and reflective quality; they are widely used for backslashes or decorative purposes. However, these are very sensitive, and they need very gentle cleaning.

Essential Cleaning Supplies for Tile Cleaning

You will need the right cleaning supplies for a better tile cleaning experience. These supplies include the following:

  • You will need a vacuum cleaner or a broom to help you eliminate the dirt and debris on the tile’s surface.
  • A detergent that is not strong helps clean the tiles without damaging them.
  • Mixing the cleaning solution with warm water is suggested for a better result.
  • A brush or mop with gentle and soft bristles also helps clean the tiles without scratching the surface.
  • You can also use a microfiber cloth instead of a mop for cleaning the surface.


Steps for General Tile Cleaning Process

When it comes to carrying out general cleaning of tiles, you may need to follow certain steps, which are given below:

Preparation of Area

The first stage is preparing the area, which you must do before cleaning the tiles. Remove any unnecessary stuff or obstacles so your cleaning process is focused. Also, sweep the area to remove the loose dirt, which helps prevent scratches on tiles.

Make a Cleaning Solution

Mix a mild cleaning solution with some warm water and mix it well. This could be used for cleaning tiles. A neutral PH solution is suggested so it doesn’t harm the roles during the cleaning process.

Application of Cleaning Mixture

You can either use a mop or a microfiber cloth or dip it in the cleaning solution, drain the excessive cleaning mixture so it doesn’t drip, and then start wiping off the tiles.We also published about Dirty Floor Tiles Cleaning Guidance in the previous article, you can click to learn more.

Scrubbing on Tiles

You need to make sure that when you are carrying out a deep clean and need to scrub your tiles, every tile has a different applicable scrubbing technique. In the case of ceramic and porcelain tiles, you can either scrub back and forth or in circular directions to eliminate any stains if present.

Similarly, for natural stone tiles and glass tiles, it is recommended to use a soft piece of cloth for cleaning so that it doesn’t let the surface get scratched.

Removing Cleaning Solution

After applying the cleaning solution and scrubbing, raising the tiles back to remove the solution is also important. You can dip a clean mop or a cloth in clean water, gently removing the soap residue from the tiles.


Drying the Water on Tiles

It is very important to dry the tiles so that no watermarks are left behind, and for this, you can use clean and dry towels and use them to wipe the water off.

Significance of Grout Cleaning

Apart from tiles, grout must be cleaned, as dirty grout can cause many issues. It disrupts the appearance of the surface and also turns out to be a breeding ground for mold. Hence, grout cleaning must be addressed.

You can find grout cleaners that help in cleaning the stained grout, and they should also be suitable for the material of the tile. You can apply this cleaner precisely by first preparing the area and ensuring that the place is ventilated and you have worn gloves. You can apply the grout cleaner directly to the grout lines and avoid spilling on tiles.

Let the cleaner sit for a while, and then scrub with a soft brush to remove any debris contained. Then thoroughly rinse the grout lines and, with the help of a clean cloth, wipe the grout lines.


Best Practices to Follow to Keep the Tiles Maintained

There are some practices that, if you follow them, you can keep your tiles maintained and clean. Some of these practices comprise the following:

  • Regular sweeping is one of the most important things you should carry out as a daily cleaning task, and it helps eliminate the dirt that accumulates on the tiles. You can use a soft broom to clean it so the tiles do not get scratched.
  • Prompt cleaning is also very important when it comes to keeping the tiles clean and tidy; ensure that if you spill something on the tiles, you immediately clean it so that the liquids do not weep in the grout or stain the tiles.

Impact of Using Inappropriate Cleaning Materials

Choosing the wrong cleaners on tiles may lead to cause a lot of risks to take place, and some of these risks are as follows:

  • Some cleaners even leave behind stains on the tiles’ surface, which cannot be removed using anything.
  • If the wrong cleaner is used, there is a high chance of grout weakening, leading to water infiltration.
  • Abrasive cleaners lead to tiles’ wear and tear, impacting their durability and long-lasting life.
  • In case of using harsh chemicals, the surface of the tiles may get dull or scratch, which damages the visual appeal.
  • Even abrasive cleaners tend to damage the colors of the tiles by facing them away.

Benefits of Keeping Tiles Clean

There are many benefits to attain when it comes to tile cleaning, and some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Keeping the tiles clean helps improve the aesthetics of the surroundings because the sparkling and shining tiles make every place welcoming and enhance the furniture’s aesthetics in an instant.
  • If you keep your tiles maintained, you will also be able to improve the lifespan of your tiles. Stains, spills, and debris lead to damaged tiles, which eventually look discolored or cracked.
  • Clean tiles are also a source of hygiene; when you keep them clean, dust and mold don’t grow, leaving behind a bacteria-free environment and better air quality.
  • Keeping tiles clean and free from dirt also contributes to preventing accidents of slipping.
  • When you have clean and well-maintained tiles, the property value is also preserved, and when you are selling or renting it, the impression on your buyers and tenants will also be positive.
  • If you develop a daily cleaning habit, your effort of cleaning them occasionally will also reduce since your tiles will stay clean.


If you are also looking for solutions to keep your tiles clean and tidy, you will find this cleaning guidance helpful in creating a clean and hygienic environment around you.We at George Ceramics have an article about Explore Tiles, Its Application and Pros and Cons | Guide, which can be viewed by clicking here.


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