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Selecting the Perfect Material for Log Burner

Seated snugly by your newly acquired wood burner, you visualize those frosty winter nights immersed in a fascinating novel, savoring a steaming mug of hot cocoa. However, an aesthetic decision still needs your attention – how to adorn the walls encompassing your splendid wood burner?

Table of Contents

Why Should We Choose the Perfect Material to Compliment Your Wood Burner?
How Do We Start to Prepare?
Making the Best Tile Selection for Your Wood Burner

Ⅰ. Why Should We Choose the Perfect Material to Compliment Your Wood Burner?

Tiles have carved out their niche as the de facto selection for decorating the vicinity of wood burners. Their ability to provide added heat resistance, infuse color and texture, and enhance the warmth of a room is unparalleled. Here are the benefits of choosing the perfect material for our log burner:

Enhancing Aesthetics

The right material can dramatically improve the overall look of your living space, adding a touch of elegance, sophistication, or rustic charm depending on your personal style.

Boosting Functionality

Different materials have varying heat resistance and insulation capabilities. The right choice can efficiently absorb and radiate heat, providing optimal warmth and prolonging the life of your wood burner.

Easy Maintenance

Materials like porcelain are easy to clean and resist soot and ash marks, reducing your maintenance efforts and keeping the area looking fresh and clean.

Increasing Home Value

A well-designed and well-maintained fireplace can significantly increase the value of your home, making the choice of material a worthwhile investment.

Personal Satisfaction

Ultimately, the choice of the right material also contributes to a sense of personal satisfaction and comfort every time you enjoy the warmth and mesmerizing flames of your wood burner.

However, choosing the perfect tile from the numerous options can be perplexing. Fear not, as we at George are here to ensure your wood burner experience remains delightful. Our comprehensive guide aims to walk you through every tiny detail related to picking the best tiles to complement your fiery log burner.

Ⅱ. How Do We Start to Prepare?

Porcelain tiles are an excellent choice for the task. Their inherent heat resistance, capacity to absorb surplus heat, and easy-to-maintain nature make them stylish.

One of the great benefits of porcelain tiles is that they can be easily cleaned and wiped. With our bioethanol log burners, you won’t need to fret about soot or ash issues. This means that you won’t require a sealant to protect the tile from getting damaged due to soot or ash debris. Talk about a win-win situation!

What about ceramic tiles, you ask? While they can be used, ceramics sometimes show ‘crazing’ – a cobweb-like pattern of hairline cracks – due to exposure to high temperatures. Our fire models produce minimal excess heat, but for an added measure of safety, porcelain remains the safer bet.

Now, onto the task of tiling behind your wood burner. Here are a few handy steps:

1. Begin by measuring the area you plan to tile to ensure you purchase the correct number of tiles and an adequately sized cement board.

2. Include an additional 1/8 inch gap between each tile to account for grouting.

3. Cut the heat-resistant and durable cement board according to your marked measurements.

4. Perform a "dry fit" - placing the tiles without adhesive - allowing you to accurately mark and cut the tiles while maintaining that crucial 1/8 inch gap.

5. In 4x4 foot sections, apply your tile adhesive.

6. Place and press the first tile until it snugly fits. Ensure each tile is straight using a level.

7. Use tile spacers against each adjoining edge and repeat the process until all tiles are installed. Allow 4-8 hours for the adhesive to dry.

8. Begin grouting, using a trowel to fill the spaces between tiles.

9. Remove surplus grout from the tiles using the edge of a rubber trowel.

10. Lastly, wipe down your freshly tiled wall to remove leftover grout. Voila, you have successfully tiled behind your wood burner!

For fireplace hearths, we would opt for glazed porcelain tiles. They are denser, more resilient than regular porcelain tiles, and offer exceptional protection against heat.

Ⅲ. Making the Best Tile Selection for Your Wood Burner

The right choice of tiles can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room and your wood burner. Whether you aim for a harmonious blend or a bold contrast is entirely up to you.

Here are some materials for your consideration:


This remarkable material is both elegant and durable. With exceptional heat resistance, porcelain effortlessly absorbs excess heat. At the same time, its easy-to-clean surface makes maintenance a breeze, providing a polished look to your hearth.



A symbol of sophistication, marble brings luxury to your fireplace. Its natural tonal variations give it a unique aesthetic appeal. In addition, marble conducts heat well, gradually radiating warmth long after the fire has gone out.



This versatile stone offers a timeless charm, blending beautifully with various decor styles. Its heat-resistant properties make it ideal for walls and floors around your log burner.


Known for its resilience, granite is an unbeatable choice for a long-lasting fireplace. Its strength ensures enduring heat protection, while its speckled look provides an element of intrigue.



For those seeking a rustic touch, slate adds character and warmth to the fireplace area. Naturally heat-resistant, slate is visually striking and practical for high-temperature settings.

Slate Stacked Stone Wall Tile


This material carries a distinct southwestern appeal. Its inviting, warm tones create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Furthermore, its capacity to retain and radiate heat makes terra-cotta a delightful addition to any hearth.



Choosing the décor for the walls behind your log burner is like etching a part of your aesthetic signature. You can find the perfect material that matches your preference and needs, be it porcelain, marble, travertine, granite, slate, or terra-cotta. It’s all about creating a cozy space that resonates with your style and makes those winter evenings even more enchanting.

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