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Outdoor Tile Inspirations to Maximize Your Summer at Home

When the weather becomes brighter, people often want to have more time outside. Not only is this an ideal time for an outdoor upgrade, but you can also enjoy its benefits over many years to come. Find out which tiles are perfect for turning homes into perfect holiday destinations.

Create a Classic Italian Style with Outdoor Tile

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Four Questions to Consider

So many different stylish tiles that can be used outside, but choosing just one becomes a challenge. There are four questions you need to answer before you start looking at a variety of design options to find the perfect tile for your lifestyle.

1. Where Do I Want to Install?

This is the first question and it seems like an easy one. Some tiles are better suited for use on exterior walls while others work well as outdoor floors. If you know where your tiles will be placed, then you can choose confidently what type of tile will satisfy your needs.

For example, a lovely mosaic tile or a textured three-dimensional one which looks stunning on the outside wall may not be suitable for the flooring of your patio. That’s why check out its technical characteristics and only then make sure it matches up with this particular purpose.


2. Is Frost Resistance Necessary?

If you live in an area that goes through cycles of freezing and thawing, you would need a dense outdoor tile that can go through extreme temperature changes. Tile frost resistance is defined by how much water it absorbs or its porosity. When very porous tiles are exposed to rain, they soak up the rainwater which expands upon freezing and can cause the tile to crack.

The tile industry therefore recommends a maximum of 5% porosity (although under 3% is ideal) for frost resistant body tiles so that they can withstand freeze-thaw temperatures.

3. Shall I Need Extra Grip?

This is not a consideration when tiling a wall but, it matters most when selecting an outdoor floor tile.

For this reason, you should choose tiles that have grip because moisture and water can make them slippery; moreover if your application area is near swimming pools or other areas with water bodies. However, even stair treads necessitate the same types of materials (in spite of whether they will get wet).

Rustic Slate Effect 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Tile

4. What Is My Expectation on Traffic?

Similar to wet places, tiles with a rough surface are perfect for places that expect heavy traffic or where heavy furniture is supposed to be placed in them.

Also, tiles with tough surfaces and are scratch resistant can be recommended for commercial purposes since they have the ability to bear more load on the floor. Visit our store today and let us help you select the right tile for your specific needs.

Tip: Always check the Areas of Use in the Description when deciding on a tile—for outside installation, wall or floor use, or commercial usage.

Outdoor Tile Floors Design

Tiling outdoors allows for the customization of the area, making it possible to increase appeal to your home, whether it is a backyard patio, rooftop terrace, or a simple walkway.

Still considering what part of the house should have tiles as flooring design on the exterior? Move down to see more ideas in case you feel lost.

Front Porchesl


Even though your backyard becomes the setting of many of your summer pastimes, do not ignore the front of your house, which is constantly observed.

The front porch area, the real pre-living-room area, can make a big first and lasting impression on your guests. It must reflect who you are and what kind of house you have.

But it is better if the stone is sealed since it provides a non-porous surface that you can apply. Porcelain tile will do better, however, due to its non-porous material, being highly resistant to fading, being a very hardy material that works in any climate, and is simple to maintain.

Backyard Patios


Do you want a special place outside the house that inspires the desire to recall memories of purchasing gold from a local workshop in one of the corners of the world? If you have a backyard patio, put a new floor to bring your dream outdoor living space to life

Patios are also considered to fall in the category of the most valuable outdoor living spaces that you can create on your property. Patios improve the perception of enjoyment because 84% of homeowners stated that during patio projects, they are more inclined to spend time at their homes.

This is porcelain tile for your patio floors; to stand beauty and be easy on the maintenance.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen Flooring Ideas

If having to eat out is a no-go, barbecue it in grandeur with nature as your stunning backdrop. Learn how to make cooking enjoyable by redesigning your out door kitchen into a fun space and surely you will never need any other place but out door space for cooking again.

Tile is not only a very practical material that does not require a lot of maintenance and cleansing but also the chance to put up some meticulous and vivid patterns to the outer space.

Patio Bars

An outdoor bar. Your favorite cocktail. A sunny day. Who wants to cook at home when the outdoor bar is where one wants to entertain to? What can add more character than the perfect tile to your uncovered bar in the patio; transforming into the perfect place for a backyard hangout?

Home Facades

Home Facades outdoor tiles

Living space is often defined as a reflection of one’s life, but the façade of one’s home makes the initial impression. Accentuate your own incomparable appearance through a striking house exterior through tiles that set your house’s beat and personality.

Here we mainly offer exterior wall porcelain tiles which excellent appearance and realistic color will cater for a variety of sizes.

Walkways and Driveways

Design the warmest pathways or approaches utilizing porcelain tile characteristics that look like real stone but show better economical advantages.


Of course, many of you will be lounging around whenever you’re blessed with access to a pool for recreation. Whether you are looking for a beautiful and elegant swimming pool floor or you have some safety concerns with your traditional slippery pool deck, enhance your existing design and get the pool area oasis you never want to leave.

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