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Terrazzo | Here’s Everything You Need to Know

With the development of the economy, not only the styles of decoration are becoming more and more diverse, but also the materials used are more and more abundant. When decorating the floor, many people do not want to choose the same tile floor as everyone, but instead choose terrazzo for decoration. Terrazzo can often be seen in parks, hotels, office buildings, etc.

The hardness of terrazzo is high, and it feels cold when stepped on in summer. Terrazzo is made of small colored gravels spliced together, with its own patterns. Then let’s take a look at whether terrazzo is good for decorating the floor.

I.What is terrazzo?

Terrazzo (also known as high-bright terrazzo, crystal magic stone) is a product made by mixing crushed stone into cement to make a concrete product and then polishing the surface. It is usually used to make some floor tiles, countertops and sinks and other related products.

It is actually a man-made stone. Mainly, the cement and gravel are mixed with water and mixed, smeared on the surface of the concrete, and after solidification and hardening, add water and polish with diamond. Pigments can also be added to cement to make various patterns.

Terrazzo is prepared according to different materials. It is made by mixing the most basic concrete or resin with other materials, such as marble, granite or broken ceramics and other fragments of recycled materials. Mixing variety, thus giving terrazzo a colorful appearance.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages and disadvantages of terrazzo?

Advantage: In the current decoration, the cost of general manual decoration is relatively high. In this way, the cost performance of terrazzo floor tiles is not high, but it can be used as a large continuous area.

This is the terrazzo floor. It is stronger than other floor tiles and has no radiation. It can also use small stones of different colors to decorate the floor tiles with different characters and patterns, which can add a little brighter color to your home environment.

Advantage: After surface light treatment, the terrazzo floor tile has a high brightness of more than 70, and is dust-proof and anti-skid to reach the marble quality. Terrazzo floor tiles can be spliced at will, and the colors and patterns can be customized.

Terrazzo floor tiles are dust-free and have high cleanliness; the cleanliness meets the requirements of high-clean environments such as pharmaceuticals and chip manufacturing.

Grinding stone floor tiles are bright and clean in color. If you need to improve the brightness, use ordinary floor wax (without affecting its anti-static performance).

Disadvantage: Terrazzo floor tiles are relatively rare on the market at present. Compared with the past, their usage rate has been reduced a lot. Because they are all made on site, the convenience is not good.

Apply special rubber powder and various small stones, then combine them and grind them flat, and then use a grinding machine to smooth the whole to form.

The manufacturing process is more complicated, and it is necessary to grind only for grinding. Many times, and it also requires frequent maintenance to ensure that the finish of other places is as high as new.

Disadvantage: The terrazzo floor has poor corrosion resistance. If it is used in a highly corrosive place, or if the terrazzo floor is cleaned with a highly corrosive cleaning agent, it will cause serious corrosion of the floor, and the service life of the terrazzo floor will be greatly reduced.

It may only last a few years. There are many voids in the middle of the terrazzo floor. These voids can not only hide the ash layer but also pass water.

If there are water stains on the floor, it can easily penetrate into the floor, and by the way, the stains on the floor will also be taken down, polluting the terrazzo floor, and cleaning is also very difficult.

Ⅲ. What are the paving methods and precautions of terrazzo?


1. Treatment of the base layer: First deal with the floor and check whether the surface is flat, and the floor needs to be cleaned.

2. Determine the elevation: Determine the elevation of the surface layer, brush the adhesive layer of the cement slurry again, and pay attention to control the thickness.

3. Paving cement mortar: Pave cement mortar and wait until it reaches a certain strength before construction.

4. Paving terrazzo: Pave the terrazzo on the floor and keep it flat and compact.


1. Prepare the bearing layer and base layer before paving:

In the process of paving the terrazzo floor, these two things need to be prepared. The load-bearing layer can support heavy objects, so that it will not cause too much load during use, and its service cycle can be longer. Secondly, pay attention to the base layer, which plays a very important role during the use of terrazzo, which can disperse the tension in the vertical direction and play a certain role in protecting the bearing layer.

2. Use of mixed adhesive:

In the process of paving it with mixed adhesive, it is necessary to pay attention to the quantity used, and the modulation process is also very important.

*When paving the terrazzo floor, attention should be paid to the overall aesthetics, and the installation process should be carried out strictly, so as to be more beautiful.

Ⅳ. How to renovate and maintain the terrazzo?

Terrazzo floors often give people the first impression of grandeur, so everyone subconsciously thinks that it is a “high-end” decoration material. In fact, terrazzo floors with low cost and convenient construction are widely used in various urban and rural buildings across the country. As long as you pay attention, you will find that there are often around.

The terrazzo floor completed by the traditional construction technology is very rough, contains dirt, and is dirty even before it is delivered, which brings a lot of trouble to the daily cleaning work. How to do the post-maintenance of terrazzo floor? The specific process of terrazzo floor renovation? Then I will introduce how to renovate terrazzo floor tiles and the maintenance method of terrazzo floor tiles.

1. How to renovate the terrazzo floor?

(1) Coarse grinding

The old terrazzo floor is polished with a terrazzo refurbished machine to remove oil stains and empty layers on the surface, and to eliminate unevenness and potholes on the floor.

(2) Fine grinding

Use a terrazzo refurbished machine, a floor grinder, and a metal grinding wheel to polish the terrazzo floor after rough grinding to eliminate rough grinding marks.

(3) Repair

Use terrazzo floor repair mortar to fill and repair floor potholes, cracks (grooving as appropriate), and voids. The floor is further floor with terrazzo, floor grinder, and terrazzo floor grinding sheet, from coarse to fine, until the actual requirements are met.

2. How to maintain the terrazzo floor?

(1) Facing the weathering and abrasion of terrazzo, the common and convenient method is to clean the dirt on the surface of the stone and apply a layer of wax. This method can protect the new terrazzo surface to a certain extent and delay the natural weathering and abrasion speed.

After a few years, the surface of the terrazzo has been weathered, and the renovation of the terrazzo can be resumed by simply grinding the ground at the price of 1/25 and 1/30 of the construction cost.

(2) The reason why cleaning and waxing is not a real stone floor treatment is that there is no real technical key to terrazzo treatment. The reason why the terrazzo is as bright as a mirror and crystal clear is mainly because a layer of glassy film is formed on the surface of the terrazzo after machining.

To the pattern, bright and beautiful is here. To restore the beauty of weathered and eroded terrazzo, it is necessary to re-form a glassy film on the surface of the terrazzo.

(3) The technical principle of the terrazzo floor grinding and polishing machine is: plan the weathered and eroded aging layer on the surface of the terrazzo to expose the fresh layer.

Then produce an extremely complex effect on the surface of the terrazzo by a special mechanical method to form a new glassy film, thereby restoring natural bright decorative effect of terrazzo. The whole process includes multiple procedures.

(4) Solve the problem fundamentally, make the rough and dirty terrazzo smooth and bright, cure the symptoms and cure the root cause, and achieve the mirror effect. The renovation cost is low, and the construction is free of pollution, dust, mud splash or noise.

For example, the construction in shopping malls and hotels can be operated during construction. The traditional floor construction process can be changed, for example, the floor can be paved with wool boards or parquet first and then polished.

Not only can it reduce costs, but also eliminate seams during construction.


Terrazzo is a product made by mixing crushed stone, glass, quartz stone and other aggregates into cement binders to make concrete products and then grinding and polishing the surface. Traditional terrazzo has a huge market in China due to its unique advantages such as low cost, arbitrary color matching and parquet, and convenient construction.

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