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The 39th CeramBath 2023 Kicked Off Today!

cerambath 2023

The China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair Foshan, commonly known as CeramBath, is a leading event in China’s ceramic and bathroom industry. Over the years, it has also become a hallmark of Foshan.

Focused on exports, CeramBath draws both domestic and international buyers. It stands out for its exceptional exhibition resources and cutting-edge products. The fair has earned a reputation as the most prestigious and influential event in China’s ceramic and bathroom sectors.

Annually, the fair hosts between 500 to 600 exhibitors. It has been successfully conducted for 18 sessions to date, attracting a total of over 800,000 visitors.

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Event Profile CeramBath 2023

Dates: October 18th-21st, 2023

Location: Foshan, Guangdong Province, China


China Ceramics City (CCC VENUE)

China Ceramics Industry Headquarters (CCIH VENUE)

Foshan International Conference & Exhibition Center (HUAXIA VENUE)

Exhibits: Ceramic wall & floor tiles, Slabs, Stone, Mosaics, Sanitary ware, Bath products, Taps & Fittings, Ecological materials, Tile caulking, Ceramic accessories & auxiliary materials, Customization, etc..

Guides: People’s Government of Foshan City


China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association

China Ceramic Industrial Association

Organizer: Foshan China Ceramics City Group Co., Ltd.


China Ceramic Industry Association Caulking Technical Association

China Ceramic Industry Association Technical Committee For Tiling

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Contact Details


Tel: +86-757-82525961/82525965

WhatsApp/WeChat: 0086 13326708500



No. 68, CCIH, West Jihua Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China

[Venue – China Ceramics City]

No.2, Jiangwan 3rd Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China

[Venue – China Ceramics Industry Headquarters]

No. 68, CCIH, West Jihua Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China

[Venue – Foshan International Conference & Exhibition Center]

Taobo Avenue, Nanzhuang Town, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China

Official website:

CeramBath Autumn Fair Overview

The 39th CERAMBATH Autumn Fair was officially held today. The venues include the Chinese Ceramics City, China Ceramics Industry Headquarters, and Foshan International Conference and Exhibition Center.

The CERAMBATH Autumn Fair is a key annual event in the ceramics industry, dating back to 2002. It has hosted 38 successful sessions so far. The fair serves as a primary platform for companies in the ceramic and sanitary ware sectors to launch new products, technologies, and designs. It’s also an important trade fair for international ceramic distributors.

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In 2022, Foshan’s ceramic industry reached an impressive milestone. It generated an industrial output value of 96.77 billion yuan, accounting for about 40% of the national output.

This year’s fair is themed “Embrace the New.” It has two main focus areas. The first is to extend its existing advantages, and the second is to align with evolving consumer trends. Chen Zhipeng, the Operation Director, stated that the fair will use both online and offline platforms. The goal is to offer comprehensive services for various stakeholders, including distributors, import and export suppliers, international buyers, and designers.

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The fair also aims to facilitate effective communication between exhibitors and buyers. This is to ensure an accurate match between supply and demand.

New exhibition halls have been introduced at the three main venues to cater to market demands. The Chinese Ceramics City hall will focus on high-end brands. It will feature areas for imported brands, new brands, and a creative park. The Foshan International Conference and Exhibition Center will spotlight new brands and will include areas for sealants and auxiliary materials.

The China Ceramics Industry Headquarters hall will be a comprehensive area for new materials, such as electroplated metal tiles, soft ceramics, wooden sound-absorbing panels, and ecological resin boards.

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Additional initiatives include the “Foshan Ceramics Fair Promotion Plan.” This targets exhibition spaces outside the three main venues. It combines online exhibition spaces with hand-drawn service brochures to help companies promote new products and technologies.

The fair will also offer a cultural and creative market and art exhibitions at the China Ceramics City hall. This aims to provide a rich experience that combines art, cultural creativity, and urban culture.

Finally, the fair will host new product launches to promote specific features of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware. The Online Ceramics Fair (8.0 version) will also be available, focusing on live streaming and short videos to diversify promotional channels.

What Makes CeramBath Different from Other Similar Events?

  • CeramBath features a large exhibitor presence, with around 750 participants, including well-known companies from major Chinese production regions.
  • It offers a wide range of exhibit categories, attracting industry leaders who choose to launch their latest products at the event each year.
  • CeramBath actively assists businesses in exploring both domestic and international markets by connecting them with buyers through various media channels.

How to Conduct Business at CeramBath and in China?

  • Establish a Presence: Select a reputable platform, such as China Ceramics City or China Ceramics Industry Headquarters, to set up an office or showroom.
  • Effective Advertising: Utilize influential media channels for advertising to enhance your brand’s visibility.
  • Develop Distinctive Products and Services: Focus on creating unique and standout offerings in your industry.

  • Organize Investment Conferences: Host one to two innovative investment conferences to attract potential partners and investors.

Why Choose Foshan for Exhibiting (or Organizing an Exhibition)?

  • Foshan is strategically located at the heart of China’s building ceramics and sanitaryware industry. It has a comprehensive upstream and downstream industry chain. Over the years, Foshan has become China’s largest import and export hub for building ceramics and sanitaryware.
  • CeramBath stands out as the best platform, offering the most concentrated industry information and drawing the highest media attention. Here, buyers can access valuable brand and product information.
  • Exhibiting at CeramBath presents a great opportunity for businesses to promote their brand recognition and expand their presence in both domestic and international markets.

What Are Required by an Exhibitor to Have Success in Cerambath?

  • An exhibitor should provide attractive products, showcasing their unique features and benefits to professional buyers.
  • Utilize innovative marketing methods to draw a diverse group of professional buyers.
  • Make the most of the fair organizer’s official promotional channels, like newspapers and online media, and actively engage in organizer-sponsored events to effectively communicate exhibitor information to professional buyers.
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