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Tile Trends 2024: Natural Textures and Colors Redefine Spaces

In 2024, the trend shifts away from standard shapes and the common white and grey tones. Instead, there’s growing excitement for tiles inspired by nature, featuring textured surfaces, natural shapes, and vivid colors. Now, let’s explore these six prominent tile trends 2024!

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Surface Drenching

tile surface drenching

Surface drenching is a technique where each surface in a room is treated in a similar manner. Imagine using the same approach to color but applied to surfaces. For instance, you might use identical tiles on countertops, backsplashes, floors, and walls. The outcome is a consistently uniform look that’s visually appealing and calming.

The method stands out in main bathrooms, blending floors, walls, sinks, and showers into a seamless design. Employing light shades can make small areas look more spacious, while darker tones create a bold, dramatic effect.

Patterned Tiles

Patterns, particularly geometric and nature-inspired designs, are gaining popularity in tile choices. Geometric patterns have always been a staple, but they are evolving with more creative expressions, including hand-drawn, painterly, or graphic designs that resemble the intricate polygons found in Islamic geometry.

Tiles with Mediterranean or Moroccan-inspired patterns are especially sought after for their ability to add character and charm. Some tiles feature pattern reliefs, adding subtlety, tactility, and depth. Others are simple shapes that, when combined, create captivating murals. These geometric tiles offer a unique way to infuse personality and style into any space.

Tiles featuring abstract shapes, such as hexagons, circles, and squiggles, are being used to create complex and unique designs. These are becoming increasingly popular for both floor and wall applications.

Additionally, nature-inspired prints that showcase plants, animals, or landscapes in bold and exaggerated forms are also gaining traction. These designs offer a fresh and dynamic approach to tile decoration, perfect for adding a distinctive touch to any space.

Large-Format Marble Tile

Bold Marble Tile

In 2024, large-format marble tile will be a trendsetter. Marble offers a stunning effect for kitchens and bathrooms. This year, expect to see a bold approach to marble. Its versatility allows for a light, airy feel or a dark, moody ambiance.

Look out for black marble and marble with shades of burgundy, purple, and green. Marble tile is perfect for floors, showers, statement walls, and backsplashes. When sealed correctly, marble is highly durable and easy to maintain, especially large tiles that have fewer grout lines.

Textured Tile

Textured tile, also known as tactile or 3D tile, uses its raised and recessed features to add depth and interest. In 2024, these tiles will be popular in various areas, including floors, backsplashes, shower stalls, fireplaces, and even entire walls.

Textured tiles offer an organic, handcrafted look with subtle contrasts. Types include fluted, slate, mosaic, wood-look, stack stone, and metal tiles. They are excellent for adding visual interest without relying on color.

However, textured tiles require more maintenance due to their grooved and indented surfaces, which can trap dirt more easily.

Wood Look Tile

Wood Look Tile

In 2024, we expect wood effect tile to become increasingly popular. Natural wood is timeless in design, but hardwood is costly and vulnerable to damage like scratches and stains.

Wood effect tile provides a durable alternative. These tiles, made of porcelain or ceramic, are not only strong but also waterproof and cost-effective. They are perfect for kitchen and bathroom floors, showers, or accent walls to create a striking look. For outdoor settings, choose wood effect tiles with a slip-resistant design for safety and style.

Rich Tones

In 2024, interior design will embrace nature-inspired color palettes featuring deep blues, purples, greens, and warm, desert-like neutrals. With the growing emphasis on wellness, homeowners are seeking to create a calming and grounding environment. Rich shades like terracotta, deep blues, and lush greens are perfect for fostering a relaxed, nature-evoking atmosphere.

Recent years have seen a trend towards monochromatic and minimal designs, driven by a desire for peaceful, visually calming spaces. However, the upcoming year is set to embrace bolder colors. Expect to see a rise in color-drenching, rich textures, and lively patterns.

These bold design elements will be balanced with elements of simplicity and minimalism, creating spaces that are both harmonious and exhilarating.

Terracotta, which translates to “baked earth,” will be particularly trendy for its warm and rich presence. This trend is great for eye-catching backsplashes in kitchens or statement walls in bathrooms, marking a shift away from the previous focus on neutral tones.

Reclaimed Terracotta Flooring Tiles


Terrazzo has experienced a resurgence in the past decade, both in its classic form and through modern interpretations that add a new dimension. It includes large, uniquely colored flecks and intriguing combinations of materials. The trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Often composed of marble chips mixed with cement, terrazzo tiles embody durability and style. This year, terrazzo made a vibrant showing at Cersaie, one of the largest international tile fairs held in Italy. Known for showcasing upcoming tile trends, Cersaie’s highlight of terrazzo indicates its continued popularity and evolving styles in the world of interior design.

Throughout the event, terrazzo displayed its charm in a range of nostalgic and earthy tones, while also venturing into exciting, vibrant color variations. These unconventional colors included pastels, primary colors, and metallics. The flecks within the terrazzo were notably large, featuring a playful asymmetry.

Terrific Terrazzo

Increasing Eco-Friendly Practices

Consumers are increasingly valuing sustainability, leading to more manufacturers offering environmentally friendly options. This includes tiles made from recycled materials and those produced under third-party sustainability certifications.

Sustainability has been a key focus for a while, and manufacturers are now finding innovative and lesser-used ways to apply it. This involves integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of their operations, from the tile firing process to the methods of transportation. They aim to minimize material usage, create completely recyclable tiles, and use glueless packaging.

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