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Top 10 Tile Companies Globally in 2023

The tile business has grown fast in the last few years, just like many other industries. This growth is mainly due to the rapid development of society. 

Many tile companies start every year, equipped with ample funding, good market plans, and hard-working teams. However, this only ensures that some of them will find success. 

Some companies stand out and become leaders in the global tile market, navigating through various challenges. Around the world, there are numerous companies in this sector, each with its unique story and strategy. 

These companies maintain a strong position in the tile market through their distinct approaches. Here are the top 10 tile companies in the world as of 2023.

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Top 1: Mohawk Industries, USA


Mohawk Industries stands at the forefront of the global tile industry. Originating in the U.S., this titan of tile manufacturing is undisputedly one of America’s premier manufacturers. With its central operations rooted in Calhoun, Georgia, Mohawk offers a broad spectrum of flooring products, from ceramic and porcelain tiles to natural stones, sheet vinyl, and luxury vinyl tiles.

The company’s journey began in 1988 in Amsterdam, New York. Today, its vast workforce of over 42,000 spans the U.S., New Zealand, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, and Mexico. At the helm is Jeffrey Lorberbaum, acting as the company’s Chairman and CEO. Reflecting its global reach, Mohawk operates manufacturing hubs across 15 countries, including the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, and various European nations.

Mohawk’s expansive product range has cemented its reputation across industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Its brand portfolio is vast, with names such as Daltile, American Olean, Eliane, Marazzi, EmilGroup, and others gracing its roster. Daltile claims to supply a third of America’s tiles. At the same time, American Olean is a sought-after brand for homes, known for its contemporary designs apt for diverse living spaces.

Thanks to its subsidiaries and an extensive product line, Mohawk Industries confidently retains its position as the world’s leading tile company.

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Top 2: SCG Ceramics, Thailand

SCG Ceramics

SCG Ceramics is a big name in Thailand, and it’s made up of five different companies. These are Thai Ceramic Co. Ltd., Thai-German Ceramic Industry Public Ltd., Sosuco & Group Co. Ltd., Gemango Co. Ltd., and The Siam Ceramic Group Industries Ltd. They all came together in 2018 to form SCG Ceramics.

The company’s main office is in Bangkok, Thailand, with Kan Trakulhoon as its CEO. SCG Ceramics sells its products in Thailand and places like Southeast Asia, Australia, and Japan. It is one of the top tile makers, making around 94 million square meters of tiles every year. And in Thailand, they own a big part of the market, around 58%.

Apart from making tiles, SCG Ceramics also handles the selling and setting up their products. They have several tile brands, including Cotto, Campana, and Sosuco. Cotto is especially famous for its high-quality tiles and bathroom items. Campana and Sosuco are also known for their fantastic range of tiles.

Top 3: STN Ceramica, Spain

STN Ceramica

STN Ceramica holds a notable third spot among the world’s leading tile companies. With its roots in Spain, STN Ceramica has served almost 120 countries with quality products for over 30 years. While its primary market is Spain, there’s significant demand for its tiles throughout Europe.

The company’s journey began way back in 1902 as Cerámica Nulense. At that time, they had a modest team of just 32 people. Fast forward to today, and they boast a workforce of 225, producing an impressive 34 million square meters of ceramic tile annually.

STN Ceramica is primarily known for its unique high-shine finish tiles. Their range includes everything from porcelain and marble to glazed tiles and wall tiles. Upholding high standards, the company has achieved 9001 ISO certification. Their use of advanced technology to add that extra sheen to their products sets them apart, making them a standout name in the global tile industry.

Top 4: Grupo Cedasa, Brazil

Grupo Cedasa

Grupo Cedasa stands out as Brazil’s premier tile company and has earned a global reputation. Started by the Pascon family in 1990, it began as a modest venture with the ability to produce 300,000 square meters of tiles per month. 

Today, its production capacity has surged to a staggering 5.5 million square meters monthly. Santa Gertrudes is home to the company’s main office. In a relatively short period, Grupo Cedasa has carved a significant niche in the global tile market.

Well-recognized in Latin America for its contemporary tile designs, the company offers a range of products from porcelain and premium tiles to ceramics and natural marble. Grupo Cedasa’s commitment is evident in its vast product range, underlining its dominance in the tile industry. 

They prioritize quality and affordability, aiming to provide top-tier products that will stay in the bank. Some of their prominent brands include Majopar, Vista Bella, and Lorenzza, further solidifying their position in the market.

Top 5: Carmelo Fior, Brazil

Carmelo Fior

Carmelo Fior, a company in Brazil, has earned its spot among the top 10 tile companies globally. Established in 1980, Ceramica Carmelo Fior Ltda has been a family-led enterprise from the start. They provide impeccable tile offerings and contribute to the economy by generating over 1,000 direct jobs.

One of their standout features is the vast collection they offer. Their extensive range of colors and designs ensures that every customer finds something that resonates with their taste and preferences.

The company boasts an impressive production capacity with four manufacturing facilities under its umbrella, churning 8 million square meters of tiles monthly. This vast production allows them to cater to demands from over 50 countries, underscoring their expansive global footprint.

Carmelo Fior’s product range is diverse, encompassing ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, natural stoneware, and H.D. tiles. They have also introduced multiple brands to cater to varied market segments. Brands like Ariell, Vinyl Forte, Pisoforte, Cecafi, Fioranno, and Idealle are part of their esteemed portfolio, further enhancing their market presence.

Top 6: Kajaria Ceramics, India


Kajaria Ceramics is a leading tile company from India. It was started in 1988 by Ashok Kajaria, now the company’s head. Their main office is in New Delhi.

They have worked hard to become well-known worldwide. Their thoughtful planning has helped them sell their products in over 35 countries. Each year, they make about 84.5 million square meters of tiles.

People like their wall tiles because they are strong, last a long time, and are easy to put up and keep clean. They offer more than 3,000 different tile designs. Their collection includes tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, floors, and walls.

They have won many awards for their excellent work, like the Superbrand award 12 times. They were also named “Asia’s Most Promising Brand” for their top-quality tiles. They use the latest machines to make sure everything is perfect. Many people in Asia trust and like this brand. It’s believed that the company will grow even more significant by 2027.

Top 7: RAK Ceramics, UAE


With its base in Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE, RAK Ceramics stands as a global tile powerhouse. Founded by Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi in 1989 and led by CEO Abdallah Massad, it made significant strides by initiating a sanitaryware plant in its home base in 1993 and later expanding to Bangladesh in 2000.

The company specializes in ceramic tiles, sanitaryware, kitchen fixtures, and tableware. Operating ten tile plants, they annually produce 110 million square meters of tiles and millions of sanitary and porcelain tableware pieces. With a team of fifteen thousand from diverse locations, their reach extends across Asia, Europe, and Africa, with significant growth in India and Bangladesh.

RAK Ceramics is celebrated for its quality and design, earning accolades like the “Silver Winner Award for Design Conclave 2022”. Their unique glossy and matte finishes resonate with their global clientele.

Top 8: Grupo Lamosa, Mexico


Grupo Lamosa, originating from Mexico, was established in 1890 as a small brick factory. By 1933, it had become the first tile manufacturer in Mexico. Over the years, its dedicated efforts increased its production by 40%. Located in San Pedro Garza García, they export to about 50 countries, with brands including Lamosa, Porcelanite, and Gala.

Although 20% of their products are consumed domestically, they maintain a significant export footprint in South and Central America. Their range encompasses porcelain and ceramic tiles, adhesive solutions, grouts, and waterproofing materials. Grupo Lamosa’s consistent quality places it among the top tile companies globally.

Top 9: Pamesa Ceramica, Spain


Pamesa Ceramica is a renowned company based in Spain. They have been a significant player in the global tiles market since 1972. For over five decades, their influence in the industry has been significant.

Annually, they produce an impressive 80 million square meters of tiles and have a turnover of 5 billion euros. Their extensive product lineup encompasses marble, porcelain, stoneware, and ceramic tiles.

A strong emphasis on eco-friendly, technology-driven innovations sets Pamesa Ceramica apart. Their commitment to sustainable products and a keen focus on the well-being of their employees has earned them high regard across the globe.

Top 10: Grupo Fragnani, Mexico

Grupo Fragnani

Grupo Fragnani, a prominent tile company rooted in Brazil, has secured its place among the world’s top 10 tile manufacturers. Established in 1971 by Valdemar Fragnani, the company’s headquarters is in Cordeiropolis.

Despite Brazil’s rank as the third-largest consumer of ceramic tiles, Grupo Fragnani has a significant international presence. They offer various products catering to various needs, from bathrooms to kitchens.

Renowned for their H.D. tiles, porcelain tiles, and 3D tiles, Grupo Fragnani is often referred to as the South American tile giant. Their core focus lies in sustainability, durability, and product quality.

Within their portfolio, they house four distinct brands: InOut, Porcelanato, Tecnogres Porcelanatos, and Incenor Incefra.

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