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UNICERA 2023: 32 Days to Bathroom and Ceramic Revolution!


UNICERA 2023, a major international event in the world of ceramic and bathroom designs, is all set to happen from the 6th to the 10th of November 2023, right in the active city center of Istanbul, Turkey.

By attending this expo, you can:

  • Establish new business contacts both regionally and globally
  • Meet with professional audiences and buyers
  • Observe market trends and understand industry dynamics
  • Keep an eye on the latest trends and designs in the world of ceramics
  • Optimize a competitively priced investment portfolio
  • Position your company brand in a continuously growing market
  • Expand distribution channels through direct face-to-face communication.

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Table of Contents

Expo Introduction

This event stands as the world’s second-biggest ceramic sanitary ware showcase, bringing together experts from regions like Europe, the Balkan Peninsula, Russia, the Caucasus, Africa, and even from the Arab nations and the Middle East. Globally, it holds a respected position in the architectural sanitary ceramics scene.

For those in Turkey dealing with kitchen and bathroom ceramics, this expo isn’t merely a trade show. Year after year, it’s an international industry meetup, drawing vendors and professionals from many countries worldwide.


Event Highlights

Every participating company’s commitment to booth design, coupled with top-tier product quality, innovative designs, and achieved technical standards, not to mention the caliber and quantity of attendees and the overall event ambiance, sets the gold standard in the industry.

During the five days, UNICERA 2023 is set to display an expansive range of ceramic products, bathroom fixtures, and related accessories. Attendees will learn about the latest designs, progressive technologies, and eco-friendly solutions presented by industry frontrunners.

With a spectrum from chic tiles and sanitaryware to modern bathroom fixtures and additions, visitors will get a firsthand look at the evolving trends steering the industry’s future.

Educational Opportunities

Apart from the main expo, UNICERA 2023 is going beyond just showcasing products. They’ve planned a series of detailed talks, seminars, and hands-on learning sessions. These will be led by some of the top names and experts in the ceramic and bathroom industry.

During these sessions, they’ll be covering a range of topics. This includes the latest in design trends, new technology updates in the industry, sustainable practices, and an understanding of the market’s direction. Both professionals in the field and people simply interested in it will find this a great chance to gain deeper knowledge.

For attendees, this event is not just about what’s new today, but also about getting insights into what the future holds, ensuring they’re always ahead in the industry’s evolution.


Networking and Business Opportunities

UNICERA 2023 is more than just an expo; it’s a hub for building business ties and forging new collaborations. This event is a meeting point for everyone – from manufacturers and sellers to architects, designers, and those in the construction field. It’s designed to create spaces for impactful interactions and fruitful partnerships.

For those displaying their products, it’s the best chance to present to a wide and significant group of people. On the other hand, attendees will find lots of  opportunities to engage in new business areas, strike deals, and broaden their professional circles.

UNICERA 2023 will be a standout gathering, drawing the ceramic and bathroom world to Istanbul. With its vast product displays, enlightening sessions, and ample chances for networking, the event is poised to be a catalyst for new ideas, partnerships, and pushing the industry’s boundaries.

It’s an essential stop for professionals aiming to broaden their horizons, businesses hunting for fresh avenues, or anyone eager to keep a finger on the pulse of the latest industry shifts. Don’t miss out on UNICERA 2023; it’s where the future takes shape.

Address Information

Istanbul Expo Center

Venue Area: 160,000㎡

Venue Address: Turkey – Istanbul – Opposite Atatürk Airport, 34149 Yeşilköy / Istanbul.

Phone: +90 216 338 45 25 / 444 EXPO(3976)



Contact Details

To connect with UNICERA Expo, use the following contact details:


Döndü Karabıyık
International Sales Director
Tel:0507 818 79 76

Tuğçe Akarsu 
International Sales Specialist
E-Mail :
Tel: 0216 338 45 25

Melis Kotil
International Sales Specialist
Tel: 0216 338 45 25


Buğu Dokuzoğlu
Marketing Manager
Tel: 0551 732 48 00

Melis Barutçu
Marketing Chief
Tel: 0506 127 21 22

Taha Tunç
Marketing Specialist
Tel: 0549 822 66 60

What Sets Turkish Tiles Apart?


Turkish tiles have these distinct characteristics:

  • Incorporation of premium raw materials during production.
  • Production rooted in top-grade Turkish materials, resulting in tiles known for their robustness and durability.

  • Contemporary designs, ensuring they meet the demands of modern living.

  • Competitively priced, facilitating imports worldwide.

  • Simple export processes and customs clearance for goods from Turkey.

  • Turkey holds a prestigious position in tile and ceramic manufacturing, standing tall as a major exporter of marble and building materials.

What are the Best Types of Turkish Tiles?

A glimpse into the finest Turkish tiles:

  • Metal Tiles: With their impressive shock resistance attributed to their durability, these tiles find a home in many kitchens, adding a touch of elegance.
  • Limestone Tiles: Ideal for open spaces, these tiles are notable for their enduring nature and pleasant texture.
  • Granite Tiles: Carved from natural stones, they resemble the sheen of marble.
  • Mosaic Tiles: These offer a unique blend of artistry and beauty, enriched by the intricate designs they feature.
  • Marble Tiles: While stunning, they come at a premium and can scratch and stain easily.

Other distinguished Turkish tile options:

  • Cement Tiles
  • Glass Tiles
  • Porcelain Ceramics
The Most Important Tile Companies and Factories in Turkey

Key Tile Companies and Factories in Turkey

Turkey is home to several renowned tile companies and factories. Let’s see a few of the top players in this industry:

  • Kutahya Ceramics: Situated in Kutahya, it stands as one of Turkey’s major ceramic and tile producers. With roots going back to the 1960s, Kutahya Ceramics has grown to become a household name in the country.
  • Kale: This Istanbul-based company holds its place as a significant tile maker in Turkey. Moreover, its prominence isn’t just local – Kale also has the distinction of being the third-biggest in the construction manufacturing sector in Europe.

  • VitrA: Another gem from Istanbul, VitrA’s expertise lies in producing tiles and building materials. Their global presence is reinforced by their association with top-tier designers and architects around the world.

  • Babar Ceramics: This factory of Istanbul is a hub for the creation of a variety of products, from marble and limestone to ceramic walls and both glazed and rustic porcelain tiles for homes.

  • Deka: Operating from Izmir, Deka is known for its wide range of ceramic products, reflecting its deep understanding of the craft.

These companies represent the top of tile manufacturing in Turkey, combining tradition with modern innovation.

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