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What Kind of Tiles are Used in Different Areas?

The initial decision when decorating a house is the type of material to choose, followed by the matching decision, such as the matching of tables and stools or the TV and TV walls. How about the tile matching? Although there is a wide variety of ceramic tiles used, for instance, the matching of ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are very different. Even though these locations all have water, the waterproof characteristic is essential. How do you match the various ceramic tile styles? 

Ⅰ. Different spaces, different tile patterns.

🔺 Living room tile matching

The requirements and dimensions should be taken into account when making a floor tile purchase for the living room. Instead of pursuing large-sized floor tiles heedlessly, we should “tailor” our selection based on the size of the living room.

In general, if the living room area is less than 40㎡, a size of 600 mm x 600 mm is preferable; if the living room area is greater than 40㎡, a size of 800 mm x 800 mm is appropriate. We should also take into account the actual space that is visible once the furniture is set up and the house has been furnished. The size of the tiles shouldn’t be too large if the visible area is quite little.

The most common ceramic tile decorative elements are matte rustic tiles, which are typically used to embellish the background wall of the living room. Rustic tile has a surface that resembles aged stone from many years ago. When touched, the surface seems smooth but has edges and corners that give it the appearance of being naturally concave and convex.

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🔺 Bathroom tile matching

Safety comes foremost in the bathroom because it is moist and water can easily collect there. The general matte surface or shallow convex concave design floor tiles are better suited for a wet and slick floor after a shower.

Ceramic tiles cover the majority of the bathroom’s walls and floors. Ceramic tile patterns are extremely varied, and with creative collage and composition, they can display a variety of styles.

🔺 Kitchen tile matching

Consider the cabinet created with a collection of rustic tiles. Rustic tiles measuring 11.5 x11.5 cm are pasted onto the cabinet and tabletop. Oak, cherry, walnut, and other types of wood are used to make the drawers and doors. It is frequently used to construct a frame with cement mortar, and then paste tiles on it because the tiles might not adhere firmly to the wooden frame directly in the villa decoration.

If it’s a cabinet, you can first apply cement mortar to the surface to help ceramic tiles adhere to it before sticking ceramic tiles on top of it. The kitchen cabinet designer should monitor the layer-by-layer progress of the building crews on the job site as part of the process treatment. The space between the tiles is filled with coarse sand, giving the design a natural appearance that is also simple to match.

Ⅱ. Different spaces, different tile colors.

The color of the tiles, as well as how they fit the living room’s furniture, window treatments, fabric, and decals, is crucial. They can only exhibit distinctive charm and taste and allow you to enjoy life in your own place when they are in harmony and unison. A little patch of tiled wall can prevent total coverage. While other walls are still painted and seamlessly blend with the living room and dining room, just a small portion of the kitchen and laundry area is tiled.

1. What color is good for kitchen floor tiles?

To highlight the effect of kitchen space changes, dark tiles are no longer a good choice. As light colored tiles are conducive to expanding the space of vision, they can create more fashionable effects in smaller kitchen spaces and are increasingly sought after by consumers. The beautiful pure white is a popular color. It doesn’t even need any dark flowers or patterns. It can bring a bright and fashionable feeling just by embellishment with colorful decorative lines and flower pieces. Light blue, apple green, light purple and other cold color tiles are also popular, and they are mostly paved with white tiles.

2. Color matching skills of kitchen floor tiles:

★ The first example of color matching of kitchen tiles: Personalized black and white kitchen style

Now many friends are very fond of the simple and elegant European style of decoration, so they will choose to use this style when decorating their houses. This style of house is more suitable for using black or gray as the main color. The main reason is that black and white can create a strong visual effect, and then integrate gray into it, which can greatly alleviate the impact of black and white. The color of the black and white kitchen tiles looks distinctive, with a strong sense of maturity.

The kitchen with white as the main tone presents a clean and bright feeling. When using black and gray kitchen utensils, you can create a simple and stable effect. The color matching of black and white kitchen tiles is more suitable for people who like quiet and clean.

★ The second example of kitchen tile color matching: Cold color kitchen style

Because the kitchen is often in a high temperature state, when matching the color of the kitchen floor tiles, you must choose the cold color system. It is mainly because the cold color system can make people have a cool and comfortable psychological reaction. Therefore, when selecting floor tiles, it is to select floor tiles of cold color system. In addition, the kitchen is a place easy to produce dirt, so when choosing the color of kitchen tiles, you must not choose white or light color.

Personally, the color of the kitchen floor tiles that I think is more suitable is dark blue, mainly because this kind of floor tiles are not easy to get dirty, and blue also gives people a feeling of peace of mind. For us, who are more and more busy in life and work, blue is the color that regulates our mood.

★ The third example of color matching of kitchen floor tiles: warm color kitchen is warm and lively

Often the warm color kitchen should be extra careful when choosing the color of the kitchen floor tiles, mainly because the kitchen is originally a high-temperature environment, and the warm color kitchen, as the name implies, will give people a warm feeling.

If we choose the kitchen floor tiles with too bright colors, it will give us a very depressing feeling. When matching the color of the kitchen floor tiles, you will be self defeating if you are not careful, giving people a sense of visual confusion.

3. Bathroom

It should be the most private place. You can choose to use tiles of different colors alternately to create a dreamlike feeling.

You can also use tiles on a wall to create a theme wall. Of course, just one or two tiles or a decorative line can also play a finishing touch.

4. Living room

This series of floor tiles will always be the dominant color of the living room floor, giving the space a wonderful air of grandeur and elegance.

Stone grain color is another excellent option. It is straightforward and organic, and its connotations are thick and varied.

5. Restaurant

People can enjoy and feel at ease in the pastoral style on the restaurant’s floor; People are easily reminded of the broad grassland and the deep sky by the blue and green sequence of wall and floor tiles;

The red floor tile series gives the ground a unique appearance and a lovely atmosphere; The floor tiles from the grey series feature more innate customs and cultural taste; Black and white contrast might enhance the floor’s feeling of hierarchy and structure.


Before picking which tiles to use in the home, the first thought that should come to mind is “where and what for.”

It is essential to first comprehend the room’s function. Is the room going to be a recreation area that needs to be interesting and different or a bedroom that should be more warm and calming to relax one’s thoughts than bold and glossy? Every room and crevice in your home reflects your personality and gives visitors the impression that you want them to have when visiting. Prior to installing the tile, one should examine how it will be exposed to people, traffic, heat, and moisture.

Each type of floor tile has advantages and disadvantages that are specific to the space in which it is appropriate. After reading this blog, I believe you can select a floor tile that is more appropriate. Please continue to pay attention to us if you want to learn more.

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