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Will Dirty Floor Tiles Affect the Appearance: Cleaning Guidance

★ As we all know, most people will pave tiles on the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and other public areas when they decorate their houses. Some people even choose to pave tiles on the whole house, because in many people’s eyes, it will be more convenient to pave tiles on the house, do not need to take care of things like the flooring and the overall style looks grand, which can not only improve the style but also bring a sense of visual coolness.

Not only that, compared with flooring, tiles have good waterproof and moisture-proof properties. In addition, they are more abundant than natural stones in pattern. They are also relatively cheap and mature in technology. Tiles have many advantages, which makes them the first choice for many families to decorate.

★ However, after a long time, it will be found that tiles are not as easy to clean as expected. It is difficult to clean corners of tiles, and it is also troublesome to do some cleaning. In particular, the tiles in the kitchen will accumulate more dust and greasy dirt over a long period of time. If you do not drag them for a week, you will feel that the tiles in the kitchen are a little sticky. There is also an oily smell in the air, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

★ In addition, when cleaning the bathroom floor tiles, you will also find that the tiles are yellow, and even black in some places, which looks very dirty. The most important thing is our home happiness. In order to keep the house clean and tidy, regular cleaning and maintenance are also essential. 

Today, tiles manufacturer will give you some suggestions.

Ⅰ. How can tiles look clean by dragging?

1. Add detergent or soapy water during mopping

If the tile floor is very dirty, especially in the kitchen, the tile has been stained with oil. At this time, simply use clean water to mop the floor, and the effect is not ideal. The oil stain will still adhere to the floor. Therefore, in the process of mopping the floor, we can add detergent or soapy water, so that the effect will be much better, and the floor dragged by detergent will have a very good light transmittance, just like the newly paved tiles.

2. Use dry and wet mops to mop the floor

I believe many people will have the feeling that when they mop the floor, they just mop it and step on it carelessly. After all, there is still some water on the floor, which is very easy to get dirty. Therefore, we can prepare two dry and wet mops. The wet mop is used to clean the tiles for the first time. After cleaning the tiles, we can use the dry mop to mop the tiles once again to speed up the evaporation of the ground water, so that we don’t have to worry about the problem of dirty ground.

3. Make the tiles brighter and more glossy, and add turpentine on the mop

For those who pursue perfection, although there is no dust after mopping the floor, they always feel that the floor is not bright enough to achieve the transparent effect. In this case, in order to make the tiles brighter and more shiny, you can add turpentine to the mop during mopping. The tiles dragged out in this way will look very shiny, giving a feeling of spotless.

4. Wipe tile gaps with a cleaning ball

As we all know, in the process of paving tiles, there are gaps left, which will make the tiles look more three-dimensional. However, the tile gap can not be dragged in the process of mopping the floor, and will change from gray to pure black after a long time. Therefore, the gap can also be cleaned for residents who pursue cleanliness. In fact, cleaning the gap is very simple, just use the cleaning ball to wipe the tile gap, and then use the mop to drag it again, which is basically very clean.

In a word, there is a lot of knowledge about cleaning floor tiles. For ordinary residents, if the requirements are not very high, it is OK to add clean water and detergent directly, so as to ensure the cleanness of the floor. For residents with high requirements, they can use turpentine to mop the floor, or wax the tiles, and maintain the tiles, which can maximize the beauty of the tiles.

Ⅱ. How to repair tiles?

1. Mortar has fallen off

If the mortar has started to fall off, it is necessary to slightly cut some pits on the original foundation surface, and then paste the mortar mixed with glue again. After brushing a layer on the foundation surface, press the fallen ceramic tiles to solve the problem of mortar falling off in time. It is important to note that you should not use force to knock.

2. Disconnection at the interface of finish

If the tiles are in good condition, but the facing joints are detached, you can first clean up all kinds of dirt at the joints, and then inject epoxy resin adhesive. After the tiles are completely dry, use waterproof flexible caulking materials at the joints, so that you can recover as before.

3. Corner hollowing

If it is found that the tiles are just hollowing at the corners, the hollowing parts can be watered. First break the gap, and then pour the mixed cement into the gap. This can avoid the overall replacement, save costs, and is a good way to make up for it.

4. Partial hollowing

If the tiles appear partially empty, if it does not affect the daily life and beauty, it can not be handled; However, if there is any impact, it is necessary to knock off the local tiles and pave them again, which is relatively troublesome.

Ⅲ. How to maintain the tiles?

1. Gap

The tiles will leave gaps when they are paved, but the gaps are really easy to hide dirt, which will affect the aesthetics of the tile floor. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a brush to brush a waterproof agent at the gaps after the tiles are paved and daily cleaning, which can play a role in waterproof and mold proof.

2. Moisture proof

There will always be a period of time during the year when the weather will be very humid, such as the plum rain season, and the tiles will inevitably get damp. Therefore, it is better to open the doors and windows immediately after the mopping to let the air circulate and dry the moisture of the tiles. You can also wipe the tiles with a dry cloth after the mopping, and then turn on the air conditioner for dehumidification.

3. Repair of worn tiles

In the normal use process, the uneven surface is easily caused by friction and stains. If scratches occur, you can choose to use a soft dry cloth to wipe hard or wax the floor tiles. Waxing is required every two or three months to better ensure the luster of the tiles and extend their service life.

4. Regular waxing

Don’t think that only the flooring maintenance can be waxed, and the tiles also need to be waxed regularly. Ceramic tile waxing is mainly to increase the waterproof, antifouling and glossiness of ceramic tiles, and also to reduce some friction and impact to a certain extent.

5. Clean frequently

Frequent cleaning of ceramic tiles is actually the most basic and effective means of ceramic tile maintenance. Relative to the above four moves, this move is the most critical ceramic tile maintenance skills. Frequently use ordinary soap and detergent to clean ceramic tiles can achieve a high level of ceramic tile cleaning effect.

6. Clean in time

If you find stains on the tiles, you should clean them in time. Don’t think the tiles are easy to clean. That would be wrong. The stain just appeared on the surface of ceramic tiles may be easy to clean. If you “put it first”, it may not be necessary. When it comes to cleaning, it will be very troublesome. Therefore, the stain found should be removed in time, which will not damage the ceramic tiles, but also ensure the beauty.


The above is about how to clean and maintain the tile floor. Hope it can help you. When cleaning the tile floor, you can follow the above steps. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to us. 

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