Mosaic Marble Tile: The Ultimate Guide to Elegant Home Decor


Marble mosaic tile represents some of the best selections in tiles that promise to improve your decor in a most promising manner. As we know, marble is completely divine looking and has features to count with, being a natural material. But converting them into mosaic tiles was certainly the best decision. Marble mosaic combines the […]

How to Paint Your Roof Tile? Should You DIY or Hire Pros?

painting roof tiles with a brush

Roof tiles in need of new paint often flake and peel. They spoil the appearance of a home and can annoy neighbors. Repainting roof tiles improves the home’s look and is essential for maintaining the tiles. Ignoring the task of repainting your roof leads to several issues: The roof absorbs more heat. The roof corrodes […]

Mirror Tiles: Elevating Spaces with Light, Luxury, and Style

patterned Mirror Tile wall

Mirror tiles are now more popular in interior design for the luxury and glamour they add to any area. People mainly use pieces of beveled mirror cut into different shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, hexagons, and diamonds to create interest. Such mirror tiles are useful not only for bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes but also to create a […]

What Is Cultured Stone: a Complete Guide

brown cultured stone

You might have noticed some houses in your area or new ones being built look different because they have stone details. This is because of a new type of affordable stone product called cultured stone. Cultured stone on walls makes houses look modern. People use it on the whole house or just in some places […]

Peel and Stick Countertop Tiles: Easy Kitchen Makeover Guide

peel and stick countertop tiles 01 07

If the current appearance of your countertops does not satisfy you, or you want to replace them and have researched the market options, you probably encountered peel and stick countertop tiles. Such countertops offer an easy and affordable way to refresh the look of your kitchen. They are available in many styles and can stick […]

Modern Porcelain Slabs: Elegant Renovation Options

dark color porcelain slab

Porcelain slabs, attractive and easy to clean, suit both indoor and outdoor settings well, becoming a preferred choice for home renovations. Factories in Spain, Italy, and Tennessee often produce them. The main material, kaolinite clay, gets a coat of colored glaze before high-temperature firing to ensure uniform color. Depending on their production process, the slabs can look like marble, […]

How to Remove Dried Grout from Tile?

clean-tile-grout with a brush

After selecting the color, size, and material of the tile you intend to use for improving your space, laying the tile, making sure it sticks, and cleaning the surface to bring out its best shine might seem easier. Grouting porcelain tiles with the proper materials refreshes their beauty. When you find small bits or clumps […]

How to Polish Different Types of Tile?

clean your floor tile

Tiles stand out as a top option for flooring because they last long, have a great appearance, and can endure for many years. As with any area in your home, tiles that once shone brightly can become dull over time. It’s easy and direct to clean tile floors, and fortunately, giving them a shine again […]

Glazed vs. Polished vs. Unpolished Tiles


People often discuss the use of tiles, as we see them in both home decor and art appreciation nowadays. With the rise in living standards, the demand for various tile brands has increased, as seen in the variety of ceramic tiles available. So, many feel they need clarification about which type of tile to pick, […]

Concrete Floor Moisture Control: Essential for Durable Tile


Checking the moisture in the subfloor helps prevent big damage to tile floors and reaches a successful, durable tile setup. You might think checking the subfloor for moisture isn’t necessary before installing tile floors, since tiles usually resist moisture well. But ignoring this step might end up with bigger problems. Even if tiles don’t get […]

Carpet Choices & Care: From Selection to Tile Adhesive Insights

carpet tile adhesive 05

Tile often needs broken pieces replaced, but carpet can usually get repaired by patching, stretching, or cleaning to look as good as new. Fixing carpets costs less, especially for common problems like stains, tears, or buckling. Consider if you have pets, how much people will walk on the carpet, where you live, and even if […]

Tile Export Journey: China’s Ceramic Market & Global Exports


People everywhere appreciate interiors that are both beautiful and inviting, leading to a significant focus on ceramics and tiles’ creation and global distribution. The industry, with origins in several countries including China, quickly rose to global prominence. Now, China is recognized as the top player in this field. With its global reputation, especially from China, […]

Stone Wall Cladding: A Guide to Outdoor Tiles

natural-stone-wall-cladding exterior

Outdoor living spaces are great when they look nice and have a purpose. The most important thing to think about is how strong and lasting the outdoor flooring is against the weather. One good way to improve a simple concrete slab or brick patio is to put in outdoor tiles. This gives you a lot […]

Pure & Eco: White and Green Marble Solutions

green and white marble tile floor

In the search for the ideal mix of luxury and care for the environment in home decoration, green and white marble stand out. These stones do more than just connect luxury with being eco-friendly; they change the way we think about it. Marble, with its timeless appeal from the ancient sophistication of Greece and Rome […]

What to Do with Leftover Tile: DIY Projects for Your Home

DIY tile projects

Buying extra tile for a project is often wise to cover any errors or breakage during installation. However, if you find extra tile after completing your backsplash or shower, think about ways to use it creatively instead of discarding it. Using leftover tile, you can transform plain furniture and make unique decor with these inventive […]

Vitrified Tiles: Your Ultimate Guide for Lasting Beauty

vitrified tiles 03

If you’re looking for new tiles, consider vitrified tiles. Many people prefer them, especially for areas that get wet or cold. Choosing vitrified tiles means investing in something that will last for years. Vitrified tiles are similar to traditional ceramic tiles but contain silica and clay. When silica and clay melt together in the vitrification […]

Tile Mastic vs. Thinset for Your Tiling Projects

Types Of Tile Adhesive

It would help if you had glue for tiles, wainscot, backsplashes, and many other surface finishes that don’t cost too much, hold well, and go on easily. When you stick tiles on walls, they mustn’t slip while drying. Water is another thing to think about. You can put tiles in wet places or dry places. […]

Wet Tile Saw: A Comprehensive Guide


A wet tile saw looks like small, stationary table saws, miter saws, or radial arm saws, but it uses water to cool a special diamond-encrusted blade during cutting. It is highly effective for safely and efficiently cutting ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles. Compared to the often unpredictable edges produced by a snap tile cutter, a […]

Cevisama 2024: 40 Years of A Milestone in Ceramic Innovation

CEVISAMA, the successful event for the ceramic tile, natural stone, and bathroom equipment sector is gearing up for its 2024 edition. With still four months until the doors open, 80% of the exhibition space is already reserved, showing the industry’s keen interest in participating in this top-level event. In 2024, CEVISAMA celebrates its 40th anniversary. […]

Tile Trowel Size: Essential Guide for Perfect Tile Installation

tile trowel size 05

For tile installation, having the correct tools is crucial. The right tools not only simplify the installation but also speed up the process. Everyone appreciates saving time and effort. Trowels are key tools for many construction and renovation tasks. Using an incorrect size may compromise your project’s quality, result in uneven surfaces, and potentially damage […]

Tile Trends 2024: Natural Textures and Colors Redefine Spaces

tile surface drenching

In 2024, the trend shifts away from standard shapes and the common white and grey tones. Instead, there’s growing excitement for tiles inspired by nature, featuring textured surfaces, natural shapes, and vivid colors. Now, let’s explore these six prominent tile trends 2024! Related: Ceramitec 2024 Munich: A Powerful Return! CERAMICS CHINA 2024: June 25-28 Cersaie […]