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Ceramic Rustic Tile

Ceramic rustic tile is an excellent choice for an eye-catching kitchen floor, a functional yet elegant bathroom floor, and much more.

Our ceramic rustic tile can be designed and selected according to different decoration styles and needs, with rich colors and diverse styles, creating spaces of various designs. 

Other remarkable options include porcelain, ceramic and culture stone. With advances in technology, we also offer tile adhesive and grout options that possess the high quality you have come to expect from George Ceramic.

ceramic rustic tile

Selectable Sizes

ceramic rustic tile 300*300


Thickness is between 7-8mm.
Water absorption rate is 10%.
Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-slip.

ceramic rustic tile 400*400


Thickness is between 8-8.5mm.
Water absorption rate is between 3% and 6%.
High density and high strength.

Advantages of Ceramic Rustic Tile

Strong Wear Resistance

Ceramic rustic tiles are fired at high temperature, so they have high hardness and are not easy to wear and damage.

Good Non-slip Performance

The surface of the ceramic rustic tile is treated with non-slip treatment, which is not easy to slip even in wet environments, making it safer.

Corrosion Resistance

Ceramic rustic tiles are made of good materials, which have good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion and are not susceptible to chemical attack.

Low Maintenance Cost

Due to the durability and ease of cleaning of ceramic rustic tiles, their maintenance cost is lower and their long-term use is more economical and practical.

Ceramic Rustic Tiles FAQs

Q: Where are you located?

We are located in 24 block CASA ceramic & sanitary ware market Jihua 4 road, Chancheng district, Foshan city, Guangdong Province, China.

Q: What is the best glue for ceramic rustic tile?

For ceramic rustic tile, we recommend using tile adhesives and grout.

Q: What is ceramic rustic tile?

Ceramic rustic tile is a kind of tile material used to imitate ancient buildings, which has a certain historical and cultural value and decorative value. To create the appearance of antiquity, its surface is typically given extra processing, such as patting, icing, scraping, etc.

Q: What are the areas of using ceramic rustic tiles?

Ceramic rustic tiles have a certain decorative effect and are usually used for ancient building repair, interior wall decoration, landscaping and other occasions. Due to the rich color and texture of rustic tiles, they can also be used to create themed restaurants, coffee shops and other commercial places with a sense of history and culture.

Q: What is the price of ceramic rustic tile?

The price of ceramic rustic tiles will be affected by the material, specifications, technology and other factors, the price range is not large. Generally speaking, ceramic rustic tiles are cheaper. When buying ceramic rustic tiles, it is recommended to compare the prices of different brands and suppliers in order to choose the more cost-effective products. Sometimes the price is cheap, the quality is not necessarily high, it is best to ask the quality level of the tile.

Q: How to install ceramic rustic tile?

The installation method of ceramic rustic tiles is similar to that of ordinary tiles, which usually requires wall treatment and waterproof treatment first, then use professional tile adhesive to stick on the wall and carry out tile seam treatment between tiles and tiles. Due to the irregularity of the surface of the ceramic rustic tiles, the installation process needs to pay attention to the misalignment between tiles and tiles to ensure the beauty and stability of the whole wall surface.

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