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Ceramic Wall Tile

Ceramic wall tile is a remarkable addition to your bathroom walls, kitchen splashback, or even standing alone as a statement wall. Ceramic wall tile adds width, stylish, and dimension to your space, most importantly protecting the surface.

Comparatively worry-free to other options like paint and wallpaper is wall tile. Let us assist you in selecting the ideal tile for each wall in your room.

ceramic wall tile

Selectable Sizes


Thickness is 6.5mm.
Water absorption rate is between
10% and 15%.


Thickness is 6.5mm.
Water absorption rate is between
10% and 15%.


Thickness is 6.5mm.
Water absorption rate is between
10% and 15%.


Thickness is 6.5mm.
Water absorption rate is between
10% and 15%.


Thickness is 8mm.
Water absorption rate is between
10% and 15%.


Thickness is 6.5mm.
Water absorption rate is between
10% and 15%.

Advantages of Ceramic Wall Tile

Strong Wear Resistance

Ceramic Wall tiles are fired at high temperatures, so they have high hardness and are not easy to wear.

Anti-bacteria And Mildew

Hygienic wall covering that is anti-bacterial and mildew-resistant, and they inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria and mold through special glazes or coatings.

Waterproof And Stain-resistant

Ceramic wall tiles are a waterproof and stain-resistant wall covering, they resist damage from moisture and oil stains, and are easy to clean and maintain.

Low Maintenance Cost

Due to the durability and ease of cleaning of ceramic rustic tiles, their maintenance cost is lower and their long-term use is more economical and practical.

More Style Options

A variety of colors, sizes and designs are available to meet different styles and needs.

Simple Installation

Easy to install and service, requiring only simple tools and materials.

Ceramic Wall Tile FAQs

Q:What is wall tile?

Ceramic, porcelain, stone, or glass tiles that may be put on walls are referred to as wall tiles. It could be a huge format tile, a mosaic, or a regular-sized tile. Wall tile can have texture, patterns, or 3D design that adds interest to splashback, shower walls, or feature walls.

Q:Is the bathroom tile good for large or small tiles?

From the overall effect, it is better to choose tiles with smaller specifications and sizes for small bathrooms smaller than 8 ㎡, such as 100*100mm, 200*200, 150*150, 75*300, or mosaic pattern type. For large bathrooms larger 8 ㎡, it is recommended to use larger sized tiles. Sometimes, using large tiles to directly cover a small space can also have a good effect, such as the shower area and the toilet area. The main size used for wall tiles is 600*300mm.

Q:Which wall tile is best or most durable?

Glass mosaic tile has a high breaking strength, is scratch-resistant, and is waterproof. A close second is porcelain, which is resistant to chemicals, water, and scratches and lasts for many years. Ceramic is a strong competitor as well. It is resistant to chemicals, water, and scratches. Natural stone needs time and attention, but it also lasts forever with sealing and routine maintenance.

Q:How do I choose the wall tile?

The size of wall tiles depends on the personal and manufacturer's guidelines preference. You can select any size tile as long as it is suitable for the wall. Smaller tile looks better in smaller spaces and larger tile in larger spaces, according to a decent rule of thumb. Occasionally, depending on the size of the room, a designer will decide to utilize larger tiles in a tiny space.

Q:Can wall tiles be used on the floor?

Yes, wall tiles can be used on the floor. However, it should be noted that the material and thickness of wall tiles and floor tiles are generally different. Wall tiles are relatively thinner than floor tiles, and do not have the same wear resistance and withstand heavy pressure as floor tiles. Therefore, if you want to pave wall tiles on the floor, it is recommended to choose stronger and wear-resistant wall tiles, and strengthen foundation treatment and paving skills during laying to ensure its stability and durability. In addition, if you need to pave wall tiles in a humid environment, you also need to pay attention to waterproof treatment to avoid causing damage or slipping of the tiles.
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