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Exterior Wall Tile

People frequently give less attention to tiles for outside walls in favor of enhancing and beautifying the interior of their homes to make them more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

Even if we have come a long way from using tile bonds for the exterior wall tiles of our homes, we still don’t give them the attention they need, which works somewhat against our efforts to design the interiors.

Exterior wall tiles are among the nicest materials you may utilize for your home’s outside. They are a secure solution for outside cladding, regardless of whether you purchased the house for personal or commercial use.

exterior wall

Selectable Sizes

exterior wall tile300*600mm-1


Thickness is 8mm.
Water absorption rate is between
10% and 15%.

exterior wall tile 300*600mm-2


Thickness is 8mm.
Water absorption rate is between
10% and 15%.

exterior wall tile 300*600mm-3


Thickness is 8mm.
Water absorption rate is between
10% and 15%.

exterior wall tile 300*600mm-4


Thickness is 8mm.
Water absorption rate is between
10% and 15%.

Advantages of Exterior Wall Tile

Exquisite Appearance

The surface of exterior wall tiles can be smooth, matte and rough. Various designs for you to choose from for your house's outside decoration. With different patterns, surfaces, and colours available, these tiles will give a mesmerising and unique look to your outdoor decoration.

Deocrative Effect

The 3D inkjet printing technology has transformed exterior wall tiles from monochrome mixed effects to colorful fancy effects. Various natural colors in nature can be displayed on the surface of tile, greatly improving the effect of decorative exterior wall tiles.

Premium Texture

Exterior wall tiles are sturdy and durable, with good durability and texture, rich decorative effects, corrosion resistant, and low maintenance costs. Durability includes resistance to dirt, easy scrubbing, especially in areas with relatively high environmental pollution and dusty air.

Environmentally Friendly

For environmental protection, it is necessary to clean the exterior wall tiles for a period of time, which will not pollute the environment without costing too much. Cleaning and redecorating can cause secondary pollution, so exterior wall tile have advantages in terms of environmental performance.

Exterior Wall Tiles FAQs

Q: Is it a trend for exterior wall tile?

Yes. Spend some more time outdoors this season to work on the most prominent features of your home: exteriors. Your home’s exterior style showcases your personality and favorite styles. Going away from traditional looks and having more accents can make your home more striking and spectacular.

Q: Is it weather friendly?

Make careful to consider the weather when choosing your exterior wall tiles while cladding the exterior of your home.
For instance, you can select non-slip exterior wall tiles if you are in a region with heavy rainfall. Choose heat-insulating exterior wall tiles if you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow. Get heat-reflective exterior wall tiles if you reside somewhere that receives a lot of sunlight. Consider the weather while choosing the color of your outside wall tile design. For instance, if your home receives a lot of sunlight, try installing exterior wall tiles in darker colors.

Q: What should you choose for your home exterior?

It is a great decision to choose exterior wall tiles for your home. The exterior of your home is stabilized and given structure by using tiles for the exterior walls. Due to its earthen materials, outside wall tiles also offer protection against pest infestation and anti-pollution qualities. The theme of your home, such as retro, naturalistic, realistic, or European, can also be determined by the tiles on the exterior wall tiles.

Q: Does the exterior wall tile fit?

Make a list of the colors and themes already present in your home before selecting on the shade, texture, and grip of the exterior wall tiles. Make sure your design for the front tiles does not deviate from or seem out of place with the character of your home. For instance, bright tiles on the porch wall won’t look wonderful in a home decorated in the European style. Choose exterior wall tiles that go well with your home’s existing features.

Q: What do you need to do before paving tiles for exterior walls?

Before attempting to install exterior wall tiles, there are a few common tasks that need to be completed.
You need to scrape off anything adhering to your walls and clear off any dust and gravel that has adhered there.
Draw out your plan, select your outside tile design pattern, and measure your exterior wall tiles in accordance with the walls. Try to uniformly distribute the mortar on your wall before adhering to the exterior wall tiles in the proper arrangement.
The exterior wall tiles must be installed from top to bottom. The exterior wall tiles adhere to the mortar in this way. Apply the grout to your tiles and fill in any conceivable crevices after the adhesive has dry.
The next step is to remove any extra grout from the exterior wall tiles and finish by using a tile polisher.

Q: What are famous options to choose from?

Certain exterior wall tiles have been used repeatedly throughout history. When it comes to wall tiles outside the home, these are tried-and-true materials, and you rarely go wrong with them. Choosing exterior-rated wall tiles is a common consideration while looking for outside wall tiles. Such as Quarry, Ceramic, Granite, Soapstone, Travertine, Natural stone, Cement and etc.

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