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Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles are a kind of decorative art tiles. It is a kind of flake small bricks commonly used in buildings to form various decorative patterns. The materials include shells, metals, ceramic tiles, glass, stones, etc.

Mosaic has countless combination forms because of its colorful color, changeable texture and its own light reflection and flashing characteristics.

According to different collage methods, a variety of styles can be combined. It is widely used in indoor small-area floors, walls and outdoor large and small walls and floors due to its small size and colorful features.

Selectable Styles

blue glass mosaic

Glass Mosaic

Thickness is 4-8.3mm.
Water absorption rate is under 0.05%.

green glass mosaic

Glass Mosaic

Thickness is 4-8.3mm.
Water absorption rate is under 0.05%.

glass mosaic 066

Ceramic Mosaic

Thickness is 6-6.7mm.
Water absorption rate is under 0.05%.

glass mosaic 065

Ceramic Mosaic

Thickness is 6-6.7mm.
Water absorption rate is under 0.05%.

Advantages of Mosaic Tiles


The main raw material of mosaic is mostly natural stone, which is unmatched by decorative materials such as ceramic tiles and wooden floors in terms of its wear resistance.

Environmental Protection

Shell mosaics, marble mosaics, jade mosaics, etc. are all made of pure natural raw materials, and no harmful substances are added in the process of processing.

Good Light Transmission

Glass mosaics can transmit light, increasing the brightness and visual sense of the space.


Mosaics allow some fashionistas who like DIY to have more space to show their creativity.


Mosaic tiles use the form of puzzles to enhance their decoration. The mosaic materials are very rich and the colors are varied, which can produce endless decorative effects.


Mosaic has good anti-slip and wear resistance, and is suitable for places with high anti-slip requirements such as bath centers, swimming pools, and kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Mosaic Tiles FAQs

Q: What is the specification of mosaic tiles?

The size of mosaic tiles is generally 31cm×31cm, and there are also 30cm×30cm. The common specifications of mosaic tiles are 20×20mm, 25×25mm, 30×30mm, and the thickness is between 4mm-4.3mm.

Q: What is the price of mosaic tiles?

The price range of mosaic tiles is very large, ranging from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan per square meter, mainly depending on the complexity of materials and splicing. Traditional ceramic mosaics are cheaper and suitable for large-scale paving; glass mosaics generally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and are more used for decoration.

Q: How to lay mosaic tiles?

The laying process of mosaic tiles needs to pay attention to the following points:
1. Consider constructionthickness
The thickness of the mosaic itself varies, ranging from two millimeters to five millimeters. In addition, the thickness of mosaics and tiles is also different, so in order to make the wall as a whole flat, it is sometimes necessary to consider re-doing a leveling layer in a thinner area.
2. The construction joints should be evenly spaced
The gaps between the mosaics must be uniform, and the size of the gaps should be equal to the original gaps between the small mosaics, so that the entire wall is integrally formed, and it cannot be seen that it is made of a large piece. Block mosaic die collage.
3. Control the pace of construction
During the mosaic laying process, there may be phenomena such as slopping and slipping of the whole piece, which are generally caused by the failure to grasp the construction rhythm. A better way is to wait for the previous batch of cement to solidify slightly, and then paste the next batch on it, then the effect of paving will be more ideal.
4. Pointing with caulk
Now generally use caulking agent to pointing. Wipe it with wet white cement first, then use dry cement to let it solidify as soon as possible, and finally wipe it clean with a dry towel. The effect of the mosaic wall made in this way is more uniform, and the decorative effect is much stronger than that of the block material, because it cannot be seen. out construction joints.

Q: Where is the mosaic tile suitable for?

●Mosaic tiles are suitable for pasting mosaics, marble, natural stone, ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles, clinker bricks, etc. on indoor and outdoor concrete, brick walls, and masonry substrates.
●Mosaic tiles are also suitable for bathrooms and pools that will be flooded for a long time, especially swimming pool mosaics, which are waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and chlorinated.
●Mosaic tiles can be used for wall decoration, such as TV background walls, porch background walls, sofa background walls, etc., which can add beauty and artistic atmosphere to the space.
●Mosaic tiles can also be used for personalized home decoration or tooling, such as living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, hotels, home walls, bay window screens and various art parquets, etc. You can assemble any patterns and colors according to your preferences and styles.

Q: Where can I buy good quality mosaic tiles?

●Refer to some authoritative brand rankings and choose some brands with high popularity, good reputation and high quality, such as BISAZZA, JNJmosaic, RONGGUAN, Rose, SEED, etc.
●Pay attention to check the packaging box of the product to see if the factory name, factory address, trademark, specification, grade, color number, job number or production batch number are marked, as well as instructions for use and implementation standards.
●Pay attention to observe whether the specifications, sizes, and edges of the product are regular, whether the glaze, thickness, and texture are good, and whether the water absorption rate is low.
●Pay attention to shopping around, ask different merchants and channels, compare prices and services, and avoid being deceived by profiteers or buying fake and shoddy products.

Q: How to choose the mosaic tiles that suit me?

●Anti-skid property: Choose a brick surface that is not slippery on the wall by hand. The slower the water slides on the brick surface, the better the anti-skid performance.
●Hardness: Choose bricks with good hardness and toughness, which are not easy to break and crack.
●Size: choose bricks with regular size and small error, and the effect will be more neat and beautiful after paving.
●Surface: choose bricks with uniform glaze, flat and smooth surface, consistent color and clear texture pattern.
●Color: Choose a color that matches your home style and personal preference, and it can be mixed with other types of mosaics to create rich and varied effects.

Q: How to clean mosaic tiles?

It can be wiped with clean water and a cotton cloth with good water absorption, because the surface of the mosaic is relatively smooth and not easy to hide dirt, so it is also very convenient to clean.
You can use general detergents, such as decontamination powder, washing powder, etc., and heavy dirt can also be washed with toilet cleaners. It can be rubbed with a neutral brightener, which will help the mosaic surface to keep bright.
If it is the floor, and there is no drainage system on the ground, first take a vacuum cleaner to suck it, then add water with detergent, and wipe it with a wrung rag, basically it is almost the same.
If it is the floor of the shower room, there is one that sprays a little directly after taking a shower every day, and it has the function of removing soap stains.

Q: How to maintain mosaic tiles?

●After the mosaic tiles are laid, attention should be paid to the protection of the finished product, which can be properly air-dried. The newly laid surface should avoid sun exposure, and the room should be properly ventilated, and it should be kept until about 24 hours after delivery. Generally, the later maintenance of the mosaic should not be less than 7 days.
●If the mosaic falls off or is missing, it needs to be filled with the same type of mosaic.
●The mosaic floor should prevent the impact of heavy objects.
●In winter in the north, the mosaic floor should pay attention to antifreeze.
●Pay attention to cleaning in time every day, usually clean it up, and clean it once a week.

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