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Paving Tile

Paving tiles are a type of hard flooring material used for outdoor surfaces such as patios, walkways, driveways, and pool decks. They are typically made from durable materials such as concrete, natural stone, clay, or porcelain, and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Paving tiles are known for their strength, durability, and low maintenance requirements, making them a popular choice for outdoor areas that are exposed to weather, foot traffic, and vehicular traffic. They can also be used for indoor spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways.

Selectable Sizes

paving tile 0-3


Thickness:12mm, 15mm, 18mm
Water absorption rate is under 0.05%.

paving tile 0-6


Thickness:12mm, 15mm, 18mm
Water absorption rate is under 0.05%.

Advantages of Paving Tiles

Strong Wear Resistance

Paving tiles are generally made of high-strength porcelain materials, which have high hardness and wear resistance, and can withstand high-intensity wear and tear from vehicles and pedestrians.

Good Corrosion Resistance

The surface of paving tiles is glazed or glazed, which has good anti-fouling, anti-penetration, acid and alkali resistance, etc., and can effectively resist various chemical corrosion.

Strong Skid Resistance

The surface of paving tiles is generally frosted or textured, which has good anti-skid performance and can prevent people and vehicles from slipping while walking.

Convenient Construction

Paving tiles are simple and convenient to install, and can be laid in a variety of ways, such as dry laying, pasting, etc., and are suitable for construction on various floors.

Beautiful and Elegant

A variety of colors, textures and patterns can be selected according to different occasions and needs to create various beautiful and generous effects.

Easy to Maintain

The surface of paving tiles is flat and smooth, easy to clean, not easy to accumulate dust and stains, and easy to maintain.

Paving Tiles FAQs

Q: What are the types of paving tiles?

Types of paving tiles include concrete, stone, clay, and man-made materials. Of these, concrete and stone pavers are the most common types.

Q: What is the size of paving tiles?

The size of paving tiles varies by manufacturer, but is usually square or rectangular and can vary in size from a few centimeters to tens of centimeters.

Q: What are the options for the color of paving tiles?

The color of paving tiles varies by manufacturer, but common colors include gray, brown, red, yellow, and white, among others.

Q: How long does it take to replace paving tiles?

The service life of paving tiles varies with the environment of use and the quality of the material. Most paving tiles have long-term durability, lasting decades or more.

Q: Do paving tiles need maintenance?

Yes, paving tiles require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity. You can clean tile surfaces, remove weeds and tree roots, repair broken tiles, refill tile joints, and more.

Q: Do paving tiles need professional installation?

Paving tiles need to be installed correctly to ensure their long-term durability. If you don't have installation experience, consider hiring a professional to install paving tiles.

Q: How long does it take for paving tiles to be finished?

The time required for paving tiles depends on the area to be laid and the type of tiles. Generally, a standard driveway takes a few days to a week to complete.

Q: Where can paving tiles be used?

Paving tiles can be used to pave roads, sidewalks, terraces, parking lots and more. Note that some pavers may not be suitable for high traffic or heavy vehicle use.

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