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Glazed Porcelain Tile 6686 - 600*600mm

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Technical Data:
Specifications: 600*600mm
Thickness : 9mm
Water Absorption : <0.05
Surface : Polish
Pieces (box) : 4pcs
Weight (box) : 29kg
Square Meter (box) : 1.44
Texture of Material : Porcelain


Please click this video, and you will know more details about the glazed porcelain tile with the size of 600×600mm.
Real Shot Details
All Tiles Including
The under layer, the middle material 
layer, the decor film, the wear
layer and the UV coating.
Modern and Luxurious
Simplicity and fashion, showing
the effect of stylish design.
Unified Specifications
High temperature firing,
hard and wear-resistant.
Preferred Raw Materials
Soft and transparent,
not afraid of cutting.
Neat and Delicate Edge
High pressure forming, good
quality and high flatness.
Glazed and Translucent
High-quality ink, environmental
and pollution-free.
Improve Indoor Brightness
Make the house full of
luxury and elegance.

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