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Glazed Porcelain Tile GG126T017 - 600*1200mm

GG126T017 (7)
Technical Data:
Specifications: 600*1200mm
Thickness : 10mm
Water Absorption : <0.05
Surface : Polish
Pieces (box) : 2pcs
Weight (box) : 36kg
Square Meter (box) : 1.44
Texture of Material : Porcelain


GG126T017 (6)
Real Shot Details
All Tiles Including
The under layer, the middle material 
layer, the decor film, the wear
layer and the UV coating.
Superior Raw Materials
Tempered at great heat to
affirm the tiles' enduring sturdiness.
GG126T017 (5)
GG126T017 (3)
Suitable Thickness
Ensures resistance to water, cracking,
and odor through long-term usage.
Exact Trimming
Production that meets all
governing national criteria.
GG126T017 (4)
GG126T017 (2)
Standardized Measurements
Corners that remain upright and
edges that resist breaking down.
Next-Gen Inkjet Technique
Involving refined glaze and specialized
mirror evaluation tools.
GG126T017 (1)
GG126T017 (6)
Elevate Interior Character
Instill a sense of refined
luxury and elegance within the home.

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