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Rustic Porcelain Tile

George Ceramic is a high quality rustic tile manufacturer in China. Our vision is to be the top global tile company in the ceramic industry by providing innovative, high quality rustic tiles that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Rustic tile designs are produced using a variety of different tile materials and can be given an authentic look by staining and carving with natural materials such as stone or clay.

Use rustic tiles in residential and commercial applications to create or complement a rustic, classic design style. The natural tones and finishes of these tiles provide a strong contrast to the modern design.

Selectable Sizes

rustic porcelain tile 0-33


Thickness is 10mm.
Water absorption rate is
under 0.05%.

rustic porcelain tile 0-82


Thickness is 16mm.
Water absorption rate is
under 0.05%.

rustic porcelain tile 0-106


Thickness is 10mm.
Water absorption rate is
under 0.05%.

Advantages of Rustic Porcelain Tile

Decorative Effect

The antique style is full of antique charm, and brings a sense of time and space to the space with its unique surface texture.

Wear Non-slip Effect

Maximum rough texture, good wear resistance, strong practicability, often used in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, etc.

Anti-fouling Performance

Due to the thicker glaze layer, the antifouling is easy to clean, especially in places like the kitchen where oil stains are prone to occur.

Various Patterns

Hygienic wall covering that is anti-bacterial and mildew-resistant, and they inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria and mold through special glazes or coatings.

Rustic Porcelain Tiles FAQs

Q: What material are rustic porcelain tiles?

Rustic tiles belong to ordinary porcelain tiles, which are basically the same as porcelain tiles. The only difference is that during the firing process, rustic tiles imitate classical styles, essentially glazed tiles, attracting people’s attention with a unique classical charm.

Q: Is rustic tiles good for bathroom?

Rustic refers to a rural, country look and charm, as the phrase suggests. The benefit is that you may use this kind of tile everywhere in your home. The walls of your living room are tiled from floor to ceiling, and your bathroom and kitchen are each tiled. Your bedroom also has its own separate area. Because of its excellent non-slip performance, rustic tile is also fantastic for bathrooms.

Q: How to match the rustic tile?

Living room matching
For matching the floor of a living room, it is suitable to choose large sized rustic tiles, with a large area of expansion, which can better highlight the main position of the living room as a home interior. If it is not for creating a specific effect or style, the effect will be more natural if it is paired with monochrome tiles.
Bathroom matching
Rustic tiles are undoubtedly more suitable for matching bathroom fixtures in homes due to their unique color tone and usage characteristics. When choosing rustic tiles as bathroom floor or wall tiles, you need to pay attention to the performance of the water absorption. Tiles with low water absorption are suitable for paving bathrooms.
Balcony matching
In order to make the balcony more prominent and close to the natural performance of the living room, it can be matched with rustic tile floors to achieve the fantastic effect. The matte material surface and concave and convex texture of rustic tiles can also play an excellent anti-skid role when paired with the balcony floor of the home.

Q: How to inspect rustic tile?

There are many ways to inspect rustic tile, mainly ways are testing water absorption, looking color differences, and listening to sounds when tapping. Good quality rustic tiles have a clear and crisp sound when struck, with a small surface color difference, consistent texture and pattern, and are beautiful. If a glass of water is poured onto an rustic tile and quickly diffuses, it has a relatively high water absorption rate, and this material is often not suitable for places such as kitchens and bathrooms that use more water.

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