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Our advantage
george ceramic 3 production lines
production lines
We have 3 complete production lines, not only have sufficient stock products, but also provide you with customized style production, which can meet the various orders of customers.
Product designer
We are not only a factory, but also a product designer, who can recommend more suitable styles and products for you.
10years experience in export trade
experience in export trade
We have 10 years of experience in export trade. Our professional teams connect with customers in different regional markets around the world, understand the needs of different markets, constantly update product styles according to the market, and give customers more style choices.
what we can do for you?
1. We can provide free samples to confirm product quality, style and other details according to the product needs of different customers.
2. We can provide production supervision, quality inspection, packaging, etc. for customer orders throughout the process to ensure product quality is qualified.
3. We can provide customers with integrated services of container loading, port shipping, and door-to-door.
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