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Wood Like Tile

Wood-like tile is a fantastic alternative to traditional hardwood floors that offers the same warm, inviting look of natural wood with added durability and low maintenance. At George Ceramic, we provide a wide range of wood-like tiles in various sizes, colors, and styles to suit every taste and budget.

Our wood-like tile options include porcelain, ceramic, and vinyl tiles that mimic the texture and look of natural wood while providing additional benefits such as water-resistance, scratch-resistance, and ease of cleaning. We offer a range of finishes, from smooth to textured and distressed, that mimic the natural wood grain and give your space a warm and inviting feel.

Selectable Sizes


Thickness is 8mm.
Water absorption rate is between 5% and 8%.


Thickness is 8mm.
Water absorption rate is between 1% and 3%.


Thickness is 8mm.
Water absorption rate is between 1% and 3%.


Thickness is 8mm.
Water absorption rate is between 1% and 3%.

Advantages of Wood Like Tile


Unlike natural wood, wood-like tile is resistant to fading due to exposure to sunlight or other environmental factors, ensuring it maintains its appearance over time.

Realistic Touch

The surface of the wood like tile it is clear and realistic. Walking barefoot in summer is relatively cool and natural, three-dimensional.

Economical and Practical

It is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly product. Faux wood tiles are not real wood floors, but a new type of tile that is more affordable than wood floors.

Non-skid Performance

Some types of wood like tile have a good textured surface that provides slip resistance, making it a safer flooring option for homes with children or elderly individuals.

Wood Like Tile FAQs

Q: Are wood-like tiles suitable for outdoor use?

Wood-like tiles can be used for outdoor applications, but it is important to choose a tile that is specifically designed for outdoor use. Outdoor wood-like tiles are typically made from more durable materials and are designed to withstand exposure to the elements.

Q: How do I clean and maintain wood-like tiles?

Wood-like tiles are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove dirt and debris is recommended, and occasional mopping with a mild detergent solution is also recommended. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools that could scratch the surface of the tiles.

Q: How do I install wood-like tiles?

Wood-like tiles can be installed using the same methods as other ceramic or porcelain tiles. The installation process typically involves preparing the subfloor, laying the tiles in a specific pattern, and applying grout and sealant. It is recommended to hire a professional installer for best results.

Q: Can wood-like tiles be refinished or resurfaced?

Wood-like tiles cannot be refinished or resurfaced in the same way that real wood flooring can. However, some manufacturers offer touch-up kits or repair products that can be used to repair small scratches or chips.

Q: What is the cost of wood-like tiles compared to real wood flooring?

The cost of wood-like tiles varies depending on the brand, quality, and size of the tile. In general, wood-like tiles are more affordable than real wood flooring, but the cost can be comparable for high-end or luxury tile options. Additionally, the cost of installation may be lower for wood-like tiles compared to real wood flooring.
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